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The sequels to Citeh The Movie finally revealed

The Daily Mirror can only be classed as one of the few quality newspaper in the country. It has now revealed the secret that all Manchester City fans have been anxiously waiting for. Here are some the movie remakes that the Blues may consider as sequels to their first feature film – Citeh The Movie which has its world premiere tonight. Please feel free to send in any other suggestions.

The Expendables: Stephen Ireland, Valeri Bojinov and Martin Petrov embark on a revenge mission against their ruthless former employers.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?: Kolo Toure’s long passes fail to find Yaya.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Tiger Woods and Wales’ Craig Bellamy discuss the art of golf club-based violence.

Groundhog Day: United win it in the last minute of injury time. Again.

Brewster’s Millions: Roberto Mancini has to waste £300million in a crazy spending spree – to inherit an even bigger fortune!

The English Patient: On the treatment table with Michael Johnson.

Shaun of the Dead: Life in the stiffs with SWP.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Joe Hart, Mario Balotelli and Carlos Tevez go out for a drink together.

The Dark Knight: Sir Alex Ferguson rages against the noisy neighbours.

Psycho: Nigel De Jong talks us through his World Cup final performance.

Taxi Driver: How Fergie beat City to the signing of Berbatov.

City Of God: Sheikh Mansour’s latest signing: The Creator himself!

With thanks to Steve Anglesey of the Daily Mirror


No Responses to “The sequels to Citeh The Movie finally revealed”

  1. Martin Grayfield says:

    A City fan but very funny.

    How about the money pitt for MUFC !

  2. john mcniff says:

    Pathetic,but probably funny to the type of people that would be stupid enough to buy a paper like the mirror.

  3. Kilhar says:

    Not exactly funny but pathetic to the the people that would be stupid enough to support a “club” like City. Bring in the posters about your success.

  4. john mcniff says:

    The future,as you very well know,Kilhar is blue,if i was you i,d choose another London team,possibly Spurs for you bud.

  5. 84,569 says:

    Kilhar, who are you going to support when your trophies dry up?

  6. Pearlykings&queens says:

    This would have been funny a few years ago. Now, I honestly feel that City have got a better team than us.

    Lets just hope they haven’t lost their penchant for comical failure.

  7. joe mancini says:

    Well said pearlyking,TICK TOCK

  8. Mic says:

    john mcniff – looks down on the mirror yet has to post on a United site to act high and mighty and actually reply to a post aimed at him. Talk about pathetic, look at yourself mate.

    I love you arrogance though and all city fans arrogance, at least when United are arrogant we’ve got trophies to back it up, what do you have? Over 30 years of fuck all. Well done. £300m and 3 games into the season and you’ve got as many points as Blackpool. Fucking love you lot, these movie idea things were quite funny but the real joke is your club.

  9. Melon Man says:

    Very Funny!

    Some research into MCFC has gone into this, hope you like what you found.

    I see Mr Neville’s mind games are on a par with Fergie’s stumbling rant about “kamikaze spending”, the pair of them need to try harder.

    So City are now officially bigger rivals than Liverpoop?

    Thanks for recognising our progress over the last 12 months, much appreciated.



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