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Another chance for Diego Forlan?

ForlanMost of United fans know Diego Forlan as a flop signing who coul

d score 16 goals in a total of 85 appearances with Manchester United. But the Uruguayan striker is having a remarkable World Cup in South Africa scoring three goals and sending his country to the semi finals.

Forlan also had a great season with Atletico Madrid as he helped them to win the Europa League glory this season when he scored two goals to see off Fulham in the final.

In the other hand, there are some fans who think Forlan was unlucky with United and could be given a third year at Old Trafford to prove his worth…but he moved to Spain and went from flop to one of the world’s best.

Rene Meulensteen, one of United backroom staff, agrees with those fans. He also thinks Diego Forlan moved to United at the wrong time. However, he would be pleased to see him wearing the red shirt again.

Meulensteen told Voetbal International: “Diego was at the wrong place at the wrong time. But we had some individual training with Diego, for months we worked hard.

“I told him, ‘what you learn here, you will take with you’. You are a player who adds something to every squad.

“He has developed fantastically, so complete – a top athlete. I really would welcome him back to Manchester United.”

Meulensteen said he sent Forlan a text message after he netted both goals in the victory over Fulham, reading: “Top class, if it’s up to me you will return to us.”

The striker reportedly replied: “I am ready for it.”

In my opinion, I don’t remember Sir Alex Ferguson buy back a player, he stated that he will do so only with Cristiano Ronaldo. So it seems difficult to see Forlan back to United.

Will you welcome back Diego Forlan?


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  1. Trondb72 says:

    Would be a brilliant support to Rooney up front..go for it!

  2. Benedict Braimah says:

    Pls n pls,lets bring back el diego 2 where he truly belongz_OLD TRAFFORD.

  3. RedScot says:

    I cant see this happening yes he was successfull at Villareal and Athletico Madrid but at 31 years of age not likely.
    He is certainly one you would class as “One that got away” but never look back in anger or regret.
    As ever it would hinge on the transfer fee and his wage demands.
    It if we lived in a fantasy tournament world and operated only Championship manager, would seriously stifle the development of Fredrico, Mame and Zavier AND therefore along with age consideration its not a flyer.
    3 goals so far in the tournament thats the way it will stay he WONT pop one past Stekelenburg(one to watch)on July 6th.
    Cmon the Cloggies.

  4. Lamiki says:

    Forlan for united again? I will say yes go for it, and i’m tired of this benzema link while we need creative playmaker such as Özil! What ferguson still waiting for? For chelsea or madrid to buy him again? Since we’ve become losers in the transfer market. Glazers out you don’t even love the club, learn from Abramovic.

  5. Big Boss says:

    I would like to see Ozil with United too and agree with you..what are we waiting for?!

  6. John says:

    Brilliant Two-legged Player.I’d Love To See Him Back.

  7. wan mohamad says:

    i am very eager to see forlan’s return. He is one of the best forward ever born.He older he get the better he plays football…wellcome back to OT FORLAN

  8. addy says:

    i beleive if forlan will to be partner with hernandaze … MU gonna have a treble again.
    really and eagerly waiting for Forlan’s return.

  9. James says:

    Only if he can be consistant but it also depends on the other players feeding him the ball.

    He has been excellent in the world cup and scoring some crackers against the best. Why ruin a good thing, he should stay unless he really really wants to be back.

    What Utd need is a relaible strike force, the defence and midfield are ok but lack creativivty at times and the strike force of just Rooney (which I don’t rate world class but fine for Prem) is pathetic.

    I think we should sell Berbatov as he might settle in elsewhere.

  10. Big Boss says:

    Correct James…

    Berbatov should be sold… we need another striker ..and a creative midfielder too … IF we can sign a striker (Fabiano, Suarez or Benzema) and Sneijder …thats good enough..

  11. Speedus says:

    A bit late for that now don’t ya think. Ferguson should have given him a better go. For a striker to come on at the last 10 mins of a game does his confidence no good. Even Berbaflop got a better go than Forlan did. But what does SAF care. As long as VanNistelrooy kept scoring and with Rooney waiting in the wings,he didnt care. As soon as RVN stopped scoring he was out of there on his ass. Now that Forlan is the golden ball you want him back? I hope he never goes back. United doesn’t deserve him.



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