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Some FACTS for Liverpool fans

Liverpool fansAlright fans, it seems our defeat against Liverpool has made a massive echo around the media and fans blogs. For me it is normal, any big club like Manchester United will receive such comments from newspaper editors and also LIVERPOOL fans.

I read some articles in newspapers like The Guardian and a scouser fan site about their victory against Manchester United. They suggested  its just the beginning for their team to win the English Premier League for the first time in their history (yes I know they won 18 times before, but it was the first division 😀 ).

They forget that it was just a game, a derby game, which has three options (Win, draw or loss!). While our team will benefit from this defeat as it will give Sir Alex Ferguson and the players a good lesson in how to stay focus during the season, I won’t wonder if Liverpool can collect only four points from their next three games in the premier league as they are living in their pink dreams!

I think all scousers should forget winning the premier league as all FACTS say that Chelsea are second of the table at the moment without forgeting Kop’ current and upcoming injuries list!

English Premier League Table

Liverpool Injury list


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  1. Suhail says:

    Let the Liverpool fans enjoy their cup final hahaha…i am sure they will do what man city did and make a DVD of their DOUBLE…(not the double of trophies)..but the double over man utd. They can celebrate now but we will celebrate in May. 🙂

  2. Abdul-Rahman says:

    true that…theyr 2nd…and we have a game…and also the injuries…we r still in a gd position….and yes…we will celebrate in May.

  3. Imad Karim says:

    Well this defeat does not make any changes for man utd on the table. We are still where we were ON TOP!!!!

  4. admin says:

    I totally agree with you guys. At the end of the season we will get the trophy and let Liverpool fans enjoy watching the DVD in the summer!

  5. LFC4EVA says:

    Shame ManUtd got booted out of the FA by Everton on Sunday,highly doubt they are going to win the Champions League as Barca will snatch it and one thing’s for sure the Premiership is coming home to Anfield this season….YNWA.

    Justice for the 96.

  6. cc says:

    manunited so cool. liverpool so fucker.



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