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Rooney has a heavy dose of both greed AND envy

You must know what it’s like when you’re in the middle of working on something then have your attention drawn to another matter which makes you so angry that you forget what you were doing in the first place. While in the middle of writing about an entirely different subject, a headline from the Mail Online came through which stated “Wayne Rooney: I am too good for Manchester United – even though Sir Alex Ferguson has landed 35 trophies”. It sounded like nothing but absolute, sheer arrogance!

I understand full well that this was not a direct quote from Rooney but an interpretation of his reason for refusing to sign a new contract with Manchester United but the implication was absolutely correct. A 24 year old player who at times can admittedly be brilliant, but who was not even born when his manager began his reign at Old Trafford, wanted to dictate how one of the biggest clubs in the world should operate!

The truth is that Rooney will have a much stronger argument if he came straight out and admitted his REAL reason for wanting to go elsewhere instead of mouthing the words dictated by a former vacuum cleaner salesman. There would have been absolutely nothing wrong with Rooney admitting that “In my opinion, the financial terms offered by the club are nowhere near as good as what vastly inferior players are getting elsewhere.” It may have been blunt but at least it would have shown a little bit of honesty.

To say instead that the club ‘fails to match my ambitions’ is totally ignoring the facts. It has now been revealed that Rooney made his decision before the current season had even commenced knowing full well that despite a horrendous run of injuries – including his own, United came to within one point of lifting a fourth straight Premiership title in May.

He also knows how close, some would even say unfortunate, Ferguson simultaneously came to taking United into a third successive Champions League Final. Now, without losing the services of anyone except its number two goalkeeper, United has strengthened its squad with the addition of highly promising youngsters Chris Smalling, Javier Hernandez and an admittedly unknown Bebe.

Rooney also knows full well the depth of talent that is already available at Old Trafford so please, let’s not have our intelligence insulted by such patronising statements. The real truth is there for everyone to see. Rooney seems to have not one but TWO problems he has to deal with – greed AND envy.

If one wants to be kind, it might be said that these vices were instilled in Rooney by his agent Paul Stretford from their six year association, or maybe they were picked up from the time spent with Carlitos at Old Trafford!

No matter how much wealth football has given him, it seems that it can never be enough to satisfy his greed. On top of that, he cannot bear to see what he considers to be inferior mortals earning millions more than he does. Sadly, it’s an attitude that can only lead a relatively young man down a tragic road – and it won’t be pleasant to watch.

Do you believe the reason Rooney has given for wanting to go elsewhere?


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  1. Jay Gooner says:

    soooo satisfying seeing you same guys who stole shrek from everton now crying foul!!!
    P.S. Not just shrek, even berbaflop, Nani, Hargreaves…..and the list goes on and on and on!!!
    soooo blooody satisfying!! 🙂

  2. Frank says:

    Nice to see an Arse on our United blog Mr Gooner

  3. Xmun says:

    Can Ronney guarantee stellar preformances on 200K a week? I think that the guy is a bit confused. He seems to have problems and frustrations which he cannot handle. The rest is a smoke screan. Where are the Red Knights? The only comment from them was that the club’s price would fall if the striker is sold.
    Am I correct to state that one of the Red Knights members had brokered the wealthy deal for one of Premier Rivals? Wasn’t this possible to us instead?

  4. Chrisw says:

    “I understand full well that this was not a direct quote from Rooney but an interpretation”

    A stupid interpretation. I think we all know what he means about the lack of ambition. Haven’t most of us been saying the same thing? The club isn’t spending enough to keep winning major trophies even if Rooney stayed.

    We believe Ferguson when he says he isn’t short of money to spend, right? We assume he’s not lying to us. So he was being dangerously complacent in not spending and strengthening the team. The team is way inferior to the one that won the European Cup in 2008.

    I thought his lack of spending would mean a trophyless season this year, I was resigned to that, assuming that the cheque book would have to come out next summer. But it’s turned out much worse, our best player has got fed up with carrying a mediocre team and pissed off. He’s not really replaceable and the club utterly botched the timing of the contract negotiations so we won’t get much for Rooney as he hasn’t got enough time left on his contract.

    There is no silver lining to this, nothing positive we can take away from it. Gill and Ferguson, you both screwed up big time (and you can bet they both know it).

    Don’t take this out on Rooney. How mature is it to be insulting a player we whose name we were all chanting just weeks ago? I thought only little clubs acted like that? Are we getting a small-club mentality to match our small-club finances?



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