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THREE reported Galacticos targets for Ferguson

FACT: Cristiano Ronaldo sold to Real Madrid last July for a whopping, world record transfer fee of £80m. WISH: Wayne Rooney desperately wanted to join his former team mate by the big spending Galacticos for an even bigger fortune. SO WHAT GIVES? Has Manchester United become no more than a feeder club to the Madrid giants? Not if you believe the latest reports being reported because it could well be a case of United doing the buying instead.

This season is not yet over, the World Cup is still a month away, yet reports of multi million pound transfer deals have become a dime a dozen! There’s only one problem which readers must be warned about, most of them are merely figments of imagination by media groups who are desperate for a headline.

Here is not only one but THREE examples of who Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is supposed to be considering getting from Madrid for what would have to be the total amount banked by the club from the transfer of Ronaldo. But in all fairness, a strong word of CAUTION has to be given – these reports come from a football website which has not built any credibility whatsoever.

The only reason that Truly Reds even bothers to bring these reports to its readers attention is to make them aware of what is frequently appearing as genuine, headline grabbing stories but are only in fact mere figments of someone’s exaggerated imagination.

Gonzalo Higuain (Argentina) – Sir Alex Ferguson has set his sights on Real Madrid’s in form Argentine international striker Gonzalo Higuain. The Old Trafford boss is looking for some new firepower and has earmarked the former River Plate man as a potential summer signing

Ferguson is hoping that as Real look to trim their squad and cut costs they may look favourably on a swift move for the misfiring forward and any offer made that is similar to that paid by the La Liga club last summer may be successful.

Manchester United are hoping that reports of unrest at the Bernabeu and that in fighting between Higuain and Cristiano Ronaldo could help make such a move a possibility. Ferguson has watched on from the sidelines as Dimitar Berbatov continues to flatter to deceive leaving the club needing to bring in a forward who can carry the Wayne Rooney’s burden.

Higuain has had a great season thus far and has managed to keep fellow United target Karim Benzema on the Bernabeu bench but summer changes that may well lead to Manuel Pellegrini leaving the Spanish giants a new wave of Galaticos heading to the club could help Sir Alex to clinch a deal to bring the £25m rated Argentine international to Old Trafford.

Karim Benzema (France) – Manchester United will attempt to lure French international Karim Benzema to Old Trafford this summer. Sir Alex Ferguson is known to be a big admirer of the French international and had hoped to snap up the 22 year old last summer but believes that he may now be able to persuade the former Lyon man to leave the Bernabeu after a faltering start to his Real Madrid career.

Benzema has started just 18 matches at the Spanish giants this term and has found himself warming the bench far more than he would have hoped following his £35m move last summer. Having lost his place in the starting eleven Karim has had his confidence shaken and this has led to the youngster scoring just one goal in 2010 thus far.

Sir Alex is a man on a mission. The wily Scot is desperately looking for a top notch forward he can match alongside Wayne Rooney and has therefore found himself linked with a myraid of attacking alternatives. However the player he places above all other potential signings is Benzema but achieving such a goal could be extremely tricky given the poor relationship between the two sides following a series of high profile acquisitions Real have made from the Man United ranks.

Rafael Van der Vaart (Holland) – Ferguson will this summer attempt to snap up Real Madrid playmaker Rafael Van der Vaart. Sir Alex believes the chance to leave the Bernabeu bench for a move to the Premier League will be too tempting an offer for the Dutchman to turn down.

The major stumbling block to such a move would come from the Spanish club not wanting to sell to a direct Champions League rival but given that the Spanish giants are keen to trim their large squad and cut costs they may still accept any offer that matches their £18m valuation. The Premier League champions are looking for more creative midfield options and have earmarked the former Ajax and Hamburg man as a potential signing.

Ferguson is apparently unhappy with the distinctly average form shown by England international Michael Carrick and is also looking for a long term replacement for veteran Paul Scholes. 27 year old Van der Vaart is an excellent weapon to have in your midfield armoury. The intelligent attacking midfielder has excellent vision and great footballing brain and the ability to make something out of nothing.

So there it is, supposedly straight from the horses mouth! Reality suggests that IF Sir Alex can land just one of these alleged Real Madrid targets he will be doing far better than he has done in all his near 25 years at Old Trafford.

Which of these three would you most like Ferguson to sign?


