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Do Man United need Chilean Ronaldo’s Alexis Sanchez?

Alexis sanchez to Replace Cristiano Ronaldo in ManchesterToday the Daily mail has reported that Manchester United have renewed their approach to sign Udinese Chilean winger Alexis Sanchez.

Sanchez, 20 years old, was named by World Soccer Magazine as one of the ’50 most exciting teenagers in the world game’. The press suggested Sir Alex Ferguson has been watching Sanchez for a long period to replace Cristiano Ronaldo who may move to Real Madrid this summer.

Without considering Ronaldo possible move to Spain, Do we really need another winger in the Club? Manchester United got Luis Nani who considered as the new Cristiano Ronaldo. Also United have another two young wingers Zoran Toši? and Lee Martin who spent the last three years on loan to other clubs to get more experience.

If Ronaldo leave the club this summer, should Man United consider Sanchez as an ideal replacement for the Portuguese superstar? Or should we go for Franck Ribéry whose agent stated the player desire to play with United?

Many questions rise here, but I will leave you to decide after watching some videos for the Chilean wonder boy.


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  1. Robert Aitken says:

    Ii feel that manchester united should by sanches and also portugues winger barbosa becase he is just like ronaldo and he is left footed so that would be a good replacement for ronaldo 9if he leaves) and giggs when he retires.

  2. Anthony says:

    ALEXIS SANCHEZ “el niño maravilla” (wonder boy)

    Alexis from UDINESE is a very talented winger/striker like RONALDO. He is WAY BETTER than nani (he always scores). Now that we don’t have ronaldo we need a player with that kind of skill.

  3. new radical says:

    Yes we need him

  4. David Pettersen says:

    I dont know much about sanchez. But it`s young and talent, he has a lot of chances to reach the top. I think he will be more than a good inversion, if fergie decide to buy it.

  5. Gudni stefan says:

    get him now fergie.

  6. Andrew says:

    SIR ALEX FERGUSON should get this player know. He is an excellent player , the best player of his national team which is in 2nd place after brazil in south american world cup classification. Alexis is Chile’s best player and his way of playing is just like ronaldo’s and by far better than nani. GET HIM NOW!

    Check this video in a Boca Junior vs River Plate Argentinian Derby



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