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Manchester United x Sunderland match review

By: Gary Day.

With Chelsea playing Liverpool tomorrow, this was an ideal chance to get a leap forward on both of our biggest title rivals….At the end it was not to be. And to be completely honest we were again lucky to get a positive result from Sunderland.

With Danny Welbeck and Nani are starting felt there was no good cover on the bench for wide players, with Ryan Giggs was not being even named as a sub…
Antonio Valencia for me is not a United player, he simply is not good enough, same as Nani. He again has a lot of ability, but he is like a poor Ronaldo, If you like, it’s like having a Volkswagon polo when you had a M3 BMW.

Again he is not good enough….when Sunderland took an early lead, I expected us to step up a gear and put the pressure on, but it didn’t really happen.

Miss placed passes, untimed tackles, not a lot created goal wise, I think we was fearing the worse. Then when Berbatov got the equalizer with a fantastic over head kick, I thought the Reds would push on and get our winner.

Even though we was pressing we did not really create an awful amount, then Sunderland got there 2nd, I thought Ben Foster could possibly of done better with the first goal. But the second goal I think he made a hash of, for all his potential and admirers, for me he does not quite fit the bill. He has made too many mistakes to warrant the good saves that he has made.

Having said that we should still have put a Sunderland team to bed well before they got their second goal, I have been a United supporter for more than 25 years, I am honest and fair, some United fans might think I’m being unfair, but I’m not, I’m just being honest, we created very little against a side that are not going to finish higher then 9th this season…our passing was poor, our tackling was poor and we had nothing on the bench to really bring on and attack Sunderland with.

I think we seriously lack a top attacker or attacking midfielder, I don’t think our wingers (Giggs apart) are good enough, Nani does not produce it or Valencia.

There seems to be no spark to our team, apart from the second half against Man City, I think we have played normal. There is a lot of area’s I think we need improving on…Our wingers are not good enough.

Then we got our equaliser again, Anton ferdinand deflecting goal,2-2 and we nearly got the winner with a lot of corners in the last couple of minutes.

I just feel that we are really lacking in certain departments. We need a powerful attacking midfielder. We have a lot to do to be able to beat the big boys on this performance, I’m just an honest Red and unless something occurs in the January transfer window, I’m not 100% sure we will be top dogs.


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  1. Eddie says:

    I think Foster should be back to the reserve team…he lost his confidance and need some time there to return it…

  2. erman says:

    yeah..that’s a great opinion of you …i do agree with you… viva MU..!!!



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