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There’s a cultural chasm between City and United

Two proud clubs are situated within a few miles of each other yet there is an absolute chasm between them when it comes to their fundamental cultures. Manchester United is without doubt the biggest football name in England while Manchester City is hell bent on taking over that mantle. It’s a fight to the death as far as the blue half is concerned but throwing hundreds of millions of pounds at the challenge may only succeed in winning a few battles rather than a war. If you listen to those who have experienced life at both clubs from the inside, you begin to see how wide those cultural differences really are.

Stephen Ireland joined Manchester City as a 15 year old but after eight years had fallen out of favour during the second half of last season having previously been a key player under Mark Hughes. He does not believe he was given a fair chance after Roberto Mancini came in as manager and admits it was a difficult period. “I did feel unwanted and didn’t feel part of the team” said the 23 year old “I was neither happy nor sad if we lost. I don’t think loyalty is much in anyone’s mind at Manchester City

Compare that unhappy Ireland experience to that of Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Pique. He remembers Sir Alex Ferguson immediately taking him under his wing upon his arrival from Barcelona’s youth system “When I arrived there I was 17 and it was really hard for me to leave my family, to change club, to change all my friends” he said “for me, Sir Alex was like a second father. He helped in all the ways, not only in football terms but also how to find a house and all my relations out of football. I think that, for me, he was a really helpful person”

When Pique was faced with the difficult task of telling his manager he wanted to return to Spain, he recalls the emotional response from a character better known for his ruthless nature. “I remember when I went to his room to say that I wanted to leave because Barcelona was coming for me. It was my town, it was my club when I was young and I wanted to come back. He didn’t want me to leave and said I had a future at the club and he expected a lot from me. But I wanted to leave and he wrote me a letter saying that it was really difficult and really hard for him to let me go to Barcelona.

That, in short, is a perfect comparison which highlights the difference between the two clubs. One went to City as a schoolboy from Ireland, the other to United from Spain. Both eventually broke into the senior team as youngsters, yet while Irelands years at Eastlands ended in heartache and bitterness, Pique speaks highly of his years at Old Trafford and his ‘second father’ to this very day.

As another former disillusioned Manchester City player Martin Pertrov confessed after he moved to Bolton Wanderers on a free transfer in the summer “The human relationships are lost and the trust is lost too. At City nothing is clear. The team is looking for identity.”

Would you have liked Gerard Pique to remain at Old Trafford?


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  1. Jenks says:

    What utter sh!te.

  2. Greeno says:

    Utterly utterly hilarious, well done!

  3. bubbagump says:

    boot in face.

  4. Joe Stenton says:

    Not a very good article I’m afraid.
    You take one single case from each club out of hundreds of possible cases as an example to back up your already prejudiced views.

  5. Get behind United and together we can rule the World. says:

    That no shock, while United is a family club, a club that loves and respects they players, City is a classless club, one of no trust and no respect. United is a club built of class and respect, one loved by the city and the world, a club known for being the very best in the business, City the opposite, their to busy being a laughing stock, a club known for being a small unheard of loser club. United, there trust from the 1st team down to the youth while at city, no one trusts anyone.

  6. Partridge says:

    Oh dear! I can smell the fear! Pathetic article!

  7. tublu says:

    oh dear, the poor little rags are still obsessing about ickle ciddy). tick tock, lghu.. Go away and play with your own ball (before it gets repossesed

  8. Tom Booth says:

    What a load of nonsense! I am sure there are many players who have left Man Utd unhappy,how about comparing Pique’s comments with Bellamy’s upon leaving? Bellamy only had positive things to say because he wanted to move back to his home country as well.

    Ireland is going to struggle to hold down a place in the Aston Villa team he is peeved because he has gone from hero to zero at City and it’s all his fault!! How about comparing his comments with those of Jaap Stam?

    “The one thing I learned is you are never sure of your place at United.”

    “They showed a total lack of normal decency and respect so I had to leave.”

    I think that demonstrates that it simply depends on the scenario in which the player left. I could also quote Van Nistelrooy:

    “it felt like I had been stabbed”

    “Things with Ferguson weren’t like they used to be and it became difficult for us both to work together.”

