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Is Sir Alex about to pull the plug on United?

If a poll was taken as to what is the least reliable news outlet in Britain – OK, let’s instead use the word believable, which is the one that is most likely to finish right at the top of the pile? Could THE SUN newspaper be a prime candidate? Maybe even an overwhelming winner? Thought so. Truly Reds is here to inform you of what is being reported. The following story brings the news of Sir Alex Ferguson’s possible retirement at the end of THIS season! Have a look and make up your own mind.

The Sun, 28 April 2010 – United braces for Alex Exit

“Alex Ferguson will not retire at the end of next season. That’s it. End of story.  Or is it? In denying widespread reports he will quit in a year’s time, Ferguson gave no hint as to when he will call it a day at Manchester United. And it’s not knowing what Fergie’s plans are that’s driving others at Old Trafford to make contingency plans.

The way things stand, Ferguson has a tacit understanding with the club that he can quit at a day’s notice. It’s something United chief executive David Gill is acutely aware of. Ensuring the smooth and successful running of the world’s richest club is Gill’s responsibility but having such an all-powerful and unpredictable man in charge of the team makes that job more difficult.

All attempts by the media to get a definitive answer from Fergie about when he will step down have failed. But faced with the very real prospect that the man who has been in charge for the last 23½ years could suddenly announce his departure this summer United have taken action.

At least two candidates to replace Ferguson have been pencilled in by United in the last few weeks. The situation has been explained to them – just in case ‘the gaffer’ retires. It’s unclear if Ferguson is fully aware that such conversations have taken place but he certainly knows one of the men involved.

Intriguingly, it’s understood that neither of the men favoured by Ferguson to replace him – David Moyes and Martin O’Neill – have been sounded out. As far as United are concerned there is nothing underhand as they are only acting in the best interests of the club.

United are also aware that in addressing retirement reports last week, Fergie only denied that he would retire at the end of NEXT season. On the face of it, if United win a record-breaking 19th league title this season, the temptation to go out on a high could be very hard to resist.

Even for a man who has overseen the most successful period in the club’s history, overtaking Liverpool’s haul of titles would be considered the crowning glory. On taking the job back in November 1986, he infamously declared that his ambition was to knock “that club off their f***ing perch”.

But picking the right time to go has become an increasingly difficult task for the 68-year-old boss. He reneged on the original plan to leave at the end of the 2000-01 season. A chat with his wife, Kathy, on January 1 2001 – the day after his 60th birthday – convinced him he was ‘mad’ to give it up so soon.

Five league titles, a European Cup, an FA Cup and three League Cups since then have proved he made the right call but the signs are that even the most successful manager in the history of British football is becoming weary. Had he clinched a third Champions League win against Barcelona last season he may have called it a day. Since then, even those closest to Ferguson have had little indication as to when he will eventually step down.

But even though only one person knows the truth, plans are in place to deal with the end of the most distinguished managerial reign in the history of football.

Fergie to retire at the end of this season? Don’t rule it out.” End of the article.

The Sun may well have reliable information that is not available to anyone else. Is it responsible journalism or merely sensational supposition? If the story proves to be correct it will certainly be a bombshell at the end of what has been a highly unpredictable season. Is it believable? Who knows, only time will tell.

Will Sir Alex announce his retirement at the end of this season?


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