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Ferguson in hunt for classy Spurs midfielder

Surprise reports have emerged today that Manchester United have made Tottenham Hotspurs midfield maestro Luka Modric their leading summer transfer target. Sir Alex Ferguson sees Modric as a young Paul Scholes, an attacking midfielder and ball player who can make United tick and is thought to be preparing a £25million bid for the 24 year old Croatian midfielder.

Ferguson was even full of praise for Modric in his programme notes ahead of their 3-1 home win over Spurs on Saturday. Talking about the 5ft 8in player and other small talents in football he commented “And I give you another wee man who’ll be at Old Trafford this afternoon, Luka Modric who is playing out of his skin at the moment”

The Croatia international is in the classic mould of Central European playmakers and signed a six year contract for the North London club after Dinamo Zagreb agreed a £16.5m fee in 2008 following an impressive tournament in the European Championships.

Modric struggled early in his first season as he was played out of position by Juan Ramos as a deep lying midfielder and also suffered with knee problems. It was only when Harry Redknapp took over and pushed him further forward that his career at White Hart Lane took off.

His start to the 2009-2010 season was curtailed by a broken leg in the 2-1 defeat of Birmingham City in August but he returned in December and has been in great form during Spurs’ push for a Champions League spot.

The move for Modric is bad news for Michael Carrick, who looks to have lost favour with Ferguson. Carrick has only started one of the last five games after two poor performances against Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter finals but Spurs boss Redknapp is a huge fan of his and may insist on Carrick being part of any Modric deal.

Another big fan is UEFA Technical Director and former Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier who noted in his Euro Championship report that “Not only is Modric a very hard worker, he has a good brain and he provided some calmness and composure to the midfield”

Houllier continued “His passing was neat and his contribution was outstanding. He was not only winning the ball, he was passing well. He is very influential does not only works hard, he also makes the other people play well around him”

Ahead of the 2009-10 season, former Spurs captain now TV pundit Jamie Redknapp said of Modric “He’s a hell of a player and a manager’s dream. He trains like a demon and never complains, will work with and without the ball and can beat a defender with a trick or with a pass. He could get into any team in the top four and he’ll be even better this season”

That broken leg at Birmingham meant that Modric never really got his season started until he made his first appearance in the Premiership for four months in the London derby against West Ham. Spurs won 2-0 with Modric making a telling contribution by scoring with the leg he broke in the 11th minute.

The Croatia midfielder will not have any involvement at the World Cup in South Africa which will mean a good, long break between seasons. If Ferguson is successful in luring the classy midfielder to Old Trafford, Manchester United fans can be certain of witnessing a touch of class in midfield come the new season.

Will Luka Modric be a good signing for the new season?


No Responses to “Ferguson in hunt for classy Spurs midfielder”

  1. JamieSpurs says:

    Even if this half-baked story by some idiot at the SUN were true…………..

    You couldn’t afford him. Take the Berbaov fee, double it, and we’d still say no.

  2. goodridgre says:

    The reports are a natural sounding out however as dealing with a club with a good chance of getting into the Champions League, the chances are minimum especially with the current valuation of £25mill considering his age & importance in the Spurs team.

    Spurs will value the player between the £30-£50mill mark and the likelihood of achieving the sale of Modric will depend on whether Spurs get into the Champions league & whether Man Utd will pay the asking price.

    The Berbatov deal left a bitter taste in the mouth of Spurs, they purchased that player for £10mill & sold for £30mill at age 28/29, taking in all the factors it is likely Spurs will start at an asking price of £50mill, should they feel the players head is turned, which again would be difficult with 3 Croatian internationals in the Squad & a manager that he get’s on with.

    Best bet is to go for Gareth Bale, much easier to turn his head.

  3. Christoph says:

    LOLZ! Seriously though, he’s got 4 years left on his contract, you lot can’t afford him.

  4. MikeSpur says:

    Yes,a touch of class & it will cost you another shedload and Carrick probably

  5. ParkLane67 says:

    The “reports” you talk of comprise of speculation from one Sun columnist, that has been picked up by just about every sports blog and twitter site on the web. There is no substance to this. You won’t tempt a class act like Modric away from the Lane to your declining, debt-ridden club with a manager on the point of retiring and no money to spend. We might sell you O’Hara, Jenas or Bentley if you ask very nicely!

  6. Bristolspur says:

    You really want Levy to take you to the cleaners again? Remember how you got burned with the lazy Bulgar? £25mill? I don’t think so, especially if we make top four.

  7. Topyid says:

    Haha sometimes even Utd’s arrogance surprises me. You really think we are going to sell you Luka even if this bollix was true??

    You mancs make me laugh so far up your own arse’s it is disgusting. Can you not find your own players? Red nose isnt the best at that in all honesty, always being sly and two faced.

    Cant buy class.


  8. Frank says:

    It may be time for a reality check guys. If the two clubs agree on a transfer fee NOTHING will stop ANY player from being desperate to go to Old Trafford where he is assured of winning medals. They never have in the past and never will in the future.

  9. Topyid says:

    No Frank here is your reality check. Red nose doesn’t have the balls anymore to spend the money and take a chance on a player. When he does he usually fooks it up a la Veron & Dejemba Dejemba to name but two.

    The reality check is your manager is a two faced sly git who waits then constantly taps players up, quite blatantly, and gets away with it time and time again.

    If there is any truth is this “story” which I personally believe there isnt, heres looking to taking you guys to the cleaners, again, and giving you another good seeing to. 30 million for Berbaflop??? I wont even spout a figure about but can guarantee that 30 million wouldnt even buy luka’s left foot.

    Fook off and find your own players you vultures.


  10. Frank says:

    You have gotten yourself quite worked up there Topyid. Let me try and calm you down for a minute. This report may or may not be factual and you may be correct in not believing this story. You have every right to call Sir Alex Red nose or whatever you like within reasonable libel laws.

    As far as not having got the balls to take a chance on a player, I seem to remember a young fellow from Merseyside by the name of Wayne Rooney who the whole of England is now depending on for World Cup guidance. Then there was that kid from Portugal who Sir Alex had the balls to take a chance on and finished up getting a return of 80 million.

    And then you talk about Berbaflop. Is there any doubt that you will be the first one to beg him to go back to White Hart Lane if ever Sir Alex made him available? Be honest now Topyid.

    Hey Yid, don’t get me wrong, I have a soft spot for both Spurs and ‘arry but please, don’t even attempt to compare Tottenham Hotspur to Manchester United when it comes to where players like Berbatov, Carrick and Modric prefer to be when given the chance.



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