    How about Tevez?

    “But he lied to me! That is why I know I will not return to United”

    “I promise I will not celebrate in front of the United fans but I will shout in Ferguson’s face.”

  9. mk says:

    fair post. fergie breeds immense loyalty howver much i hate to admit it.

  10. tublu says:

    @Get behind United and together we can rule the World –
    comedy name, well done.
    you should engage brain before pressing the enter key, unless it was the lolling toungue that brushed against the keyboard before you’d had chance to correct the mistakes and drivel in your possit ?
    I particlularly enjoyed the quality oxymoron of city being known for being unheard of. classic, thanks.

  11. SalfordBlue says:

    What was Heinze opinion of Bacon face?

  12. Clevers says:

    In fact Ireland complained about Hughes’s behaviour to him, after Hughes sacking.

    His record is that he praises managers when they arrive and blames thme for his lack of form when they go.

    Petrov complains about team building when he was one the least team orientated players I have seen.

  13. Rincks says:

    What utter toss.

    On one hand you have Ireland, who’s already at the club and a new manager comes, same with Petrov. New managers want their own players, so for some it doesn’t work out.

    On the other hand you have Fergie bringing in a player of his choice. A player who see’s the opportunity at utd and isn’t getting played at his cuurent club.

    No comparison. Stop trying to find comfort in coming up with theories as to why City could fail.

  14. SalfordBlue says:

    Also, Carlito’s thought Bacon face showed him a total lack of respect. If he had been shown the respect his efforts deserved he would have said yes when utd finally decided to break the bank and sign him.

    Oh well, your loss is our gain. Tick tock….. Have you managed to sell all your season tickets yet?

  15. Brian says:

    And all the city fans fell for it……LOL

    PS:Make sure you lot win the treble treble within the next few years because when the new rules are in place all the money in the world will be no good to you.

    Toodle pip!

  16. tublu says:

    brian, how’s the red knights rescue package coming along ?

  17. Boris says:

    I don’t know what’s more laughable, the article or the replies.
    Stephen Ireamd was given 20 starts last season and was substituted in most of them for giving lacklustre performances – his dip in form coincided with ‘terrible’ City rewarding him with a bumper contract.
    As for United being a family club, don’t make me laugh. David Beckham, Jaap Stam, Roy Keane and RVN were all shown the door when they questioned Fergie – I imagine quite a few lesser known players have left in similar circumstances. Family clubs encourage families, United are the epitome of corporate greed where any seat is available to the highest bidder, Multinational firms are invited to sponsor aniversaries of tragedies and ex-players are made to pay for seats to see games.

  18. Brian says:

    Does it really matter? United will still be around when the gimps are forced out, which they will be because their businesses are failing and they will have to sell eventually.

    I’m sure we can take a few years of lower placings as a result, after all we’ve won the lot numerous times over the last few years haven’t we?

    Who’ll take over? who knows but somebody will.

    Tick tock indeed?…LOL

    I think the city clock will run out before ours does!

  19. Pryce says:

    As a utd fan this post is crap! Why all the focus on city, tell me something about my club! Not another , the only people that takes digs at city are worried fans! If city keep going on as they are they won’t win anything! Too stupid to realise all they need is a down to earth manager that knows how much hard work they need to do over a longer period of time!

  20. Fr1day says:

    Fucking hell – what a tragic article.

    …”their to busy”…Back to school for you!

  21. Frank Scicluna says:

    @Brian 9.18pm, 😉

  22. mcfc1975 says:

    What utter dross. They are bitter ex players because they didn’t get there own way, just like you are the new bitters led by chief Baconface….the club is undergoing an incredible overhaul and it will be another 2 seasons before we are ready to challenge for the title…in that time Sralix will have gone and left you with your worst squad in 2 decades. Lets hope the Glazers are still around.

    By the way when is the Big Issue seller ready to play for you lot? and what is Lou Macari putting in his vinegar….P boy to score 40 goals and win you the league!!

