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Shock Anfield to Old Trafford transfer may be on!

Sir Alex Ferguson has been told that Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina is the only man to succeed Edwin van der Sar at Old Trafford – and it’s advice which comes from a man who Fergie is certain to take notice of. United legend Peter Schmeichel reckons that the Spanish keeper should be United’s top target when Sir Alex looks to replace his 40 year old veteran at the end of the season.

And the great Dane who spent eight years at Old Trafford from 1991 to the treble winning campaign of 1999 also surprisingly insists that United should forget about his countryman Anders Lindegaard who has been dubbed the “new Schmeichel.”

Lindegaard has been monitored closely by Ferguson and is high up on the list of keepers being considered but Schmeichel said “I don’t believe he’s one they are looking at. I’m pretty sure they would go for someone like Reina. You can look at talent, you can look at young, good players but you want someone that can go in straight away and give performances in 80 per cent of the games”

“Too many goalkeepers have been in and out of the doors at United” he continued “and I think now the general perception is, for this team to play well and win trophies, that position has to be someone who is of the very, very highest quality. But also with the right experience and that’s why I think someone like Reina would fit the bill.”

He says £20m rated Reina is the ideal man for his former club who have spent the last 12 months looking for a long term successor for the veteran Dutchman. Reina has been reported to insist that he’s fully committed to a long term contract at Anfield despite earlier reports suggesting he had told manager Roy Hodgson of his desire to leave.

“I have not told the manager that I wish to leave in January or at any time” Reina told Liverpool’s official website “it’s important our fans know this. I have a long term contract and am fully committed to the club.” Despite Reina’s reassuring words, Schmeichel is backing United’s pursuit of the Spaniard.

“The rumours are very, very strong around Old Trafford with this. A lot of goalkeepers are mentioned but Reina seems to be the one that fits in the team and if he ever was to leave Liverpool, which again there is a big, big rumour he will, Manchester United would be a great club for him to go to” Schmeichel insists.

“I hope Pepe Reina will go to United when Edwin calls it a day and I hear rumours that he is going to leave Liverpool so for him to go to United would be very, very good for us.”

Two points need to be made about these comments. Despite him having a spell at City in semi retirement, Schmeichel obviously still considers himself as one of the United family. The other question is whether this Old Trafford legend is merely stirring the pot on behalf of his old club or is he genuinely privy to some bona fide insider information? Very, very, interesting!

Can a transfer such as this really take place?


No Responses to “Shock Anfield to Old Trafford transfer may be on!”

  1. Paul says:

    There’s more chance of Haleys comet bouncing off my car bonnet on the way back from work! Utter BS

  2. Kevin says:

    hard to believe…reina said already last year that he’s fully committed to anfield, even if they’d get relegated…! still think fergie should go for wolfsburg keeper benaglio, he will become one of the best keepers, for sure!

  3. Livmad says:

    No way! alex, eat your heart out….

  4. Cuzzy says:

    I personally dont think we need him. Would much rather see Buffon come to United. He is a big time keeper having won leagues, champions leagues and the world cup. Forget Reina, to accident prone as well!!!

  5. meson1 says:

    So. Let me get this straight. Peter Schmeichel advising Ferguson that he should try to get Pepe Reina makes this so called shock transfer “on”, does it?

    Get a grip.

    Liverpool will never sell anyone to United. Anyone the believes that they will is living in fairy dream land. I guess that’s why they call it the “Theatre of Dreams.”

  6. Frank Scicluna says:

    Please read carefully meson1 “Shock Anfield to Old Trafford transfer MAY – REPEAT…MAY, be on!

  7. Granny shagging rooney says:

    Sir Ass Face git no chance. More chance of Rooney Getting on Slur Alicks Mum

  8. Frank Scicluna says:

    Apologies for allowing the Granny shagging rooney comment to appear. The only reason is to illustrate the type of cretins other clubs are forced to accept as fans.

  9. John Borg says:

    Who the hell told you this, or you`re just happy to write shyte so that you get more internet traffic. Hallina Frank, Liverpool will never sell anything to UTD and the same applies the other way. Forget it there is too much hatred on both sides.

  10. Paul says:

    Elvis may be alive!!

    Frank grow up will you and get a proper job.

  11. meson1 says:

    @Frank Scicluna – I know it said “may”. Doesn’t make it any less ridiculous though. Let’s test that theory. Frank, you may just spontaneously combust for no reason whatsoever. Oh my God!! Hold the front page, let’s make it a headline!! See how silly that is? Please, get real.

