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The Snood argument is just a load of crap

Carlos Tevez wears one at Manchester City as does Samir Nasri at Arsenal and many other Premier League players. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson does not like them and Rio Ferdinand has said that you won’t catch anyone at United wearing one. Gloves are fine but snoods are certainly not. As a self confessed old fart who is nostalgic for the old days of football, I must nevertheless ask this simple question. What is so wrong with neck warmers?

There are so many more pressing problems in the modern game that a player wearing a scarf – which after all is what a snood really is, to keep their neck warm, seems such a minor problem. I remember the days when goalkeepers would not dream of wearing tracksuit pants let alone players wearing gloves, does anyone really object to any of that today?

Astronomical  player wages resulting in high ticket prices – amongst many other serious problems which are destroying the future of the game are far more pressing issues, yet we are subjected to articles such as “To snood or not to snood? That’s the burning question if you’re a professional footballer” on websites such as! Pardon my French but burning question my arse. Who really cares about what players feel comfortable with today? We’re not far off from the day when football shirts are designed with similar neck warmers built into them. So what?

There have been short and long sleeved shirts amongst many other innovations over the years, collars, V necks and round collars. You can rest assured that there will be regular snood shirts in the not too distant future. Does it really matter? The one constant amongst fans has been that they want to watch high quality, exciting, match winning football and that reality will never change – irrespective of what sort of shirts their favourite team wears.

Do you REALLY care about players wearing Snoods?


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  1. Baldrick says:

    As a kid growing up in the 70s we were sent out onto the frozen school pitch wearing only our this nylon shirt and shorts. The gym teacher wouldn’t even let us wear a vest. When you are shite at footie and get stuck in goal it was bitter, but did we complain? Did we bollocks. They just breed a softer player these days. Keep footie a snood free zone. Before you know it we’ll have form fitting parkas!

  2. SteveG says:

    whats next, are they going to be wearing snuggies on the field? but coach its too cold to play footy, a game which im getting rich off of and im not man enough to play it the traditional way.

    then what? slipper cleats? next thing we know they gonna be asleep on the pitch

  3. Mike Lock says:

    I didnt realise Huth was doing Movember! Ha!

  4. Kevin says:

    as gordon gekko wud say: snoods are for whimps!

  5. Tom Addison says:

    I don’t see the problem. Surely for players to perform at height of their potential and ability, their muslces need to be warm. With the amount of sports science that goes into analysing player performance, I’m sure they’ve found some benefits of wearing snoods, gloves etc. Seems to me to be a case of foolishly placing too much pride in “being a man” and braving the elements at the expense of optimum performance.

  6. Will says:

    What’s wrong with wearing these and not gloves? Its the same thing really. Plus Rio’s worn plenty of camp outfits to make us feel high and mighty when other teams’ players do it.

    Besides, I think snoods might have made Nasri play much better since he’s been in the form of his life since wearing them! Ando take note! 😀

  7. Adam says:

    not a man UTD fan, but I have to agree with ferguson. Snoods are for pansies, personally i also think that gloves are. Has anyone noticed that only the pampered rich boy foreigners are wearing them, and the hard-tackling defenders don’t?



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