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Will the Glazers give Fergie a £100m Xmas present?

It’s difficult not to be cynical in this day and age when every media outlet is trying to outdo its rivals with a sensational story. The Manchester United Evening News can usually be relied upon to present rational, believable news but even I find the revelation that Sir Alex Ferguson will be handed “his biggest ever transfer war chest, with more than £100m to spend in January and at the end of the season” difficult to swallow. Sorry, I simply cannot buy it. If, and it’s a mighty big IF, there’s any truth in it, the Glazers must be looking at rewarding Ferguson with an unexpected windfall for 25 years of service before he walks off into the sunset at the end of next season! Does anyone find the following even remotely believable?

The MEN report continues “The United manager has been modest in his transfer dealings since the departures of Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez, with the £16m signing of Antonio Valencia his most expensive recruit. But with the American owners freeing up a massive transfer kitty, Ferguson has the funds to move for the star names supporters are desperate to see come to Old Trafford.”

Here is a look at 10 stars that might tempt Ferguson

Bastian Schweinsteiger
Age:  26
Position: Central midfield
Club: Bayern Munich
Cost: £20m
Chances of getting him (out of 5): 4.
He wants to come to the Premier League with United his favoured option. Bayern will play hardball but, with only 18 months to run on his contract, he holds all the cards.

Age: 29
Position: Right back
Club: Inter  Milan
Cost: £30m
Chances of getting him: 2
Inter will do everything to hold onto the Brazilian international. If he does decide to leave, a more likely destination would be Real Madrid and a reunion with Jose Mourinho.

Jordan Henderson
Age: 21
Position: Central midfield
Club: Sunderland
Cost: £16m
Chances of getting him: 4
Sunderland know they can’t hold onto the England international for much longer with United, City and Liverpool all hoping to sign him. Ferguson has the advantage over his rivals with Henderson understood to prefer a move to Old Trafford.

Karim Benzema
Age: 22
Position: Striker
Club: Real Madrid
Cost: £25m
Chances of getting him: 3.5
Fergie tried and failed to sign him last year but things haven’t worked out at Real for the Frenchman. Still there would be no shortage of takers if he became available.

Wesley Snjeider
Age: 26
Position: Midfield
Club: Inter Milan
Cost: £30m
Chances of getting him: 2

One of the players of the World Cup, his career has been reignited since moving to Inter Milan. Ferguson wanted him in the summer and couldn’t get him then.

Difficult to see him having any more luck in January or at the end of the season.

David de Gea
Age: 20
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Atletico Madrid
Cost: £15m
Chances of getting him: 4
It would take around £20m to buy him out of his contract, but £15m should get him.

Fernando Torres
Age: 26
Position: Striker
Club: Liverpool
Cost: £40m
Chances of getting him: 1
In an ideal world Ferguson would sign Torres and Pepe Reina but he knows Liverpool would do everything in their power to prevent that. With City and Chelsea also desperate to sign Torres, it is unlikely United could live with either of them in a bidding war.

Steven Defour
Age: 22
Position: Midfield
Club: Standard Liege
Cost: £12m
Chances of getting him: 4
Ferguson has tracked him for the past 12 months and leads the chase for the Belgian. Liverpool are also interested – but the
promise of Champions League football will be enough to see off the Merseysiders.

Marek Hamsik
Age: 23
Position: Attacking midfield
Club: Napoli
Cost: £20m
Chances of getting him: 3
Napoli say he is not for sale but they will sell to the highest bidder. With Europe’s top clubs all monitoring the Slovak,
Ferguson is unlikely to want to get involved in a bidding war.

Apologies for being cynical, but if you believe all that you must also think that Sir Alex is in with a good chance of signing Santa Claus!

Can you see any of these guys coming to Old Trafford?


No Responses to “Will the Glazers give Fergie a £100m Xmas present?”