  23. Get behind United and together we can rule the World. says:

    lol god even after spending the sheik spent £1bn of his own money to save those skint rags from liquidation, £500m on a squad to achieve jack in the past 3-years, we still have those sad blue bitters obsessing over every think united while still talking crap bout what their lil raggy tag blue club gona do…news flash- you aint gona do shit, failure is the future for city as it was in the past…70 years you bitter blue rags have been scared, jealous and bitter of united, long may it continue.

  24. Frank says:

    In case you are not aware Friday 9.32pm, we are not in the habit of editing comments here. They appear exactly as they are sent in…including yours 🙂

  25. m beany says:

    What then are you going to do when sir bacon face pops his clogs?

    Anyone who replaces him is going to struggle and when you add the lack of money it just gets a bit scary don’t you think.

    And for those of you think the new rules are going to change much you’re dreaming. Do some research.

  26. Tevez32 says:

    The city is ours, the city is ours, return to your sofa, the city is ours…

  27. P says:

    Lol,I wonder why does this article got many response from the shitty fans :p

  28. Chris says:

    The article is accurate. And for those bitters on here saying United fans are obsessed with Citeh, take a look at yourselves, you’re reading and commenting on a UNITED blog…. As always it’s bitters who are obsessed with United, not the other way round.

  29. Sir Fergus of Glazer says:

    I’d just like to bring you back to reality. In actual fact England, the national side are the biggest football name in England, I hate to break it to you Ginger whinger (The Scholes lovers). I suggest you nip into the toilets at your local hostel for the brain dead and pop that over-inflated dumb ass ego of yours.

    United’s so called fame was born out of a tragedy, one they were involved with called the ‘Munich air disaster’. Now even though at the time united deserved every bit of the sympathy that the whole world had for them at the time, which including the sympathy of all right thinking City fans. It’s time to stop riding the sympathy train stop deluding yourself, thinking that united are all everyone else thinks about because nothing could be further from the truth. Every supporter of ever club, thinks his teams is the one and only. Only united supporters, this site and the writer of this blinkered article are deluded enough to thinking that the rest of the world is focused purely on united.

    To most intelligent football fans, united are like the poser that can’t stop looking at himself in every mirror, every reflection. He thinks everyone is looking at him and wants to be him when the truth is that they just can’t stand the completely unfounded love he has for himself.

    Supporters of other clubs look at united and think would I take a football club like that home to meet my folks. Let’s be honest here who would take an arrogant, self centred bastard like that anywhere? Then the egotistical plonker that is united then still wonders around in his own cloud cuckoo land making statements like united are the biggest club in English football and everyone else is just bitter.

    Even if it was just a wind up, could it be any more sad?

    I really would like to say not all united fans are like this poser, but unfortunately I can’t because you are all so far up yourselves your irretrievable and completely out of touch with the real world.

  30. Frank says:

    It’s amazing how many Citeh fans cannot see the wood for the trees. This article is NOT about winning trophies or clocks ticking, the whole point is to illustrate the huge difference there is between the two clubs in how they treat their youngsters and the respect they show to those kids families who were prepared to put there trust in them. Despite their enormous wealth, City still has a lot to learn from Sir Alex.

  31. Brian says:

    Everything that city fans used to criticise United for they have become themselves tenfold, the thick f*ck*rs refuse to admit to it though….lol

    Lol at the guy who thinks United will suddenly become what city are when SAF retires or pops his clogs.

    And the guy who thinks the new rules won’t affect city, look again fella, or learn to read.

  32. Get behind United and together we can rule the World. says:

    sir fergus of glazer, citey and pool fans are mentally deluded, the idiots of these 2 clubs always talk crap when in the real world city are a small club as to liverpool who thinks football began 75, ended 90…ironically you ignore twerps who soul purpose is to attack the great club that is utd and our fans every chance you get…check your fact, utd was a promising big club under mangnall in the 1900s, Sir Matt made 3 legendary teams, (1) 45-53, then 2 busby babe teams, Utd became giants though football.

