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Let’s put the confusing Ozil transfer saga to bed

Is anyone else getting sick and tired of what is fast becoming the transfer saga of the summer? The headlines first scream that Werder Bremen is about to get an offer from Sir Alex Ferguson for their 21 year old German international Mesut Ozil but then we read that Ozil has signed an agreement with Real Madrid to move to Spain after completing his contract in 12 months time. There are now reports that Ozil is pleading for his club to reduce the £16m asking price. If that’s true, it’s the clearest indication yet that the talented midfielder has no intention of waiting to get away on a ‘Bosman’ next year. So what’s going on?

The Manchester Evening News reported on Monday that “Sir Alex Ferguson is ready to make Mesut Ozil’s dream come true. The Manchester United boss, having just arrived back from the club’s tour of North America, will sit down with chief executive David Gill this week to finalise his transfer plans. Gill has made it clear money is available for a top class signing and Ozil, who would cost around £12m, fits the bill perfectly.”

Yet on the very same day, The Daily Star reported that Ozil is adamant that he does not plan to go anywhere, almost sounding offended by the suggestion. He was quoted as saying “I am a friend of honesty” he claimed “many people extend their contracts long term for better conditions but two weeks later they want to leave. I have never done that but have rather always respected my contract and been happy to fulfill it. Why should now be any different? My situation for the next 12 months is clear. Only the facts count and the fact is, I am under contract with Werder. I cannot know what comes after that.”

The same newspaper reported 24 hours later that “Manchester United’s hopes of signing Mesut Ozil were boosted last night after the German World Cup star told his club to lower the £16m asking price. Ozil is one of Europe’s hottest properties after his display in South Africa but believes he is being priced out of a dream move by Werder Bremen”

Does any of it make sense? If Ozil is to be believed when he says that he plans to fully honor his contract before leaving Bremen for free at the end of it, why would he now be urging his club to lower their £16million asking price? It seems that the young man is as confused as everyone else.

Most United fans would welcome Ozil to Old Trafford with open arms but one thing is clear. If Ferguson fails to make at least a serious attempt to get a ‘value packed’ 21 year old, highly talented international who will almost certainly fit United’s midfield needs like a glove, there will certainly be no other signing of any significance. The decision is largely in the hands of Sir Alex, if he decides that his current squad needs no further improvement so be it. Let’s trust his judgment, ignore the rumor mongering newspaper headlines and move on. After all, the battle to win a record breaking 19th title is about to commence.

Is anyone else sick and tired of the ongoing Mesut Ozil saga?


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  1. Den says:

    I am completely baffled by the saga, none of the reports match yet I am obsessed with us signing him! Every article I see with his name I read in detail in hope that there is some indication that these rumours are true?! I do not understand in the slightest why we havent made a bid, Bremen will sell, no point in keeping him for another year and letting him leave for nothing. It’s a match made in heaven and he would be perfect playing in the advanced attacking position in the 4-5-1 that we adopted for nearly every big game we have had over the past 2 seasons.

    Gill’s comments last week havent helped these rumours either, the MEN reported a bid was imminent but woyuld that have been the same report if he hasnt said there was money to spend. Dont forget Fergie said 2 weeks ago he was happy with what he had.

    So, if there is any truth in this then we should hear something concrete by the end of the week.

    Hopefully as like you I am completely sick of the rumour and the fact that we havent addressed the midfield area this summer!

  2. Rohan says:

    ohh thanks a lot i and many more might be very tired of this saga ! now it gives a clear view of whats gonna happen and what not gonna happen !

  3. Fredster says:

    I think the confusion stems from the fact that there are so many different football news sites on the internet now, as well as countless football blogs, not to mention all the gossips on football forums and Twitter.

    Just when it looks like nothing is going to happen, someone desperately searching for news will stumble upon some out-of-date quotes by Ozil and re-print them. Suddenly the transfer is back on! When you consider that nowadays even national newspapers get a lot of their info from gossip on messageboards*, the problem is made a thousand times worse, because the gossips believe they are getting their info from a reliable source, when in reality each is as clueless as the other.

