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Manchester United to replace Carlos Tevez with Karim Benzema or David Villa

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ummer Benzema gossip” href=”” target=”_blank”>Karim Benzema. In last summer, there were many rumors that Manchester United could sign the French striker.

These rumors have returned in the media as the winter transfer window opened. Last summer, United signed Dimitar Berbatov to add more strength to their front line after selling Louis Saha. However, this signing has caused a real problem for Carlos Tevez as he is struggling to play in the starting line-up.

The question rise here is: do really Man United need Benzema? If Carlos Tevez won’t fight for a place in the starting line-up and move away from the Old Trafford, then yes we are in need for another striker and Benzema is a good alternative.

In this case, Sir Alex Ferguson will need to find away to satisfy all strikers (Berba, Wayne and Benzema). As we can currently see, Berba and Wayne are well trusted from the gaffer leaving poor Tevez in the bench. This may happen next season too with Rooney or Berbatov! Who knows?!

I agree with Sir Alex about Benzema and he can progress well with the team. But, my wish is to see David Villa wearing the red shirt. He is a perfect striker who can score inside, outside the box and from a spot kick. I think he is an ideal signing for next season and it will be better to pay Carlos Tevez’s £30millions for Valencia to get the Spanish goal-machine.

Do you agree with me?


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  1. mp2005 says:

    I would rather see villa sporting the red shirt rather than benzema,but above all i wish carlitos will stay a red devil……

  2. devid villa says:

    plase transfer devid villa or messi

  3. grimsby red says:

    I think if we could sign him, Sergio Agúero would be an amazing signing. He’s only 20 but, he is a proven goalscorer and some of those goals have come at the expense of the Real Madrid’s and Barcelona’s of the world.
    I believe with SAF’s man management skills and the training staff and facility’s we have, he could well turn out to be the best striker on earth.
    I see the Tevez situation, his pricetag and the fact that we have 2 £30 million forwards preventing this. Tevez and Agúero are reportedly good friends so if carlos is truly unhappy with the way he has been treated by us, would he put a good word in for us? I doubt it.
    His price? I would expect he would come at or above £30 million, how do you keep 3 £30 million forwards happy? Or the fans? As we all have our favorites and on occasion disagree with our managers team selection but, he does afterall know best.
    I myself cannot see David Villa, Karim Benzema or Sergio Agúero coming to OT (I’d love to be wrong though) nor can I see Tevez staying. Our manager wants Rooney and Berbatov as our frontmen, basically we need another Solskjaer. Happy to be a sub and comes off the bench to give us something different and grab us vital goals without grumbling about lack of starts. Somebody who is happy to be a part of our club regardless of his role.
    Yeah Tevez is good but we have rooney, both have phenomenol work rates. I’d pick Wayne over Carlos any day. 1 he’s English 2 he hates Liverpool and 3 he is an amazing player. Lets face it Berbatov is Rooneys main strike partner and maybe next season they will grab a few more goals between them.
    Whoever our manager buy let’s hope they give us that extra dimension to our attack when we need that all important goal, because I agree we need more attacking prowess next season to win the league.

  4. Andrew Croft says:

    Fergie has confirmed there will be no more signings this season, well at least until january. I dont think we need another striker, I honest believe owen and rooney will be the new dwight york and andy cole, mark my words



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