  12. KopiteCph says:

    Peter S is afraid that a danish keeper is going to become a Man utd favourite and steal some of his thunder – he is a silly and petty man and whwnever he can see his way to belittle LFC he does so – it happens regularly on danish tv3

  13. liversmall...going no where but down. says:

    Granny shagging rooney

    What a muppet…I remember liversmall crying and moaning like wee little girls after they failed to get that back-stabber (Heinze), anyways we all know Reina will leave Liversmall in the near future, the poor lad can’t take being a loser for much longer and will head onwards and upwards to a big side that can challenge for honours. (Utd, arenal, bayern, chelsea, real, inter, ac, juve, barca- anyone of these is a step up from that wee small livrpool side)….and he will take Torres with him and poor oh liversmall be snuck in a bottom-half of the league scrap with nothing to look forward to.

  14. Frank Scicluna says:

    I may one day be a journalist. Nah that’s not happening either :p

  15. SPIKE says:

    Pull the other one.. its got 5 european cups on it

  16. Joe says:

    Lazy jounalism about a story that was personally dismissed by Reina LAST WEEK. Jesus.

  17. Jim says:

    Ferguson wouldn’t even let a squad player like Heinze move to Liverpool!! Do you all honestly think we will let one of the top 3 keepers in he world go there? You must be mental!!!

  18. Rush says:

    The real rumour is that you want good old Woy Hodgson

  19. Frank Scicluna says:

    One has to be a fool not to take note of what the greatest keeper in Uniteds history has to say and as he has shown throughout his 69 years, Ferguson is anything but a fool. Besides, Hodgson is not Rafa Jim. He and Fergie go back many, many years. Can such a transfer happen? Nothing is impossible in football these days and remember that old saying ‘Where there’s smoke, there more than likely is fire’

  20. gav says:

    Frank Scicluna – remember the name of the person who is reporting a three day old story, that was rebutted two days ago, as if its current news.

  21. shaunjones72 says:

    New Reds Owner John Henry has been told that current Man U boss Fergie is the only man to sort out the managerial problems at Anfield – and it’s advice which comes from a man who Henry is certain to take notice of: former Liverpool manager Liverpool Manager, Roy Evans/

    “The rumours are very, very strong around Anfield with this. A lot of managers are mentioned but Fergie seems to be the one that fits in the club and if he ever was to leave Man Utd, which again there is a big, big rumour he will, Liverpool would be a great club for him to go to” Evans insists.

    Jog on.

  22. Frank Scicluna says:

    Not a bad idea Shaun, it’s certainly good advice from Evans. Only problem is that hell will freeze over before Ferguson lowers his standards to that extent.

  23. shaunjones72 says:

    Likewise Reina.

  24. davidbolland says:

    fao frank scicuna listen he very careful you uneducated manc scum no way reina will be joining your thick uneducated football team

  25. Frank Scicluna says:

    You must think that it’s a possibility David – otherwise you would not have bothered responding!

  26. davidbolland says:

    no frank most of your fans come on our site and say stupid things about hillsborough we are not selling club and watch out we will have change management before christmas then you will fear us by the way its taken over 22 years to catch us and we wons are trophies in a fair way not by paying referee’s off.

  27. davidbolland says:

    last message frank you have no chance of reina by the way best keeper in the world and by the way your website is totally rubbish you better come over to our website this is anfield voted one best sites in football.

  28. Frank Scicluna says:

    Just a little hint David. Things like comas, full stops, caps etc exist on your keyboard so that your comments can make some sense. I suggest that you might start using them mate!

  29. YourOwner says:

    1st arsenal bayern real inter juve to win honors ?
    Aresnal not won for ages and Wenger about 10 mins from a heartattack.
    Bayern driven by greedy execs who care more about the holy euro then titles.
    Inter is lead by a bad manager according to most man utd fans so honors are a slim chance.
    Juve still not playig the same football as back in the day of the good old lady.
    So honors slim chance.
    And dont get me started on Real u honestly dont have a clue.
    If Reina leaves its gona be for Inter or Barca.
    Its really easy to make up stories and say anything can happen when in fact you know it wont happen.Its the same about me saying this.

    “Rooney wants to move to Qatar for a 450k deal per week he contacted his trusted 75 year old prossie who has now become his new agent and wife”
    I know its utter crap but infact this storie it more likely in my honest opinion.
    Rooney has been known to have played with the wroking girls of all ages and is a money greedy whore.

    Why would Reina go where players can take months off due to the fact that he might or defo will get harassed by man utd suporters.
    Man Utd have shown the lack of dicipline regarding Rooney allowing him to run the show and take holidays saying he is carrying a knock when he clearly said he was fit and ready to play.
    And you are carring 700m pounds in debt so i dont see man utd as an any more attractive option then lfc.

  30. YNWalkA says:

    Frank Scicluna……..keep dancing with the FAIRY’S!!!

  31. YNWalkA says:

    Frank Scicluna…..or you’ve been eating too many MALTESERES!

