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Family is the key for Wayne Rooney success

Wayne Rooney has been terrific during last weeks with Manchester United. Rooney was the key players which saw United came closer to Chelsea with only two points different between us and the Blues. The England International scored 22 goals so far this season and his goal against Arsenal last week moved him ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United’s highest scorers’ list.

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp, who has good run with spurs this season, believes Rooney’s family , his wife Colleen and little babe Kai, are the key of his current success and thinks people will see more success from Wayne very soon.

Redknapp said in his column for The Sun: “If you look at Wayne Rooney you can see how being a real family man with a wife and baby has changed him a bit on the pitch.

“For me Wayne is the best player in the world right now.

“He always had fantastic potential but you can see a different boy now. He is not so aggressive, he doesn’t lose his head, he stays cool and calm.

“In the main, players are working class lads who, because of their talent, have fantastic lifestyles.

“I can honestly say 99 per cent of the footballers I have worked with, or come across, are great lads, terrific people.

“When you look at how many pros there are, the number who hit the headlines for the wrong reasons is very small.

“Will it ever reach zero? Somehow I don’t think so.”

I agree with Redknapp opinion about Wayne Rooney and I also can’t hide the work Sir Alex Ferguson is doing with the lad by giving him the credit he deserves and the freedom on the pitch.

Do you think Rooney can be the best player in the world in the coming few years?


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  1. Paul Jeffrey says:

    Rooney is playing out of his skin right now. Great performance against Milan. What a star.



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