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United will top Christmas table no matter what

So the heavy snow has ruined the weekend for most football fans – and it may get worse. All the cancellations have distorted the Premier League table to such an extent that should Manchester City take all three points from Everton on Monday night, we will see an improbable sight that only happens once in a ‘blue moon’, City sitting on top of the table on Christmas day.

As far as I’m concerned, that will completely destroy my festive season and I suggest most United fans as well. It’s simply not on, so I’ve decided to ignore all the published league ladders and only take notice of my own which is based on LEAST points LOST rather than the traditional MOST points WON.

This is how the table will look for the top 5 on Christmas morning if the City game goes ahead at Eastlands and IF they manage to defeat Everton – by no means a certainty.

United Played 16 Draws 7 Lost 0 Points Lost 14
Arsenal 17 2 5 19
Man City 18 5 3 19
Chelsea 17 4 4 20
Tottenham 17 6 4 24
Now that’s a lot more realistic isn’t it? Manchester United clearly on top having lost five points fewer than anyone else. Have a great Christmas Reds

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  1. Kings says:

    Love to share your optimism mate, but those scum from across the road will probably win and take top spot, thanks to the inexcusable actions of Chelsea. Let’s hope Everton get something tomorrow, or better still the game gets called off.

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    That’s not optimism Kings, it’s fact. It all depends on how the table is read. But really, does it matter what the table looks like at Christmas when the season has not even reached the half way stage?



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