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Why Fergie may be causing United to be snubbed

Despite it being denied, Holland’s master midfielder Wesley Sneijder has reportedly snubbed the advances made by Sir Alex Ferguson stating that he wanted to stay at the San Siro. Chelsea and England free transfer Joe Cole did the same, preferring to consider offers from a number of other clubs. Another half a dozen high quality targets never made the move to Old Trafford despite being consistently linked with the club. There could be a host of reasons why anyone with real ambition turns down one of the world’s leading clubs, including the alleged lack of funds in United’s coffers, but there could also be the surprising possibility that one of the problems could be Sir Alex himself!

Without wishing to be disrespectful to some, footballers are not generally known to be the sharpest knives in the kitchen but they do have a natural, instinctive knowledge of how the game works. Even if they don’t, their sharp thinking, smooth talking agents certainly do. The club may now be the victims of the huge success that Ferguson has obtained over the last 20 years,

Put yourself in their boots for a moment. You commit yourself to a 3 or 4 year contract to a manager who you know full well that the odds of him still being there at the end of your first season are slim. What will your position at the club be for the remainder of your contract under a new, as yet unknown boss? Will you be prepared to take such a risk with your career especially if you are still in your early to mid twenties?

Sir Alex himself has never tried to hide the reality of his fast approaching retirement, his own words a couple of years ago were clear enough “I cannot see myself being a manager once I hit the age of 70”. That day will be here at the end of next year and it could be putting the club in a much more difficult position than it was prepared for given the fact that there are clubs, both in the Premier League and in Europe, prepared to throw the sort of unimaginable money at available players such as Manchester City is reported to paying Yaya Toure.

Obviously, no manager can ever be guaranteed of remaining in his job forever, as has been seen during every other season, but Ferguson’s impending departure must surely add another factor to the equation. While a chance for a move to a club like United is normally grabbed with both hands, an attitude of ‘better the devil you know’ can be understandable until a replacement for Sir Alex is known.

There has to be many other aspects to this dilemma and to suggest that it’s the one and only reason for the club’s apparent inability to snare any of it’s targets will be ludicrous. It could partly explain however Ferguson’s frequent claims that “there’s no value in the market” and the decision to put his faith into a pool of talented youngsters for what could be the final season of his glory filled quarter century at Old Trafford.

Would you accept a job knowing that your new boss is on the verge of retirement?


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  1. a.parker says:

    Wrong mate concerning joe cole, the lad was desperate to join us but ferguson rightfully doesnt want such an average aging player. Sneijder cant snub someone who never maee a bid- inter just abused the utd name by claiming we did with no truth to it, it what clubs-players-agent do, they use the utd name to either get better offers, contracts or m6re interest, three quarters the time we aint even interested in the lad named. If it aint confirmed by utd/ ferguson as real then you can guarantee its 100% lie.

  2. bingo says:

    Do you honestly believe that a player wouldn’t sign for United because they are uncertain as to how long Fergie will be there? You must be extremely naive! The footballing profession must have one of the highest turnovers of managers of all international industries. Infact, it would probably be an incentive for a player to join United so he could command another hefty transfer fee when Sir Alex leaves if you want to use that arguement.
    If you were to say that Fergies intimidating character, obsession with perfection and no nonsence bootkicking hairdryer attitude were to blame then I would give you some credit. Personally, I think top flight footballers are over paid and have a far to high opinion of themselves and I could see that Sir Alex wouldn’t be their ideal manager as he isn’t a push over. But do you really want players like that at Old Trafford?

  3. Utdlegend says:

    Quite possibly the worst united related article I’ve ever read! It makes you wonder if these so called united fans aka bloggers have ever been near old Trafford in their life. My thought says this author has not. Stop fishing for webhits, start actually thinking before you type such rubbish! Last time I’ll come on here though, I’d rather read the mail and that’s saying a lot!