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  1. timbo says:

    The usual tripe about spectacular forwards coming in to replace the ‘hapless’ Berbatov. United could sign the second coming of Pele and it will not change the fact that Fergie will continue to play a single striker in major games in order to shore up the midfield with an extra man due to the dearth of any world class talent in the engine room. Strikers are not the problem for United, other than the fact Berbatov has been shorn of confidence and been made the scapegoat of all that is wrong with United, particularly by ignorant fans who mistake his constant consignment to the bench as evidence of his lack of quality.

    United need to spend, and spend deeply, to bring in two world class talents, a defensive general in front of the back four who can stamp his authority in midfield, and an attacking maestro who can finally unlock the forwards to their full potential, take United away from the one dimensional play of this season which has hung on an over-reliance on wing play to set up attacks, and add a dozen or so goals per season through his own efforts, a la the Scholes of old. Does the name Modric ring any bells?

    Whether the American SOB’s who own the team are willing to stump up the cash is another matter, but United is at a crossroads in so far as the wealth of talent Fergie built up prior to the Glazer takeover is reaching its use by date, and if all United can do is to keep plundering promising youngsters from around the world on the cheap, in the hopes of unearthing the odd diamond from the crop, it will fail. It needs to spend if it wishes to remain amongst the game’s elite in England and Europe.

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    Those are some absolutely great comments timbo. Every one of them managed to hit the nail right on the head and quite bluntly, there is not one single word that I can possibly disagree with. Many thanks for such a thoughtful contribution.

  3. Laurence says:

    I agree Timbo. Although I have to say Berbatov will have to change his game to work at Utd. There is little doubt in my mind as to how good he is; the little touches and flicks, the control, the ability to beat a player whilst pretty much at a stand still, to hold the ball without losing it and then his vision. BUT the problem is his finishing. He needs some confidence and he needs to start playing higher up the pitch due to his style. Too deep and he never makes it into the box in time as he just won’t bust a gut like Rooney does and Ronaldo did. Once he starts playing regularly in and around the box I think he could score a bucket load but he has to be up all the time and not on the half way line creating something. What with Macheda, Owen, Diouf and Hernandez in the squad I think we are ok.

    This all leads nicely onto the midfield. I absolutely agree again. We are desperate for an attacking midfielder of world class quality. Without him we look shorn of any ideas in games where we come up against tight banks of 4&4 or 4&5. You need to have to ability to go to your wide men or go through the middle and currently we don’t have that. Who to bring in is the one to be answered by the people in the know. I am not even going to attempt to suggest I know the right player for the job, I don’t as I don’t get to scout/watch them week in week out. Defensively in midfield I don’t think we are too bad. I would happily go another season with the likes of Fletcher, Scholes, Carrick and, hopefully, Hargreaves.

    After next season I think there are more changes required. If Hargreaves doesn’t work out we need a midfielder as Scholes will be too old by then. The likelyhood is we’ll require a new GK, maybe a CB (Rio fitness depending), another winger (if the French dude doesn’t make the grade).

    Yes, we require some serious money to be spent and in years gone by we would have. Unfortunately not any more though. I think our days as the driving force of the Premiership are over. Now we will be one of several clubs i.e. MU, MC, Chelsea and any number of Arsenal, the pool, Spurs etc pushing for the title.

    The future is still bright, just a lot tougher in my eyes.

  4. Ivor says:

    You nailed it dead to rights, Timbo. Fletcher has been running on empty for weeks having been trying to be all things to the Gaffer this season for too many matches. A fair amount of dosh (but nothing ridiculous) needs to be spent on both defencive and attacking midfield options. My personal favourites are Moussa Sissoko and Steven Defour, or Gojko Kacar and Ganso. The latter two would come fairly cheap because Hertha Berlin are relegated from the Bundesliga and Santos of Brazil are desperately trying to raise the cash for Robinho. If we can dump Berbadouche, surely it’d be worthwhile investing in Ganso–a brilliant left-sided passer and dead-ball specialist– and Neymar. The Glazers debt will not get better if we keep the midfield we have!

  5. lununcle says:

    None….they would not leave Real….
    Man U needs creativity in the mid-field badly and therefore Van Der Vaart would be a valued addition next season…and i think this is the priority.

    I still have faith in Berba and M. Owen….and they should only buy Benzema or Higuain if the price is reasonable.



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