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Are United out of the title race? Better think again!

Call me naive if you want, maybe even in denial, but I just cannot accept that the only unbeaten team in the Premier League, the one which largely dominated three of the five matches it somehow failed to win – four of them away from home, is already being written off as serious title contenders by some football pundits including many of its own fans! How can that be possible? Granted, points have been thrown away like confetti, wasted points that would now have Manchester United sitting on top of the table, but does it REALLY mean that all championship hopes have disappeared?

Of course it’s frustrating to watch one game after another slip through the fingers just when the precious points appear to be safely in the bag but that’s football and we simply have to accept its ups and downs. The season has a long way to go in which the reverse can happen just as easily when it really matters at the business end of it.

It must also be remembered that after eight matches, United has virtually been without its most potent weapon, for even when Wayne Rooney did get on the field, he was only a shadow of his normal devastating self. Then there’s England captain Rio Ferdinand who has only made two appearances in a defence which has given away so many late goals. Common sense dictates that these are factors which are highly unlikely to continue for the remainder of the season.

And what of the positives which are so often ignored by the doom and gloom merchants. New signing Chicharito has more than met everybody’s high expectations and will only get better as the season develops. Nani continues to be a revelation since he got his act together in the middle of last season and seems to be getting more influential with every game while Dimitar Berbatov is finally showing the reason why Sir Alex Ferguson has stubbornly refused to give up on his record signing.

End of season predictions based on what happens by the middle of October are ludicrous at the best of times let alone in a season which currently sees Liverpool in the relegation zone, newly promoted West Bromwich Albion surprisingly but deservedly vying for a Champions League position and fellow newcomers Blackpool only needing a home win over Manchester City on Sunday to join them.

Then, just to show how rapidly things can change in a league where unexpected results are now regularly expected, Chelsea have been left scoreless in two of their last three outings after starting the season by putting away 21 goals in their first five matches.

So please, enough of the knee jerk responses which some United fans are expressing such as “I don’t think new owners can solve the problem. Let’s advice Sir Alex Ferguson to retire and invite Mourinho to manage the club.” With all due respect to whoever it was that asked this question, are people like this for real? Or am I simply being naive and in denial?

Do you believe that Manchester United are out of the title race already?


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  1. GAZZARO says:

    Are United out of the Title Race???

    Mathematically “NO”, but based on quality of players and performance, I’m afraid it’s… “YES”…

    Blame yourself Fergie. The players are probably trying their best, but the problem is simply… THEY ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!…

    As a result from we keep on signing average quality and unknown players to add on quantity but not quality to the squad, we are no longer the best team in EPL. Infact if we honestly compare our midfield to the other top sides, we are very much behind them (Not to mention greater oppositions across Europe in the UCL competition).

    SAF allowed his brother (Martin Ferguson) and the scouts to perform poorly in the transfer market. We always over-paid for the signatures of new players. We always linking with top class players like Ribery, Benzema, Ozil, Schneijder, Van Der Vart, etc. but unfortunately end up with average or unknown players like Anderson, Tosic, Obertan, Chicharito, Bebe, etc.

    The first group of players (mentioned above) are rated as top class players and they can help the team when we need a goal (These players can score goals and win games for us even when the team didn’t play well). The latter group we’ve signed however are simply not good enough, especially playing for one of the best club like Man.United., and most of them end up with sitting on the bench.

    The reason that made us keep on signing players like this is maybe because there is no real competition for the signature of these players. So they can UP the price and made more rooms for CORRUPTIONS!!!.. The Glazers may know but allow these to go on… That’s why SAF keep on praising that the Glazer is GOOD for Man.United.

  2. Red Rupert says:

    good piece – in previous seasons Liverpoool have declared themselves champions before October was out – it’s too early for announcements

  3. Frank says:

    You seem to have an obsession with corruption Gazzaro. We both know that it’s widespread in football but for your sake and ours, do not accuse anyone of it unless you have solid evidence of it happening.

  4. GAZZARO says:

    Thank you Frank for your comment and suggestion. My point of view is we all know that there’s somthing wrong at the transfer scene, especially in the last 6-7 years at Old-trafford. Manchester United is one of the best club in the world. We are one of the richest club in Europe. We have great Manager like SAF. But why all the CEO, Directors, Manager, etc. allow the scout to perform poorly in the transfer market??

    At least we should let them know that we know (or suspect) what they are doing. So they will not do it too much and the benefits will go to the club.

