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Andy Cole tells Fergie “Don’t waste your money”

The old saying we all learned as children that “It takes one to know one” may not always be correct in the harsh reality of life but there must be times when there has to be some truth in it. Former Manchester United prolific striker Andy Cole is second only to Alan Shearer on the list of all time highest Premier League goal scorers so when he says that there’s not a striker available who would be worth spending a fortune on, he should at least be listened to.

Cole was of course referring to the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson has not yet opened his cheque book to secure an experienced, proven hitman. He told the Manchester Evening News that “If the manager did have £40-50m to spend who would you spend it on? There isn’t a stand out striker you’d pay that kind of money for” adding that in his opinion “there are no number nines out there. If there was everybody would be after him. There isn’t anybody around who gets the tap ins.”

If that’s the case Sir Alex will have no other option but to rely on the promising but yet unproven Mexico new signing Javier Hernandez, the fast developing Federico Macheda and the hopefully retained Danny Welbeck to provide back up for Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov and veteran Michael Owen providing he recovers well from injury and retains fitness for the whole season.

Contrary to many fans who have lost faith in Berbatov following two disappointing seasons at Old Trafford, Cole has little doubt that the club record signing can silence his critics by finally producing the goods. “I think Dimitar is due a Tottenham style 20 goals in a season” he believes “People question whether he has that kind of return in him but he did it twice for Spurs. He hit 27 in his last season at White Hart Lane and 25 the campaign before.”

“He has proved he can come in with a very decent haul. He was not a one season wonder at Tottenham because he did it more than once. He also had good figures at Bayer Leverkusen. I am convinced he can grab similar totals for United if he plays enough games.” Cole argues that “Critics go on about him only scoring 12 goals last year but he only started 29 matches so that wasn’t a bad ratio at all. Berbatov has got quality and we all know that. He just needs games and goals. I think the goals are certain to come from him. He is due a big season and you’d have to say after two seasons already at Old Trafford then he has to do it now. This is a big year for him. But I believe in him.”

Berbatov is not the only hitman who Cole expects a big season from “Hernandez looked sharp at the World Cup for Mexico. He has a good eye for goal” said Cole. “The two young lads Macheda and Welbeck didn’t get much time last year so they will be hungry this season and as for Michael Owen, if he stays fit then he can come in with a fair few goals. He scored nine last season yet only started 11 matches. Even used sparingly, if Michael is 100 per cent then you would expect him to score around 10-15 in a campaign. If by some chance he plays most matches then he is still a 20 goals a season player.

It’s worth remembering that thanks to the impressive haul obtained by Rooney and despite the fact that Berbatov and Owen only started 40 matches between them, United found the net 86 times in the Premier League last season which was more than the three previous title winning campaigns. It’s an encouraging indication that goal scoring should not be the problem many critics expect it to be. Cole may prove to be just as much on target with his comments as he was when hitting the back of the net so regularly during his playing days.

Can United match the 86 Premier League goals that were scored last season?


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  1. robson says:

    Berbatov scored 23 and 22 in all competitions at spurs and then 14 and 12 in all compeitions at utd so already cole’s stats are on shaky ground. what was his excuse in the first season then, if its not one thing its always another. utd could sign 1 striker to do the same job both owen and berbatov have unsucesfuly been doing, scoring and creating and being flexible enough to play in any of fergie’s preferred systems so they won’t be left out when utd switch. benzema, suarez, balotelli could all do that job and utd don’t need 2 inflexible strikers, one of whom is a top earner on big money, failing to make a big enough impact. as it right rooney is the only striker utd know they can truly rely on to score the goals when then the team really needs him to.

  2. andy says:

    i think Andy Cole is wrong because united have to buy one quality strikers like suarez or benzema if they have to win epl and uefa chams. league if they don’t buy any of this strikers they will be on same position like last season, and if rooney injured again then only god can help them so buy quality and win trophies.

  3. RedScot says:

    Being a simple Scots lad I believe if he gets vocal support he will deliver I am refering to Dimatar.
    I simply cant understand shouting down a player in the team, it goes against everything I think the word supporter means.
    Well said though Andy, Javier Hernandez is gonna be hot!

  4. Tom says:

    I actually think we will be okay in the striker departmant. There is enough depth and variation there for us to be okay. Hernandez will need some time but offers something completely different to Berba or Rooney in that he is a proper poacher who will play on last shoulder of defences. Its midfield I think we need to strenghten, particularly now as Hargreaves has had another setback. Also, we need to be looking at a playmaker who can pick a pass or unlock a defence. Ozil anyone?



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