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Everton 3 – 3 Man United highlights

Manchester United wasted points again after a dramatic injury-time comeback from Everton who claimed a 3-3 draw at Goodison Park.


39min Steven Pienaar

43min Darren Fletcher

48min Nemanja Vidic

66min Dimitar Berbatov

90min Tim Cahill

93min Mikel Arteta


No Responses to “Everton 3 – 3 Man United highlights”

  1. steve says:

    2 out of the first 4 matches we’ve thrown points away at the death. I wonder if the official statement is that they’re still happy with the squad at least at this rate the glazers won’t be making/taking much

  2. Get behind United and together we can rule the World. says:

    just bad luck at the end, look on bright side, we maybe dropped 4pts due to mistakes but hey better to get it out the system early…united will come good soon and start storming the lge, the londoners will hit a brick wall anyday now.



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