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Media must not hound Rooney out of Old Trafford

Club legend Pat Crerand is urging the Manchester United faithful to get behind troubled striker Wayne Rooney when he takes the field at Old Trafford on Saturday as it will give him the lift he needs to rediscover the form which has deserted him. “Saturday is the perfect time for Wayne to get back amongst the goals and I’d urge all United fans to get behind him even more so than usual” Crerand said “It’s easy for players to lose their confidence but he’ll feel 100 per cent better if he walks out at Old Trafford and hears his name being sung by the fans.”

Crerand went on to say that “Wayne’s not having a good time at the moment so the match against West Brom will be very important for him. He took a lot of stick after the England game but England drawing 0-0 with Montenegro was not all down to Rooney. Okay, he didn’t play well but nobody else did either. He’ll be at Old Trafford and the fans will be right behind him. He needs a lift and we all hope he gets that.”

The star striker is going through a horrific period with reports now speculating that Sir Alex Ferguson is fuming with him for publicly saying that he did NOT have an ankle injury at all. He’s basically contradicting his manager suggesting that a minor knock picked up at Bolton was simply an excuse to keep him out of two vital games.

Rooney badly needs to get back to his old self – and fast. Events can often take a life of their own when the pressure becomes so great that it can become overwhelming. Rooney has had plenty of drama to contend with, admittedly much of it of his own making, and it now seems that he may be starting to lose control.

Ferguson has shown over the years that he will not compromise when his authority is undermined as David Beckham, Jaap Stam, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Roy Keane found out after falling foul of him. Frequent reports of strong interest from Real Madrid have been around for months and with the media’s constant hounding of his every step there is a real danger that Rooney may be hounded out of the country into the waiting arms of Jose Mourinho at the Bernabeau. And that is a scenario that is not as far fetched as it might appear.

Is there a chance that Rooney could be hounded out of the country?


No Responses to “Media must not hound Rooney out of Old Trafford”

  1. Truly Blue says:

    Come on back to the blue Wayne, sky blue moon that is, seven on the England team then pal.

  2. truly red says:

    That’s why england are doing so shit. 6 of u wankers are playing for them.

  3. BullersWhiteHart says:

    Firstly let’s look at the facts.

    1) Will Wayne even make the squad at the weekend? No

    2) Does his form warrant a place without his revelation of no injury? No

    3) Will Fergie forgive and forget? Me thinks not

    4) Will he be leaving the country and Colleen to play his football abroad? No

    5) Would Harry the mastermind be able to help him rediscover his form if he popped down to the capital for a few years? Yes indeed

    6) Regardless of where, will he be leaving by the end of the season? Yes

    Man U on the sink. Love it> Berba needs to be your savior now. He’s the best you’ve got

  4. Xyth says:

    Well said truly red!!!!

  5. UtdUtdUtd!!! says:

    Well put truly red! Sucked in Truly Blue! Bring on the Manchester derby!!!
    Can’t wait for Berba to get a hatrick against man city

  6. bruce thomas says:

    England 0 Algeria 0

    England 0 Montenegro 0

    Any more Citeh players in there and we’d be really great, eh?

    United > England

  7. RealMancsAreRed says:

    eh why is there a blue rag commenting on this, oh wait silly me, their 100 p/c obsessed with everythink United…must suck being a bitter, bitter lil rag- blue shit drowning ((maybe you could sing ya hate song bout tevez and how he’d rubbish while you drown, boot licker))…..wazza wouldnt go no matter how hard the media tries to cast him out the door, the whole country are obsessed with all things Manchester (United), no matter what happens elsewhere we shall always be the number.1 topic.

  8. RealMancsAreRed says:

    whitehart what a sad twat you are, then again there not a half decent lad in the whole tottenham lineup, keep the obsessive jealousy towards arsenal and chelsea going mate, you always be the third chav club, there a far better chance that we see you and the rags relegated then there is of your fantasy coming true…Come may two things will happen, 1. Utd would of won a major trophy, 2. trophyless rags and spuds would of failed qualify for champ lge.

  9. BullersWhiteHart says:

    Sweet deal man………And I thought you lot had some dignity. Don’t bet on not seeing Wayne playing for another premiership club very very soon. And I’ll have you know that us Tottenham supporters are pound for pound the richest football fans in society so calling us chavs when we are cleary the ‘old money’ really doesn’t wash you filthy council estate divey scum.

    What I posted was a constructive and real comment. Face facts. Berba is the best you have got and he is a wash up. Rooney? I reckon Liverpool will be his likely destination. I can see him kissing the badge right now as he scores against you with a personal vendetta asgainst ‘Sir tap up’. Not a half decent lad in the Tottenham line up eh? What about Van der Vaart eh? Or Modric? Or Lennon? Or Krancjar? Or Bale? Or Defoe? You really are an ill-informed mug or just plain challenged.

    Grow up. Come this summer we are bracing ourselves for Sir Tap Up to mistakenly mention to someone in confidence that he always wanted to sign Bale, Modric and Van Der Vaart before Spurs were ever interested. If I were you lot I would be worried about making the top four.

    Cash strapped and out of ideas. Fergie should have retired two years ago after the CL win. He’s screwed it up now and rooney is playing with fire

  10. BullersWhiteHart says:

    Ahhhh that was sweet! Come on, show me what you got? Yolu are probably not even in Manchester right? Probably live in Dublin or Bolton or Preston dontcha!

  11. RealMancsAreRed says:

    Manchester born & bred, where you from, certainly not london…lennon- average, bale- crap, crouch- wrong sport, kranjcar, defoe- nothing special, then there the poacher harry ‘media puppet’ redknapp, vdv only decent lad you got….nani, berba, giggs, scholes, vida, vds, evra, val, chicharito, rio, fletch, rafa- world class; fabs, cleverley, eikrem, j&c, keane, bebe, gibbo, gabby, cofie, kiko, welbeck, tunnicliffe,- future champions…im more worried how many pts we win title by, you should worry bout 5th.

  12. RealMancsAreRed says:

    If you think all we got is Berba or that Sir Alex screwed it boy, it be you thats plainly challenged or just stupid…Sir Alex is building the next generation of Utd superstars, once our team gets fully fit and we get our confidences back, the lads will nail top gear and we will start cruising our way to another title, only a fool writes Utd off….i think you have forgotten about spurs illegally tapping up leeds, palace youngests numerous times, didnt you also poach the seville gaffer, that right you did.

  13. Danny Salford Red says:

    Bullers are you on a crack Pipe? does this ring any bells, “This year will be our year, its our turn, weve been building gradually and this year will be the year Spurs win something” Normally comes out just before the start of the season every year form Spurs and Liverpool fans. We are still waiting for a) you to win something of note and b) our empire to crumble, the club to fold, all our best players leave. You never learn your lesson no matter how many times Fergie leaves you all looking like complete and utter tools 🙂 Not the first Spud ive read coming out wioth this crap. Sounds like the fourth biggest club in London is getting a bit too big for their boots. I look forward to seasons end and you lot potless YET AGAIN 🙂



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