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The Most Difficult Rival For United

Something is definitely wrong here! It was never supposed to be like this! The Premier League was going to be different this season,  Manchester United were going to be replaced by new Champions. At least those were the firm predictions by the majority of football “experts” back in August!

Liverpool will go one step further after finishing second last May, their time is here at last. Arsene Wengers youngsters have come of age and are ready to go all the way while Italian supremo Carlo Ancelotti is what Chelsea needed to take the title back to Stamford Bridge. And Champions Manchester Uniteds prospects? “No, not this time I’m afraid!”

Why were the chances of a club that had won the title for three years in succession dismissed so cheaply…and not only by those self appointed experts incidentally because some die hard United fans were also prepared accept a rare failure.

“Clubs just don’t win four titles in a row…at least not in England” and “The Glazers are destroying the club, they have no interest in winning trophies, only in taking our money back to the United States” Then there was the loudest cry of all “Carlitos has gone to the multi millionaires across the road, Ronaldo has finally realised his long held dream of donning the white of Real Madrid and has not been replaced. Who’s going to get the goals?”

Yet if you have a glance at the Premiership table as it stands today all the talk of that doom and gloom have not materialized…not as yet anyway.

With the exception of those perennial pretenders from Anfield and with 10 matches remaining before this weekends clash, those pundits may prove to be right of course. There are still 30 points up for grabs and common sense demands that not one of the challengers will take every single one of them.

The remaining fixtures appear to give Arsenal a slight edge on paper – when was the last time a title was won on paper? Chelsea has a slender one point lead and United has…Sir Alex Ferguson!

Conventional wisdom will say that the April 3rd clash with the Blues at Old Trafford will decide the issue. While it will go a long way towards it, do not even think of putting your cash on it with any certainty!

Many twists and turns still remain, stumbles will more than likely occur with all the contenders capable of suffering setbacks when least expected. All three points like the ones on offer at Molineux have got to be taken if the pressure is to be maintained.

While both London clubs will undoubtedly present Ferguson with a strong challenge before the Premier League title can be claimed, neither of them may prove to be the toughest one. Sir Alex faces the task of doing what no man has ever done, he has to lead his side to an incredible FOURTH title in a row and it’s not Ancelotti or Wenger that has to be beaten…Fergies task is to defeat history!

Tell us your opinion. Will United do what has never been done?


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