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Can United do an Arsenal Invincibles? Who cares?

21 year old Manchester United defender Chris Smalling has raised more than a few eyebrows with his unwise comments that a belief of going through the Premier League season unbeaten is starting to creep into the side. I don’t know how Sir Alex Ferguson feels about that sort of talk as he has already dismissed such a possibility. Smalling has the 2003-04 record in his sights when Arsenal went through that campaign drawing 12 times, winning all the other 26 and collecting 90 points to win the title by a margin of eleven.

Is it a doable goal? Highly doubtful but then again nothing is impossible. Is it important? Not really, after all two drawn matches cost you four points while one defeat only means the loss of three. Yes, there are times when settling for a point may be welcome especially when it’s obtained against another title challenger but collecting more points than your rivals is what the title race is all about – whether undefeated or not.

Smalling however admits that United are starting to believe they can go through the season unbeaten saying “We’re trying not to mention it, we’re happy that we’re going quietly and staying unbeaten. So many teams have lost points already this season that it would be tough to keep it going as Arsenal did. I’m not sure we’ll ever see that again but we are the only ones who can do it this season, so who knows?

The central defender continues to explain that “If we can get through Christmas still unbeaten, it will be a good sign. We haven’t really hit top form – except maybe against Blackburn – so it’s time to send out a bit of a message” he says “we take pride in the fact we are unbeaten. In the last 10 or 15 minutes of games, we put in that bit extra to make sure the run keeps going. We are getting stronger.”

That sort of talk is not only unwise it can be downright dangerous when the season has not yet even reached the half way stage. It can give opponents the additional incentive of wanting to become the first side to collect United’s scalp. What I want to see above all else is that nineteenth title coming to Old Trafford in May – whether the side remains undefeated or not.

Do you consider going through the season undefeated all that important?


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  1. mick allen says:

    i think personally that first and foremost we overtake those scouse c***s . it would be nice to go the season unbeaten so we hold all the records also but lets keep it real we been shit all season how on earth we top i dont know but who cares its where we belong.

  2. Tom Addison says:

    Invincibles my arse, they only won one trophy that season!

  3. RedScot says:

    If anybody thinks if we, “lets say” draw all the rest of our games thats an acomplishment? Well yes it is because you are unbeaten! but you dont collect any Silverware, Cups are the name of the game.
    Ohh Ruud if you only had buried that penalty.It would have given the Gooners lesser to crow about!Apart from that fading and distant Championship trophy.

  4. Frank Scicluna says:

    Correct Mick, overtaking the Scousers is first, second and third on my list of priorities. If we can bring the title back to Old Trafford I’ll be happy to play shit all season.

  5. RedScot says:

    @Frank. 19 means everything to you… Right! 🙂
    Jaysus lets play shit and keep us all entertained.
    Lets just arrange ASAP to get Mourhino at Old Trafford, then we will truly have the “Theatre of Broken dreams”
    A real yawnfest.

  6. Frank Scicluna says:

    Sorry Scot, if truth be told, 19 – maybe even 20 titles AND five Champion League Cups, trumps everything else. If it eventually needs Mourinho then so be it. But don’t worry, Sir Alex will undoubtedly get them before he hangs up his hair drier.

  7. Frank Scicluna says:

    By the way Red??? Scot???, can you possibly be Sir Alex under an assumed name??? Just a thought 🙂

  8. RedScot says:

    @Frank dont be cheeky now Son:) you are clearly watching my other posts on the net! defending my hero. And I can and will. he means everything to me.
    Pit the hairdrier away Frank no bobody wants to see wet heads do they.:)

  9. RedScot says:

    nite lads. i think am being teasesd. bring it on Sunderland. Can Danny play. lol



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