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The whole world has come to Old Trafford

Manchester United are reportedly plotting a £15m  move for Borussia Dortmund midfielder Shinji Kagawa. The Japan midfielder has scored an impressive eight goals in 17 appearances since joining the Bundesliga side at the start of the season, sparking rumours of a move to the English Premier League. The News of the World claims that Sir Alex Ferguson has been following the 21 year-old since his move from Osaka. He is reportedly being considered as a long term replacement for veteran Paul Scholes. Kagawa has already been recognised for his exploits in Germany, winning Kicker magazine's award for the top discovery of the Bundesliga season. He received 29.3 percent of the vote after 286 of his fellow professionals were polled for their choice.

Should Ferguson succeed in bringing Kagawa to Old Trafford, it will add another nationality to the melting pot which Sir Alex has put together. The <

strong>Manchester United squad which faced Stoke City recently included Kuszczak (Poland), Rafael (Brazil), Vidic (Serbia), Smalling (England), Evra (France), Nani (Portugal), Fletcher (Scotland), Gibson (Ireland), Giggs (Wales), Berbatov (Bulgaria) Hernandez (Mexico) and Evans (Northern Ireland) on the bench. We can then add van der Sar (Holland), Park (South Korea), Hargreaves (Canada), Valencia (Ecuador), Macheda (Italy), de Laet (Belgium), Diouf (Senegal), Lindegaard (Denmark), Eikrem (Norway) and Academy player Cofie (Ghana) – has anyone been overlooked? That's 22 different nations represented at Old Trafford, a real United Nations.

Obviously, some of these players will eventually move on but they are all currently on United's books. It's a clear indication of  why Manchester United is now regarded to be a global club thanks to the world wide fan base built up since the advent of live television and technology.

Asian stars like Park Ji-Sung is keeping the demand for United shirts high in South Korea, should Kagawa join him there's nothing more certain that the same will happen in Japan. It's worth noting that the Premier League had just 22 foreigners registered for the first season in 1992. That figure had shot up to 337 from 66 countries in 2009-10! And English managers in the Premier? Well that's another story better left for another day.

Is having so many nationalities at Old Trafford a positive development?


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  1. Redscot says:

    Great read, I just checked carefully through the article that there is no mention of Arsenal/Liverpool/Newcastle and there is not! thats a blessing! 😉
    What there is a mention of numerous fabulous countries with a huge potential to attract new supporters to the Global brand that is Manchester United.
    That sadly is a fact in this day and age of revenue streams outwith matchday income.Meaning of course finances from shirt sales and other merchandise, Television and in time control of United through reliable streams through the internet to selected households to pay on demand.
    Its a sad fact that we just cant look at a players strengths and what he will offer to the football team, we must also look at his commercial appeal.
    Nice name to through into the melting pot that is United. :)Shinji Kagawa it just slips of the tongue so easily.Innit! 🙂 🙂

  2. Redscot says:

    I have just done a bit of brain storming, now that is dangerous! :)Why do we not sign a Female and just repeatedly sit her(Gorgeous) on the Bench.
    The TV camera can constantly pan round to the bench, we will all be in Awe well the lads.The ladies will think this is a progressive club and open to all sexes.
    A huge market there if you think about it!
    I really need to oust David Gill, well anybody does! 😉

  3. Frank Scicluna says:

    That’s the world in 2011 mate and it can only be a good thing for Manchester United and football itself. As for the reasons why players are brought in, we have to trust Sir Alex but remember, Park had to put up with taunts of ‘he’s only here to sell shirts in Korea’ I think you might agree that he has been showing that he can do much more than that.

  4. Frank Scicluna says:

    Funny you should say that mate. I have been predicting for many years that the day will come – perhaps even in our lifetime, when professional football will become a mixed male/female game. The old saying about young players being “Old enough if they’re good enough” will apply to females ‘If they’re good enough, they can play against men’. If they happen to also look gorgeous, it makes them even better.

  5. Redscot says:

    @ The boss,I know its just sad.That one of the concerns is player commercialism.Like Beckham at the Spuds, Ronaldo at Madrid etc etc.
    Boss i support our boss more than you can imagine, for obvious reasons we dont have many Scottish icons.
    Park is a fabulous football player a engine second to none and a big game player. The player you mention( THINGIEMEJIG 🙂 maybe also, well if the stats you provide are accurate( I am sure they are) thats fine.
    To me if its just because of commercial activity because of the way the Glazer operate thats sad.

  6. Redscot says:

    @ THE BOSS of the Blog, now you are taking the piss, agreeing with me over the ladies playing football.Can you imagine the carnage in the Shower if there was a raving nyphomaniac in.It beggars belief, no bastard wid be fit for the next match, and she wid need a donkey to take her home, never mind a Chaufer driven Bentley. 🙂



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