  32. Frank Scicluna says:

    Just for your information mate. Maltese(rs) and United go back a long, long way. The first ever overseas fan club for ANY English club was opened there over 50 years ago. It has remained a great little Manchester United island ever since. Incidentally, I have never, ever danced with Fernando Torres!

  33. m williams says:

    Dream on, Schmuch.

  34. David says:

    This is about as likely to happen as SAF becoming the next LFC manager

  35. Mr. No way in Hell says:

    Manchester United never had, and probably never will have, a keeper of Pepe Reina’s standard. You keep on mentioning that dane all the time, but truth is, he had a handful of great games in his Man U-career, whereas Reina gets at least a handful in one full season..

    You should also not forget that Reina is something United struggles with in their players (Rooney is the latest example); loyal. It is a far fetched dream for United to get Reina, solely because of that, and when you add his qualities and the importance he has for the team, both on- and off the pitch, it’s just plain insanity..

    Seems like you are still scarred after Tevez’ transfer to City, but not every player is made for money, but mancs would not know too much about that, as the only blood-loyal players you have is Neville, Giggs and Scholes, whom all are mediocre at best.. LFC have Gerrard, Carra, REINA, Kuyt and Torres, who all, except Carra, are one of the best in their postions in the world, in Reina and Torres’ case, they are THE best. And please ask me why Liverpool’s season have been so poor then.. (Hint: It starts with H, and ends on odgson)

    But, do you really believe that United will be able to get Reina. Honestly?

  36. Frank Scicluna says:

    Mr Whoever, your whole argument was totally destroyed when you claimed that “Neville, Giggs and Scholes, whom all are mediocre at best”. Are you on something which I wish I can get hold of? Then you put the icing on the cake by even beginning to compare Reina with “that dane”. It’s really not worth making any further comment.

  37. James Quinn says:

    Frank.I like the little touch of irony there.In chastising David for his poor grammar you deliberately spell comma as “coma”just to drive your point home!Or maybe you were making an oblique reference to the state your inane comments induce in your readers?

  38. skipper says:

    get a grip man , never means never , not as long as i think i can be arsed re your tripe and fickle support for ex trafford .. an some may say , current trafford cobbleplodder players

    ynwa …. current ex and future !!!!!

  39. skipper says:

    go eat some more pigeons

  40. Matt says:

    Struggle to see how you failed to spot the huge declaration by Reina himself that this story was bullshit…. FIVE days ago.

    Keep up.

  41. Frank Scicluna says:

    Huge declaration indeed Matt. False denials are part and parcel of football these days. You Scousers should know that better than most because your previous manager was a master of it. And yes, before you have a chance to remind me, Cristiano Ronaldo was another exponent of the art.

  42. Frank Scicluna says:

    Of course you’re right James, a typo which should never have happened with a little bit of extra care!

  43. Mahboob says:

    Relax mate. If

    1. We can get £23-25 mn from a 29 years old keeper, what’s the problem? We are totally dependent on Pepe for clean sheet now, because our current back 4 ‘ll not make into a squad of 25 for a aspirating side (Carra at his peak was 6 th choice Centre back for a preety average English side; & now he’s 33). With £25 mn, we can have a world class young GK & couple of promising backs.

    2. Way before Fergie wants to change the GK for £23 mn, Glazers ‘ll change their Manager. Manure are just breething the last few days of a golden generation. CRod money went through window & Rooney was signed only to make a big transfer deal in coming July-august. & yet they ‘ll have to pay £75+ mn for debt servicing. And they are sugested for a £23 mn GK. Goodluck Salford boys, take our GK if you have the guts.

  44. Joe says:


  45. Noblelox says:

    Oh Frank, you look old enough to know better, this has as much chance of happening as Torres to Citeh or Chavski, it will never happen, so even your clinging on to the “may” in your headline is embarrassing!

    But hey, look at all these comments, eh Frank, job done, you probably think. You look totally foolish, but bums on seats….bums on seats…

  46. Frank Scicluna says:

    Hey Nobleox -:)

  47. Joe says:

    I think Frank only puts up old news like this so he has people to talk to for a while..

    Try the lonely hearts column next time, you sad old wanker.

  48. davidbolland says:

    Frank Sciciuna do not tell me about comas with m not mm commas frank full stop etc, this is not need my comments are emailed to you informal manner not in a formally.
    Lastly, if i sent you proper letter i would show you frank how to write in correct manner most of your uneducated mans supporters cannot read and write by the frank you need to get a life otherwise you end your life going back 26 years without winning title this will happen.

  49. Frank Scicluna says:

    Try writing in English instead of Scouse David. By the way, you may do better if you copy and paste my surname, you may then get it right.



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