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Trust Ferguson to know what’s best for Cleverley

It has only been one week since Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson declared that his young midfielder Tom Cleverley was remaining at Old Trafford this season rather than being sent out on another loan spell. It therefore came as a surprise when it was announced on the final day of the transfer window that the 21 year old agreed to spend the remainder of the 2010-11 season on loan at Wigan Athletic. That decision has caused a certain amount of anger towards Sir Alex amongst some United supporters, an anger that Truly Reds believe is totally unjustified.

Disappointment by those who were hoping that Cleverley will be given an opportunity to challenge for a first team spot is understandable but comments like what happened to ‘giving youth a chance this season’? Empty words from Fergie again” and “Sometimes it makes me wonder if the backroom staff know what they are doing” which appeared in the press after the decision was announced are totally uncalled for.

The England Under 21 international is highly rated and was linked with a move to Newcastle United earlier in the summer. After toying with the idea of retaining Cleverley as a member of United’s first team squad, Ferguson has now decided that a move to the DW Stadium would most hasten the promising youngster’s football education.

Wigan manager Roberto Martinez told the official club website “Tom is a very exciting young player and we are delighted he his coming to us. He can play in a number of positions and will provide us with some good new options, and add great competition to the squad. We have been watching him for some time and feel he is the right sort of player to join our squad. Young, hungry, desperate to play for the club in the Premier League and to grow with us.”

Cleverley is currently on under 21 international duty but will join up with his new team mates later this week. He is likely to make his Latics debut against Sunderland and fellow United loan player Danny Welbeck. For those critical of Ferguson’s decision to send another one of his players on loan there can only be one question that they need to ask themselves.

Imagine being the father of a boy with the potential that Cleverley obviously has, can there be any other manager you would rather trust than Ferguson to mastermind his development? Agree with his decisions or not, Sir Alex has shown over many years that there is simply nobody better.

Was Ferguson wise to send Cleverley on a season long loan to Wigan?


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  1. in1voice says:

    I think people are more disappointed that there is no signing of an established midfield star, and the departure of Cleverly without any addition looks like a weakening rather than a strengthening of the team. Also, many are looking fwd to seeing Cleverly in action, after all the good things said about him.

    I don’t think anyone questions AF’s wisdom in choosing what’s best for Cleverly.

  2. DforDerivative says:

    I agree with in1voice. Hargreaves’ continuing problems, Anderson’s injury and attitude issues, Carrick’s amazing loss of form and confidence, Gibson’s hit and miss/hit and hope form … all issues that combine to leave United fans fearing what the midfield might be capable of this season.

    Cleverley was the beacon of hope that we were looking to. We need Nani, Valencia and Fletcher to have amazing seasons and stay clear of injury, to allow Giggs and Scholes to slot in around them. It’s a shame Tom had to go out on loan, but ultimately if it’s best for him then it’s probably best for United too.

  3. Ducky says:

    ‘Imagine being the father’ is the argument you’re going with? How about ‘imagine being Paul Scholes and wondering how you will play 30 games again this season’?

    It’s as in1voice has mentioned above… it’s not so much ‘what’s best for Cleverely’ but more ‘weren’t we running out of midfielders?’ I’ve said as much here –


  4. Gaz says:

    He’d been at Wigan, passed a medical and been introduced to everyone before the Community Shield. It was only the is he injured or isn’t he saga with Carrick that cause its delay. Well, this is what the people “on the inside” *taps nose* at Christopher Park tell me.

    He’ll walk into our team at the moment and regular top flight football is just what he needs at the moment. Fergie likes Bobby for his style(even if it doesn’t always work) so probably pointed him in our direction as well.

  5. Branjz says:

    Can’t belive it.. There are still some idiots around questioning Fergies decisions. I’ve already begin to pity his successor. Perhaps these idiots need someone who has won titles from the last 50 years to shut up. Or is there anyone?

  6. neilski7777 says:

    It’s a really smart move. One, it’s going to get Cleverley a lot more games this than he would have at United. It will give him a long run, consistent experience against top teams – something he has not had yet. It will expose him to a different system of play and players – he’ll blend that in to his experience. He’ll return a far better player as a result and really kick in 2011/2012. Same story for Welbeck. There is not a guaranteed consistent place “THIS” season and they want to play. it’s a win-win.

    For those harping on about need to spend big dosh on some headlining midfielder forget it. We’re in the 2nd season of our transformation to the next generation. We’ve got fantastic depth this season all over the place and I say that admitting that there’s a void in replacing Scholes. You can’t ultimately buy what makes Man Utd enduring – it’s built. But it’s not a light switch. I’m way optimistic this season knowing that we’ve got the first year over (last year).

  7. Frank says:

    Great comment Neil, unlike the knee jerk reactions of those who fail to think things through



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