  33. Martin Grayfield says:

    The article is pathetic and takes no account of the countless names that are mentioned here from either club. Look how City treated Paul Lake after his injury, virtually 5 years on a contract and kept on ever since in various roles. I have never heard TC say a bad word about City and he works for you as far as i am aware.

    It is true that the new rules are highly unlikely to affect you as presently drafted but there is much unhappiness about that, and not just because of you but the likes of Liverpool, Real Madrid and Barcelona to name some of the outed ones.

    It is also a fact that City are doing something of the club side of things in the immediate area to improve it and the income generated. Clever Mr Sheikh has read the rules and knows that a) the investment is deductible and b) the income generated is counted towards the income for the purposes of the rules.

    Merely speaking as a lawyer though i cannot see how they can get around the last minute sponsorship that brings the allowable debt threshold of £15m per year for the first 3 years. I through my firm sponsor a local club, they asked for £2k per season for shirt sponsorship. I paid less but if i had paid who is to say it would have been over the odds. A commercial decision is one for both parties to make and agree.

    United are a great club that’s why most of you are wearing green and gold or old shirts to some game or other. Family club tell that to the fans chucked out for exercising their democratic rights to protest !!

  34. Get behind United and together we can rule the World. says:

    The famous five (jimmy delaney, stan pearson, ‘the gunner’ jack rowley, charlie roberts, johnny morris) helped us win the fa cup and first division between 45-53, the busby babes (duncan edwards, roger bryne, eddie colman, david pegg, tommy taylor, liam whelan, geoff bent, mark jones, jackie blanchflower, dennis viollet, bobby charlton, johnny berry, bill foulkes, harry gregg, albert scanlon) was quickly becoming the best club side in england and would of in europe, they were the apples of england, legends

  35. Get behind United and together we can rule the World. says:

    The original welsh wizard Billy Meredith, Joe Cassidy, Sammy Turnbull, George Wall, Enoch West, Johnny Carey, Harry Moger, all great players, all important players with their own bit in Utd history…then there the 2nd coming of Busby Babes led by Charlton, Gregg, Foulkes- (Best, Fitzpatrick, Sadler, Kidd, Aston, Burns, Dunne, Brennan) along with Law and Crerand, Manchester United are the major part of english club football history, we done more, achieved more and given more to the game then any other.

  36. Get behind United and together we can rule the World. says:

    I wouldnt listen to some scum city trash claim we were nothing when Sir Matt formed so many legendary players and achieved so much just to have it snatched away from him in the snow of Munich, the ability of the man to rebuild a team after that heart break was unbelievable, so many wonderful talents lost, so many brillinant young men robbed before they time and some filthy shit like you (sir fergus) said we were nowt, you can go burn in hell you bastard, go rot…you shit bastards will never know.

  37. mcfc4eva says:

    Who was it that kicked a boot into beckhams face and forced him out of utd? Who was it that forced van nistlerooy out of utd? Who was it that forced tevez out,this is just a short list..need i go on? Old bacon face taggart did all this and ur commenting on one player called ireland.
    Why dont u get a life and write a decent article u fkin pea brained idiot.

  38. Get behind United and together we can rule the World. says:

    r dunne, benjani, s ireland, m ball, k schmeichel, elano, robinho, petrov- all driven out..nistelrooy wasnt driven out, he made an uncalled for remark to cr7 concernin quieroz and his father, sir alex was left with no choice, ruud or ronnie and so ruud went…his reaction to not playing in lge cup final didnt help…tevez ranted like a baby, kept complaining & ignored utd contract offers, he threw a fit coz he had to fight berba for place, didnt wanna earn it, he disrepected utd and so sir alex let him go.

  39. tublu says:

    gbuatwcrtw , you are a moron and your posts are making us all laugh. give it up and buy a dictionary (long word I know, it’s a book of wurds and how2 mak them right).

  40. Frank says:

    @tublu, wurds is spelled WORDS and how2 mak them right is spelled HOW TO MAKE THEM RIGHT, right?

