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Video: Laugh of the week as Blatter goes arse up

Manchester United fans are no different to any others. They hate the man who has hijacked the ‘The Beautiful Game’ so here’s your chance to have a good laugh at the expense of FIFA President Sepp Blatter as he goes arse over tit in full view of the world. Click on the photo to watch it.


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  1. RedScot says:

    The old Bastard was probably pist.Or the fucking weight of the “Oil Dollars” in his troosers made him keel over.
    His speech to announce the “secret winners” said volumes to me a doddery old fool.
    At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask.

  2. Tom Addison says:

    Shame he didn’t break his neck. Damn shame.

  3. RedScot says:

    @TOM Exactly and thats from a 19 year old Scots lad.I so wanted the United kingdom to host the world cup.Its the home of football.Not China as that monster of hatered implied. It was shocking. Corruption played out on the media.But you cant break its got moats around it.

  4. Tom Addison says:

    To be honest I’m not too bothered about having it over here, seems a bit selfish. Russia have never had it and deserve a chance, but Qatar? Really? What annoys me is Fifa stringing us along, making our Prime Minister and future King grovel before “President” Blatter. Sickening. Why couldn’t they just be honest and say we didn’t have a chance. The way it seems to work, Fifa might as well pick which continent they want to host the game, they’ll turn their backs and ask all countries interested in hosting it to leave a big bag of money on the stage, and whichever country leaves the biggest bag of money wins.

    That, and the way all these corrupt old men seem to thinks its okay to act the way they do, because that’s the way it was done “back in the day” I guess. Well times have changed, with the communication revolution of the past decade people aren’t just going to stand by and get bent over a barrel by the blokes at the top.

  5. RedScot says:

    Cheers Frank, thanks for letting me join in!
    Cmon United! at least!!!! at Old Trafford give us on Tuesday a draw.

  6. Frank Scicluna says:

    Now, now Tom. I cannot go so far as to wish physical harm on the corrupt bastard…can’t I?



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