  4. Erlingur Iceman says:

    Yes I have to agree with Bingo there, I think that would be naive to think that the reason we haven’t been takin for example Joe Cole to United is because of Fergie,and that he’s going to retire soon.
    Joe Cole is good player, I think everbody can accept that, but he was injured a lot last two seasons at Chelsea if I’m not correct, still manage to make England’s World Cup Squad, but I think Cole’s wage demand are thought to be the main problem, Fergie has a line, he’s not willing to cross that line, you can just look at the squað it’s Rio,Rooney that are the highest paid players at the club,Do we need one more player that is demanding high salary and end up spending half a season in the physio room, I don’t think so, that’s the reason Arsenal hasn’t yet signed Cole,Tottenham are also trying to get him, but this two clubs are fighting that he cut’s his wage demands lower.
    My opinion is that Hargreaves is done, Fergie can forget any quality there, so he has to sign someone to replace him,if not then i reckon he thinks he has already someone who can step up. But Scholes,Giggs,Neville,Van der Sar, are all to old to be constant quality through next season, as I think maybe VDS will be the most consistent of them, so Fergie has to bring someone in, I like the Idea of P.Lahm of Munich, a World class player,who would surely add strenght to our team,I think Khedira would have been good signing to replace Hargreaves.
    Ozil, of course would also be good addition, he has good quality,but my favourite signing would be Sneijder, I believe there’s not a single player that is better playmaker and scoring midfielder in Europe than he is.
    But we’ll se what Fergie does, he has before won something with kids. But I have my doubts over this kids, Gibson,Cleverley,Fabio,Rafel,Smalling,Possebon,Welbeck,Macheda,Obertan,
    I will admit that Da Silva twins are very good,as for Welbeck, sorry look like some Richardson flop,he’s aint going to make in in this Squad.
    Macheda is of course very good. But my main worry is midfield, and Gibson,Possebon,Cleverley, I think, aren’t proven quality to be the players to rely on, when we have to go to Anfield, or Stamford Bridge.?
    But my hopes are of course, tha we will sign 1 or 2 good players and we take the title back were it belongs.

  5. Frank says:

    As pointed out many times, Truly Reds appreciate all the comments sent in by it’s readers including critical ones which may disagree with the opinions expressed. It must be made clear however that for my part at least, there are times when even I am not completely convinced of my own argument. While that may sound strange, the reason for it is that my aim is always to present stories in a way that is different from the usual repetition of the same angle, one that may not have been considered. In other words, the intention is to present “different” food for thought.

    @Utdlegend, your very clear assumptions deserve an equally clear response. “Have I ever been near Old Trafford?” Yes. Am I “fishing for webhits?” No. Simple straightforward answers to straightforward comments is all that’s required.

  6. rob b says:

    I understand the question this article is asking, but I think its way off for some very basic reasons. Fergusons presence is still a draw for players. However the truth is player movement is now exclusively controlled by money and agents. United could be managed by an alien, and if a player got the deal they wanted they would come. United can’t compete with the real cash rich teams and that is why transfers will be slow for us. Take David silva…think he’s ever heard of City, or dreamed of wearing their shirt. It was only weeks ago he spoke of his admiration of sir Alex and revelled at the chance to play for United. Fast forward a few months and he’s given a huge bag of swag to play for what players now call “an exciting project” Or should I say a stinking pile of cash. Kerching

  7. Matt says:

    This article is one of the poorest things I have ever read.
    I would go into the reasons why, but no ACTUAL United supporter would believe a word of it in the first place. Utter tripe. Next.

  8. Chris says:

    I don’t think there’s any evidence we are being snubbed by anyone. All the reported comments from big-name players are entirely positive about playing for us. It’s just we aren’t making any bids for them.

    It’s a combination of clubs like City, Chelsea, Madrid, Barcelona having huge amounts of cash and us (whatever Ferguson and Gill say) being short of money. We aren’t going bust anytime soon but we aren’t being allowed to spend freely either.

  9. Frank says:

    Still welcome your comment Matt EXCEPT the statement about not being an “ACTUAL United supporter”. I became one in February 1958 – remember Munich? when I was 15 years old. Work out how long that’s been. I was also fortunate enough to meet Sir Matt twice but was never able to get my wish of naming a son after him because I had four daughters. Guess what the name of my eldest grandson, born in 1998, is? Your own name will be a good clue!

    By the way Matt, Sir Alex is also placed upon the same high pedestal as Busby, the same one that I suspect both you and I put Manchester United on.



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