  41. Melon Man says:

    God this predictable bickering is fucking tedious.
    If you know your football history, and I’m not talking about the history of the Premiership, you know for a fact that City and United, unsurprisingly, have been roughly equal in success over the last century or so.
    During times of adversity, when OT was bombed during the second world war, we shared Maine Road, and after the Munich air disaster (in which prominent City personalities were also involved) we all grieved as one.
    City hold crowd attendance records, as do United more recently, we both had grounds a stone’s throw from each other until the Eastlands move, and we both have fans within the same families, mainly in Greater Manchester.
    However, because we’re so close, because we’re like competing brothers, there will always be intense rivalry, and long may it continue.
    Some of the fans on both sides need to get down their local library and read up on both clubs’ histories, and you might find a little more respect for each other.
    Maybe this website could have a go at finding something interesting and worthwhile to say about City, and I hope City’s bloggers could reciprocate.
    And please, no more crap about United not coming from Manchester etc., and less of the “City have no history and class”, think of something original next time please for God’s sake.

  42. Bluekingell says:

    Get behind United and together we can rule the World. Says:
    September 6th, 2010 at 9:00 PM
    That no shock, while United is a family club, a club that loves and respects they players, City is a classless club, one of no trust and no respect. United is a club built of class and respect, one loved by the city and the world, a club known for being the very best in the business, City the opposite, their to busy being a laughing stock, a club known for being a small unheard of loser club. United, there trust from the 1st team down to the youth while at city, no one trusts anyone.

    Is that the same classy united who turfed the families of the munich players out of their club houses when they could no longer play for the club without any compensation!!!!

  43. mick travis says:

    “Cultural chasm”… that’s very good. Ah, I see what you mean. Our players don’t have to pay for sex. We don’t have a manager who throws boots at players. We don’t have directors who are bleeding the club dry. And we don’t have fans parading about in someone else’s shirts.

    New chant? Roo-nee, you always look for the red light
    Look for the red light! look for the red light! Look for the red light, Roo-nee!

  44. Boris says:

    So RVN makes a remark and he’s off-loaded yet we’re being criticised for cashimg in on a player who contributed absolutely zero for a whole season – get real. The only reason there are so many Blues on a rag blog is because it came up on City’s page on Newsnow, don’t flatter yourselves by thinking we’re as obsessed about you as you are about us.

  45. Manchesterisblue says:

    Frank – As a red, I don’t expect you to have a sense of humour but I think it’s a thing called irony mate.

    As for the idiot claiming United are a family club…are you for real? Other than raping local supporters dry- what exactly does your club do for the fans? You may win trophies, fair enough but you can’t even say for one minute United do more fir the fans than city.

    You’ve got to understand that city are the working class club of Manchester. The reason many people from local areas and estates around the city support us is due to the fact the club actually care. The city in the community and fan interaction is second to none. Why else would we still have the highest attendance in English football after 35 years of nothing? You lot would probably scrape about the same and all that after the shameful marketing of an air crash.

    I hate your club.90

  46. Manchesterisblue says:

    3rd highest…

  47. Get behind United and together we can rule the World. says:

    i finding it hilarious city crap talking crap, your nothing and you know it thats why you desperate fos the glazers to ruin us, you know for a fact you dont measure up in any way and the only way you have a shot at a cup or so is if we fall…you will never join the elite and we will never leave the elite, failure is all you know…your just a class less bunch of cowardly misfits.

  48. Chris says:

    34 years – tick tock.

  49. andanotherthing says:

    What drivel. Look at it another way. There is a moral chasm between United and Torino. Each year, on the anniversary of the Perugia air disaster in 1949, a group of Torino directors and officials place respects at the mountainside site. No publicity, no marketing, no wallowing in self pity, no ‘the football world owes us this…’ Now look at the other situation. Marketing and publicity (TV documentaries, pull-out supplements in magazines and newspapers etc. etc.) The Manchester United Evening News in conjunction with the club wheels it out. Even survivor Harry Gregg has said it turned the club into what it is today. And here is another little known snippett. In 1961 a network of lottery agents was set up in every town and city in the country to milk the sympathy. Some clubs complained to the football league because it was harming their own fundraising.

  50. mac_glossop says:

    writing about us again. by the way hows wayne doing?



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