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Owen must get the chance to do this to Liverpool

Michael Owen does not get a lot of game time at Manchester United these days and Sir Alex is not known to let compassion influence his hard headed, calculated decisions. Therefore it's difficult to expect Ferguson to give the former Liverpool wonder boy an op

portunity to get his revenge on those Scousers who were so insulting when Owen returned to Anfield a few months ago – to do nothing more than pay tribute to his old mate Jamie Carragher. I can only hope that Owen is given an opportunity, possibly his last one, to this to his former club


No Responses to “Owen must get the chance to do this to Liverpool”

  1. steve says:

    why because he’s done that against Man utd ten years ago??

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    Simple Steve, because Liverpool has become a piss weak club with most of their fans always pissed

  3. Redscot says:

    That would be pure class to piss on them, I would change the shirt around and have on the back Gerrard.I will never forgive him for his deliberate pass back to Reina last season at Analfield which neatly found Dogbreathe.Convenient or malicious…..Both.
    Do it for us Mickey on Sunday. Its written in the stars**

  4. bruce thomas says:

    I have him piss on the shirt while Gerrard is still in it 🙂

  5. sai says:

    stupid owen! bastard owen fuck fergie ass!

  6. Frank Scicluna says:

    A totally insightful and intelligent comment sai, very Scousesque

  7. Vineesh says:

    A Total Thumbs up to Frank! 😀
    And love that pic. 🙂

  8. Atek says:

    Tq Redscot for reminding others. That’s why they r in that position.No winning mentality only whingging

  9. Kings says:

    Fuck off Sai you cunt.

  10. LFC says:

    To all the manure supporters, i bet it still hurts that we own a coverted european cup.
    Utd are a bunch of wannabes, even if utd win their 19th title this season,there will still only ever be 1 red team

  11. Hakim says:

    Yes totally agree with LFC. Its non other than MU.

  12. LFC says:

    I see that Hakim, also has sh1t for brains

  13. LFC says:

    And by the way, M. Owen will need to sit when he Pisses, so this cant be him in this Pic…

  14. Manu92 says:

    LFC=ur club is on the verge of final destruction…u guys are walking on the footsteps of leeds united….remember them…what a club it WAS…now in the 2nd division…ur manager is an old hag…ur players…well the quality has gone down…torres will definitely leave the club at the end of the season…he;s a champions league material…not a player who deserves a mid table club…actually….bottom table club…:D…gerrard will be gone…he’ll commit suicide out of depression…kuyt will be gone…raul is not working for u morons…maxi is an idiot…ur defenders are not good enough…reina will leave…joe cole is a slut so he’ll beg for an MLS club to sign him an will enjoy his time out there…ur club…will be dead…empty seats at anfield is what it will follow….

  15. LFC says:

    why so bitter ?

  16. Manu92 says:

    @LFC=”why so bitter”?….that’s all you got to say in defense of you team huh….cool…that’s what Liverpool fans are all about dis season…can’t even defend your frigging team!!:D

  17. Frank Scicluna says:

    @LFC…There’s absolutely nothing for us to be bitter about mate. I have seen stuff on Liverpool sites over the years that makes this look totally innocent – so lighten up a bit.

  18. LFC says:

    Hello all
    any comments about englands best referee yesterday…
    try and be objective, as hard as that may be for some of you.

  19. Frank Scicluna says:

    Always objective here LFC but it’s difficult for LFC fans to accept when it’s less than 24 hours since they were knocked out of Liverpools last chance of winning an English trophy this season DESPITE their ‘Messiah’ coming back



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