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Media Watch on Manchester United – Jan 20

January 20, 2011 – There are more Manchester United stories published in the media than any other club – some are worth reading, others are absolute garbage! So how can anyone possibly keep up with them all? Truly Reds does it’s best to bring you the latest news about The Reds but there’s only so much that can be covered. Our only alternative is to collate the stories which cannot be updated on a daily basis so that they can at least be brought to your attention each Thursday of  every week

600 game Ryan Giggs must again be United's 'Man of the Week'

A tribute to Giggs by those who know him best – Mail Online

Spurs v United proves Giggs is a credit to the game Daily Mirror

Not finished yet! Another season ahead for GiggsDaily Telegraph

Mystery £1m agent fee when United bought RonaldoThe Guardian

Carrick says a 19th title is all that matters Football 365

Gill warns rivals not to kid themselves “We're still the big guns”Daily Star

Youth is th

e future for Manchester United says GillDaily Mail

Could Ravell Morrison REALLY be on the way out? – The Guardian

Youngsters claim Hammers scalp in FA Youth Cup – Ilford Recorder

Former star Ronnie Wallwork charged with conspiracyOldham Advertiser

Non related United stories which may be of interest

Vale Nat Lofthouse, England's Lion of Vienna – Mail Online

Jimmy Hill, the man multi millionaire footballers must thank The People

Kenny Dalglish remembers the 1961 PFA heroes – Daily Mail

More headline news stories next Thursday


No Responses to “Media Watch on Manchester United – Jan 20”

  1. tj says:

    We’re the Indomitables, we’re far better then the invincibles.

    Arsenal were unbeaten in a tough league where alot went they way, credit to them for that and the gunners were a great, powerful side back then.

    United are unbeaten in a much harder league then back then, Arsenal only delt with one cheat (chelsea), we have to deal with 3(chelsea, city, spurs), the league today is much harder and the fact we got pass half way unbeaten is equal to arsenal going the whole season.

    No much has troubles us yet this season, the main reason we ain’t running away with it, is because we have let wins slip/ bad decisions gone against us…but fact is, we wouldn’t, can’t be beat, that is our strenght, that is our power.

    We are the indomitables, and when all is said and done, we will be champions of the world….again.

  2. Redscot says:

    Great Reads and information thanks Boss.

    The Mail on Line article by Ian Ladyman.
    What a fantastic testimonial from many great names,laudable words about a fantastic professional.It makes you all warm and fuzzy.

    The Daily Mirror link is broken to the specified article, it takes you to the The Ilford Recorder,the Report on last nights 4th round FA cup youth game against West Ham at Upton park.I watched the game live on (MUTV I know I should not subscribe) The lads were great all 12 of them that played at some time during the match.The most exciting player with an edge and something special on the night was Larnell Cole in my opinion.The normal standout performances from Paul Pogba,John Cofie,William Keane,Tom Thorpe and the strong as an OX Ryan Tunnicliffe.I think we have fantastic young players at United, well not think, KNOW.

    The Telegraph, via Mark Ogden report on Ryan to recieve a one year contract extension,nobody could put up an arguement as to why not surely?

    The Gaurdian article on the mystery £1 million agent fee, Never! Heavens jings and Christ ma Bob.I wouldna imagine this could be traced to Arry Redknap or Sam Allardyce.Nah thats just being scurrelous and silly.

    So its Jimmy Hill to blame for the players all recieving these humongus wages.
    Well somebody’s got to get the blame, he deserves a smack for this I guess he could take it on the Chin.

    The Daily Mail story 1961 PFA heroes, dont believe a word of it.Thats not Kenny Dogleash’s words he can barely speak English, never mind write it.
    Whats that saying, people in glass houses…….Should?…… I remember always wear Clothes. 🙂

  3. Frank Scicluna says:

    @Redscot…That broken Daily Mirror link has now been fixed. Thanks for pointing it out

  4. Redscot says:

    @ The Boss, that wasnae meant to be cheeky.Its just when I clicked it, I thought I must up my Meds summit is nae right. 😉 Slainge.



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