  1. Andy says:

    Fergie isn’t leaving end of next season, Sir Alex will stay aslong as he wants and with any luck he will be here for several years yet. We have to bring Cleverley back in January. Thank you Fergie and long may you reign.

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    I can only say Amen to that Andy. One thing is beyond doubt. As you pointed out, Sir Alex will only ever leave when HE wants to – and on his own terms. His health is the only question but his love for a glass of red and a nip of whisky has not done him any harm has it?

  3. RedScot says:

    Cheer Boss.Yes I believe everything i read and all the sweetners that come out of Old Trafford.I am that gulliable fool!
    History to date as we know average spend per season since the Yanks hostile hijack.£2,050,000, excluding the transfer busting Ronaldo sale average net spend
    £15,000,000.So there is nought to suggest Sir Alex will be given this “imaginary” £100,000,000 war chest.Particularly in January when most quality players that United demand and require will be cup tied, unavialible to play in the Champs league.
    But hang on a minute a flock of flying pigs are gliding past my window, bloody noise they are making Oink Oink.

    Bastian Schweinsteiger, would be magnificent just what we need some steel in the midfield a Roy Keane type to had guts and grit to the often soft middle of the team.I understand he is also flirting him self around the Santiago Bernabeu also.So he will like join his German mates in Ozil and Khedira.

    Maicon Too old any way Gareth Bale sucks him and Lucio.Although with Benitez doing such a fine job with Milan you can see them wanting to stick around.
    Wesley Sneijder is one I would watch here, i know he has just signed a 5 year extension to his contract he would be effing brilliant for United.
    We missed a trick there when he left the Faschists in my opinion.

    Jordan Henderson Have you been in my head when i am dreaming.Purrfect for United.Correct age on the cusp of greatness.Danny Welbeck could be used as a bargaining tool, Big Stevie likes him(So do I) but we could be considered top heavy in the striking department.Can see this as a goer.

    Nando……Thats pure science fiction! I dont no of many players that make that little motorway journey, I think two .Lets talk him up though and make out we are seriously interested then Citeh will make a move the mugs.

    Steven Defour…….Deffo.
    Marek Hamisk………Ditto…

    Karim Benzema, No way we have enough French Trouble makers at Old Trafford, dont we Patrice!.Dont even think that dood was in South Africa.Mind Raymond Domenech is a class act, so be guided bye him…..Dont you think!

    David d Gea…..Jaysus If I see any more Goalkeepers linked with United and have to read the article am gonna scream. Oink Oink.

  4. peter says:

    It is very hard to believe that our gaffer has 100M to splurge on players. If there is one player I think from the list who should come at all cost is bastian. He will be the perfect fit to an otherwise soft midfield. I am not sure why Ferguson still plays Carrick. For Carrick to thrive he needs two defensive midfielders behind him. that is how vulnerable he is. We should let Cleverly on the scene and let Carrick go. With Anderson and Bastian and Cleverly or Scholes, we should be alright for now. There is a second player we need… to replace Evans… Pique should not be allowed to go… anyway… just my thought… sigh

  5. Frank Scicluna says:

    It’s amazing how every single person who comments knows full well that the midfield is the area that needs to be looked at! NOT the strike force, NOT the defence, NOT in goals while Edwin is still there. Sadly Pique was always going to go home and there was nothing Sir Alex could have done.

  6. skipper says:

    Why do you insist on coveting nando ?? you scum seem to think the whole footy world hangs on your every word . take a look at yourselves, NO ONE OUTSIDE THE SALFORD SLUMS CARES !!! stick to your own shite and watch out for the cobbles you narrow minded arse. YNWA , then , now , and future .

  7. Frank Scicluna says:

    Calm down skipper and please read again! Nobody at United believes this gossip BUT it’s what’s being reported whether you, I or anyone else believes it. By the way, I thought that YNWA – Yanks Never Welcome Again, went out with Hicks and Gillett. I’m obviously wrong, it must be in preparation for the coming battle with the new Yanks at Anfield!



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