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End of season despair likely for Liverpool

A Premier League season which has already given us so many twists and turns may yet produce another delicious irony which no movie script writer could possibly make up without stretching the imagination to its absolute limit. Without wishing to appear as if chickens are already being counted let’s have a look at what the last weeks of the season will be throwing up. Liverpool are scheduled to face title contenders Chelsea at Anfield on the first day of May in its final home match of the season.

The League table by then may well remain as it is today, showing United ahead of Chelsea by one point and two in front of Arsenal while Liverpool are still desperately battling for that lucrative fourth position which will guarantee Champions League football next season, in what is widely predicted to be the final Anfield appearance for manager Rafa Benitez.

So here’s the agonising dilemma. Defeating Chelsea will be a must in order to obtain the three valuable points on offer yet in doing so, Liverpool will be virtually handing a record number of titles to its bitter rivals – 19 to be exact! A record which had seemed virtually impossible to ever be broken until a few short years ago but equaled by United only last season.

What are poor Liverpool supporters expected to do in such a nightmare situation? Relinquishing a jealously guarded long held record will surely not be an option for them. On the other hand missing out on a Champions League spot could place the club in a financially precarious position which will jeopardize a return to being the football powerhouse it once was.

There seems to be no answer to such a riddle short of  both Liverpool and United losing or winning so many points during the next few weeks that a clear position will emerge by the time Chelsea visits Anfield – which is highly unlikely.

The last twenty years has seen many Liverpool fans carry a strange and twisted attitude towards their football possibly instigated by the failure of their club to pose a meaningful challenge to their rivals. Far more satisfaction seems to be obtained from an occasional Manchester United defeat than they ever get from seeing their own club winning – go figure!

Remember, it cannot be emphasized enough that there are a lot of ifs, buts and maybes before this scenario can become reality but should it occur, a long, miserable season for Liverpool supporters will end in such absolute, unimaginable devastation that even some United fans are likely to be sympathetic. If truth be told however, the vast majority will be wildly rejoicing in what they would perceive to be a complete Liverpool downfall.

Do you feel any sympathy for Liverpool fans?


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