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Ronaldo to open CR9 shop in Madrid – another sh*t by Marca

Cristiano Ronaldo is looking to open a new branch of CR7 clothes shop in Madrid. If so…It is good business move from our Portuguese superstar after opening the first two branches in Madeira and Lisbon.

As usual, the Spanish famous sports paper’ Marca has explained this event the way it likes. They think this is just an indication that Ronaldo is going to wear Real Madrid shirt next season. They also said in the front page that the shop name will be CR9 because Raul is wearing number 7.

I am sure Ronaldo is going to stay in Manchester for another season. Sir Alex Ferguson is still in his position as a manager and selling Ronaldo isn’t in his mind at all.

The official CR7 website claims that Ronaldo wants to expand his fashion empire by opening shops in Paris, Milan, Madrid, London, Berlin, Prague, Tokyo and Los Angeles, but there are no plans for a CR7 in Manchester.

By the way, I have been searching the internet for an hour without finding a site for the CR7 shop ! It seem Marca editor was dreaming of CR9 shop in Madrid!


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  1. ibraheem yunusa says:

    its boring story… If Man united will sell the player they will state that….but for Marca ..they just want somethin to sell more issues!



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