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Media Watch on Manchester United – January 13

January 13, 2011 – There are more Manchester United stories published in the media than any other club – some are worth reading, others are absolute garbage! So how can anyone possibly keep up with them all? Truly Reds does it’s best to bring you the latest news about The Reds but there’s only so much that can be covered. Our only alternative is to collate the stories which cannot be updated on a daily basis so that they can at least be brought to your attention each Thursday of  every week

The major highlight this week was of course – Knocking the Scousers out of the FA Cup

Ferguson 1 v Dalglish 0 – Liverpool Echo

Simple. When you're shite, blame the ref  Kenny – Times Colonist

Jonny Evans desperate for another FA

Beckham vs United? Not likely – buy generic cialis online without a prescription

wont_face_united” target=”_blank”>Manchester Evening News

United v Southampton cup tie live in TV – Belfast Telegraph

Valencia getting close to his comeback Mail Online

Sir Alex wants the Southampton OxDaily Star

Is Wes Brown on the way to Spurs? – Manchester Evening News

Sir Alex pleased with Valencia progress – ESPN

Is it even worth asking? Who's the biggest club in town? – Soccer Lens


No Responses to “Media Watch on Manchester United – January 13”

  1. Redscot says:

    Great Reads.
    The liverpool Echo, great no bitterness there then! 🙂
    The comments from some of the lads,class.
    “I see Ronalaldo’s diving coach is still employed at Castle Greyskull! 😉 Sadoo’s.
    I would like to see the Dippers response after this “revival that we could see” Post Bloomfield road. Rome was not built in a day, Nor was Barcelona, Moscow.
    History hang on to it with a firm grasp.

    Soccer Lens 🙂 There is a wee Scots Nutter posting on that Article and totally doing the Read an injustice! It is a wonderfull piece from the marvellous David Hammons from the United religion.

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    Some of the comments are gold mate. They are often more entertaining than the articles themselves!

  3. Redscot says:

    @ The boss ano they are funny as anything, its often the best part of the read.
    Particularly with hindsight and a few days after.:)
    Cheers tho boss for the links, they were great.
    Have a good day, stirring it up on another United forum 🙂 I see trouble ahead 😉



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