  5. AcesOnBlind says:

    I agrre that we’re not out of the race. But there’s one thing that is true, the team cannot win by its name. Manchester United is one of the greatest teams in football history and it’s something to be demostrated constantly. Even in spite of that fact, the present of the team is not quiet good. Devils are wasting the points because we simply have ball recuperation serious problems. Scoring? That’s not the problem, that’s clear! Berbatov is in a high point of level, Hernandez is showing good results, Nani is running really good but after winning a match, sometimes for two or more goals, something goes wrong and the team just let points gone wasted.
    Now, it’s not just question of hitting the rival and commit the fault, that’s interrupting the game, it’s a real recuperation of the ball and an accurate passing. There’s where our problem rests now. And it’s something that can be fixed and improved in training, because we have good players. An great team doesn’t need to be full of famous names but players who are commited to a square. SAF needs to find a better tecnical foundations in the defense and first line of midfielders and we’ll all see better results, specially aftet Berba, Hernandez and Rooney are doing their job well. We can still win the league, even with the exact same players we have today. Singning will not resolve a single thing. It’s training, it’s tactical, it’s tecnique… Nothing more.

    One final comment, we were in the same point difference with the leader we had before this journey began, and watching City, Arsenal and Chelsea, i can say we can win those direct confrontations, which, at the end, are the ones that make the definition of a title… We’re still on track! And it’s not denial or naive.

  6. Frank says:

    With all due respect Gazzaro that’s a very subjective opinion. Yes, there have been some signings which have not worked out as happens in so many other clubs – think Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City and the best example of all, Liverpool. But then there are players like Ronaldo, Nani, Berbatov, Evra, Carrick, van der Sar, Valencia, the da Silva twins, Chicharito and many others including Rooney six years ago which have turned out to be the envy of our rivals.

    So please, let’s not go overboard. I have never been a manager nor do I want to be especially at a club as huge as United with all the pressure that’s involved. Many fine line decisions have to be made about all sorts of things so mistakes are bound to happen but to call them corruption is a bit over the top don’t you think?

  7. gareth says:

    omg gazzaro, are you a united fan or what? ronaldo was an unkown player when we signed him and look at him now, saf knows exactly what he is doin and granted the results havent been up to standard but its october for god sake. we are undeafeated and just watch come what may, we will be there again…. in saf we trust…

  8. Drily says:

    To be honest it’s not Fergies fault at all.

    We are deffinitly in the race, thanks to the fact that chelsea drew against villa last night, but we honest to god have to get another pair of center midfielders. Without hargreaves or Fletcher we have absolutely no defence. And since hargreaves doesnt seem to have any plans of getting back any time soon, i guess it’s time to buy Lassana Diarra. Afellay seems to be into the thought of playing for us, so there the problem is solved.

    I honestly dont believe that there is no money to spend, the only thing fergie needs to do is point a finger, but he loves the club to much to put it in even more of a risk, financially. He’s like the captain of titanic, he’ll die with the club.

  9. Redheart says:

    I’m afraid you are in denial. This team is in decline. They play at too slow a pace and teams are no longer afraid of them. The quality of passing/distribution was appalling yesterday but what was even more disturbing was a complete lack of passion and urgency. Fergie didn’t get up off his seat once. He is in semi-retirement. Doing less interviews and getting crankier by the minute. Bust up with Rooney now. No team can lose Tevez, Ronaldo and Rooney and expect to compete at the highest level. I am an accountant and have been through the prospectus and accounts and the gloss that Gill is trying to put on it is risable. It’s my opinion we have little or no money to spend and that’s a fact. And what in God’s name was Fergie doing spending 7m on a player he had never seen when he could have bought Ozil for a little more ?

  10. zacky says:

    no money, no credit, no transfers … man utd becomes selling club

  11. GAZZARO says:


    I’m an United fan or not?? I’ve supported Manchester Unted for more than 25 years and I love my team so much. That’s why I tried to say something just hoping that there will be some improvement to the club…

    I have no doubt about SAF’s ability. He’s a great manager and won so many trophies for us. However, I just questioning the quality of our signings (especially in the last 6-7 years), and wonder why we never spend the money to improve the quality of our starting 11???…

    Gareth, I respect your believe… You said you believe SAF…
    Do you also believe him when he said that the Glazer is good for Manchester United???


  12. anna philippou says:




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