    *Fergie’s “quotes” last season about Michael Carrick (“you’ll have to ask Michael why he didn’t play”) were fabricated as a wind-up on a United forum and made it into The Times, no less. Fergie even had to publicly deny making the comments. Last week David Gill rebuffed the rumour that he flew back from the tour to work on a transfer deal – another prank by a wind-up merchant on a messageboard, taken seriously by a professional journalist.

  4. wingard says:

    Fergie never signs creative central midfielders he doesn’t trust them. Ozil looks quality to me but more of an Arsenal type signing. Good on the ball but will get kicked to death in the prem league. Fergie’s more likely to go for a Hargreaves replacement.

  5. OllieWillie says:

    Looks like Werder are open to selling him…….

  6. Chris says:

    Clearly Ozil’s position is that he’s happy to stay but wouldn’t say no to a big club. Similarly Bremen are happy for him the stay for another year but could be tempted by a decent offer. He’s there for the taking if we want him.

    So what are we waiting for? It seems we aren’t interested.

    I think Fergie is playing a dangerous game. Fans suspect (rightly or wrongly)that the Glazers are starving us of cash. Hence the unsold tickets. If Liverpool get bought out they could spend big. City and Chelsea have lots of cash. If things don’t go well we could be fighting it out with Arsenal for fourth place.

  7. noname says:

    No wonder that he doesn´t go. 16 mio? Ridicolous to sell such a great talent for so less money, even though his contract is running out next year. There is clearly something wrong when someone like James Milner gets sold around for over 30 million and a real talented and highly rates player like Ozil should get sold for as little as possible.

  8. CanFan says:

    Methinks the club is behind this farce . The same week season ticket sales are at an all time low and suddenly the bookies slash the odds on Ozil joining United making us outstanding favourites . Naturally the fans are buzzing at the prospect and no doubt a few undecided opted to renew their tickets .
    Someone at the club is behind some ‘exclusive’ yarn regarding Ozil or what exactly would the bookies be basing their odds on .
    Remember we are dealing with scum owners and a manager who continues to bleat about being happy with what is clearly an under-strenght and ageing squad .
    If they were serious about signing such a talent surely the first move would be in play by now .

  9. Robert says:

    “Yet on the very same day, The Daily Star reported that Ozil is adamant that he does not plan to go anywhere, almost sounding offended by the suggestion.”

    The Daily Star is a tabloid.

  10. chris! says:

    Listening to Ozils words only makes more sense here.
    He dont want to stay he better leave now cause Bremen dont have use for a player who looks for the money only. I badly hope he find someone else to screw over.

  11. jon says:

    i hope he signs and that there are some truth to the rumours that we want him.

    but we should know in two weeks time if we are in with a chance since werder have a champs league qualifier.

  12. Nitram says:

    Actually, it’s pretty easy to understand Ozil’s side of things. He says that he’s not going to sign an extension to his Werder Bremen contract: “many people extend their contracts long term for better conditions but two weeks later they want to leave”.

    His message to Werder is “sell me now, and for less than 16 million, or I leave next year for nothing”.

    What’s less clear is how interested Fergie is in signing him. Only 4 weeks to go…

  13. rizal says:

    i think no signing for Ozil. Man Utd might deploy Park to the central forward. playing 433,with Nani and Valencia on the right and left respectively. Fletcher in in the centre midfield. Hernandez/Berbatov and Rooney will be the two strikers up front. ferdinand and vidic as central defenders,evra/o’shea on the left back,rafael/brown/neville on the right.

    However, recent news over Anderson’s accident/ misbehaved and Cleverly going out on loan might leave some clues that Fergie is adamant to bring Ozil to Man utd this season. Just my opinion.

  14. manny says:

    I think im more sick of hearing about fabregas thats been going on way longer than ozil. I cant take anymore arsenal/barcelona rubbish. as for this i ope we get him

  15. Hayley says:




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