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Coleen and Roo are both victims of their generation

So called WAGS are not the most respected women in society for a variety of reasons but nobody can possibly doubt that Coleen Rooney is one of the few exceptions. As a leading journalist shrewdly observed “Cheryl is that bit too beautiful and Victoria too nouveau haute, but Coleen has the common touch that guarantees the Midas. Everybody loves a Pygmalion transformation, and if Coleen’s vowels don’t quite pass the rain in Spain test, then so much the better in our egalitarian age.” It may explain why Wayne Rooney has gone from hero to zero overnight.

That’s not, repeat NOT, an attempt to excuse his behavior in any way because he deserves all the grief he gets. The world is no longer as black and white as all that however and one man who may have unwittingly nailed the reason only days before Rooney’s infidelity became public, is his Manchester United team mate Ryan Giggs when he said in an interview “Now, before you’re proven, you’ve got the money, a four or five year contract which is the way football’s gone. Some players can handle it, some player’s don’t.”

Giggs may have hit the nail on the head. Remember tennis legend Bjorn Borg? Cricketer Shane Warne and of course golf superstar Tiger Woods and a long list of high profile athletes. Rooney’s £1,200 a night prostitute lover Jennifer Thompson has had sex with at least 13 professional footballers including two married players according to a newspaper report and is alleged to have been a “magnet” for Premier League players in bars and nightclubs. Thompson is alleged to have slept with six defenders, three midfielders and four strikers with two of the players married with children.

The Daily Star quoted a friend saying “She deliberately targeted footballers because they’re so rich, flash and fundamentally not the sharpest pencils in the box. Some she really fancied and had genuine one night stands with. Others she thought nothing of charging and then there were Facebook friends or people who just wanted to have her one day. She’s got them all catalogued away and is aware she could write a fantastic book exposing this bunch for what they really are” she revealed

In a nutshell, Rooney is just like many other athletes and the problem is never going to disappear because they are products of their generation. These highly paid superstars can in no way ever be excused but we can at least possibly begin to understand the reasons for such stupidity. As one colleague said “Rooney’s behavior is just part and parcel of what young footballers with more money than sense get up to. It’s sad but very, very true.”

Do you expect Rooney to lose any of his sponsorship deals?


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