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A plea to the FA, please fix the FA Cup draw

The fairytale adventure of FC United’s in the FA Cup took another step into the realms of fantasy as they earned a place in the second round of the FA Cup with a 3-2 victory over Rochdale at Spotland. On a dismal evening they lit up the occasion with greater spark and colour than the intermittent fireworks which exploded above the packed stadium, the fire in their bellies burning fiercer than any bonfire. ESPN’s cameras screened the game to a national audience and they hogged the limelight on and off the pitch. There’s now only one remaining hurdle before  going into the hat for a possible crack at one of the giants – including Manchester United. What a story that will be!

While nobody should ever wish for any act of corruption, I would personally love to see the FA arranging a third round draw that will see FC getting a home tie against United. The FA Cup has lost much of its romance in the last few years and although the idea of fixing a cup draw should be nothing less than blasphemous, this will be one exception which will do so much in regaining some of that old cup magic.

But hang on, I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself here. FC still has a second round tie to win before that mouthwatering scenario can even become a reality. In all honesty I cannot see the FA entertaining the suggestion of a fixed draw, not for a single minute. For all that I still cannot help but wish that just for this once they could

Would you like to see an FC United vs Manchester United third round FA Cup meeting?


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  1. bruce thomas says:

    I rather see them meet in the final

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    Love your sense of humor and vision Bruce, even I cannot possibly imagine that. But hey…

  3. Tom Addison says:

    I used to be agaisnt FC United, my thinking was that you should stick with your club nomatter what.

    But with articles like this in the Guardian:

    I can really see where they’re coming from, and whilst I’d still rather slap the balls of a hungry lion than abandon United, I hope all the best for FC United.

  4. luhg says:

    Yes at
    O.T. And let are youhts hammer them



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