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Tevez the traitor

Tevez the traitor

Tevez the traitor

Carlos Tevez is likely to be given a heated welcome when he returns to Old Trafford in a Manchester City shirt next season. He has went from hero to villain within just a few short months. The United fans are unlikely to welcome back the Argentine striker with open arms.

Tevez looks to have taken a very brave decision in crossing Manchester from United to City. If he would of left for any other club than City (other than Liverpool) then the 25 year old would of been given a heroes send off, unfortuna

tely hes decided to turn his back on United for the sake of more money.

He tries to use the excuse of not feeling wanted at United, but I think most fans loved Tevez for his hard work and sheer guile, so it wasn't the fans making him feel un-welcome. They will probably never forgive him for this betrayal.

Compare that with the scenes of Cristiano Ronaldo signing for Real Madrid and you have the two contrasting emotions that football can raise in supporters. Thousands turned up to see Ronaldo paraded in front of the press and he will no doubt become a hero at the Bernabeu as well. Both Ronaldo and Tevez are former United heroes, unfortunately for Tevez his departing has left a rather more bitter taste in the mouths of United fans.


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  1. Nepali Red Devil says:

    It’s clear that he did a fantastic job with us. As much as i love him, i hate to see him in a city shirt. He would have gone to Chelsea. He demanded respect but in the later stages of last season, he didn’t show respect towards the best manager of the world and also let us fans down. Hope he doesn’t win anything there…i hate city..not him..

  2. steen says:

    and wasn’t it just fantastic to see tevez sat on the manchester city bench for the first game of the season – moved across the city just to take up his usual position – used to love the guy, would happily mount the pavement to let him inspect my number plate up close now



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