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How Nani went from a Fergieflop to a match winner

Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha kept his side in the title race last Saturday with a sublime finish to put Manchester United in the lead just as Tottenham Hotspur were threatening to take a point away from Old Trafford. Luis who some may ask? We are talking about the much more familiar Nani by his original name of course. Yes, the 23 year old winger whose career was heading into a cul de sac until he turned it around at the beginning of this year.

Nani has recently been showing that he’s found his form and grown in maturity. The winger who was rumoured to be on his way out not so long ago has started to find himself in the starting line up. Quick, skillful and bold is the approach that makes him so exciting to watch with a new found confidence to take on defenders and using his trickery to get past them.

The Portugal international would previously find himself in situations where he could pass the ball but would rather take a wild shot ending up in bitter disappointment and frustration. Nowadays he has been servicing the likes of Rooney, Berbatov and company while scoring some goals of his own.

Sir Alex Ferguson brought Nani to Old Trafford from Sporting Lisbon for £14million in 2007 but he was a rough diamond and was always overshadowed by fellow Portugese star Cristiano Ronaldo.  At the beginning of this season Nani was low on confidence with his performances adding to the speculation that he was on his way out, but in early December Nani started proving himself and began gaining his old self belief. Ferguson gave him more first team opportunities and he grabbed them with both hands.

Some players rely heavily on confidence in themselves as Nani does. It allows him to express himself and it’s what you see when he does his step overs, runs past defenders down the wing, puts in killer crosses, create chances and at times successfully taking his own.

It’s all a result of inbuilt confidence because he is not a very technical player like Giggs or Scholes, Nani relies on his individual artistry. His recent performances against Bayern Munich and Spurs have been outstanding and could be pivotal in the title race. He will now have to continue with his contributions as United have two more vital matches left, away at Sunderland and Stoke at Old Trafford.

He will be hoping for some help from Liverpool on Sunday because if Chelsea fails to win its own remaining games United could be in with a chance of grabbing a fourth consecutive title.

Nani will also be looking to impress at this years World Cup in South Africa. Portugal are drawn in what is expected to be a tough group with Brazil, Ivory Coast and North Korea.

With a huge Portuguese population in many African countries, massive crowds are expected at all their games. Thousands of fans will be hoping to see Ronaldo in action but it could end up being Nani who will end up  overshadowing his former Manchester United team mate.

Can Nani yet develop into another Ronaldo at United?


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  1. Sergie says:

    Nani is improving lately and i hope he can reach his peak starting from next season… If he can be given more freedom to try long range shoot he will add extra goals for united… i hope anderson can improve next season too.

  2. elvido says:

    He’w becoming the game changer we desperately needed!! More of this from him and hope the other youngsters catch on!!

  3. Dave says:

    i don’t think anyone want nani to become the new ronaldo, i think it’s best he’s content on being just…Nani, an exciting and artistic winger who can set a game alive and win matches on his own. He is also starting to take some responsibility of carrying the team, as he did against Bayern in the second half, but was unfortunately unsuccessful in making the semis. Nani will be regarded as a world class player in his own right in the next year or so.

  4. Kevin says:

    Dave: totally agree! I don’t even think he wants to become the new ronaldo.. But I’m really happy with his progress and how he spoke about his game, the mentality and the club. It seems like, he’d done the little step from a really exciting boy to become a great winger. The one and only thing i don’t like (about him and many other players from southern europe) is the dramatical falling/sometimes diving and almost dying on the pitch. I just don’t like it. Stop the wyining and Get on your feet and fight back for the ball! LUHG, Cheers

  5. Rickdee says:

    Nani is a world class player, incredibly skillful and talented..his recent performances for the Red Devils are proof of what he can actually do, so much so I rank him as a contender for the Player of the Tournament in the upcoming World Cup.



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