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Man City's challenge to United may already be over

So why am I talking about Citeh you may ask? After all, this is a Manchester United website. The answer is simple. Despite what City assistant manager Brian Kidd tells the media, the Blues major objective this season was not just to get a top four position or win some sort of silverware. City are desperate – and their fans absolutely crave, finishing ahead of United in order to claim bragging rights. Nothing  matters as much as that for them hence those juvenile billboards erected across the City! If, and I concede that it's a mighty big IF, that challenge is over before the end of January, United fans have every right to gloat about the seemingly endless superiority their club has enjoyed over the Blues for decades.

An oil Sheik outlaying millions of Euros, a chief executive who cannot keep his mouth shut and a manager demanding more and more spending to achieve some sort of success cannot stop Sir Alex Ferguson from keeping the pretenders in the shadows of the club he

virtually rebuilt, brick by brick, in his near quarter of a century at Old Trafford – and therein lies the magical secret that City cannot seem to grasp!

Long term success has to be patiently built not bought over a relatively short period of time. There are some realities in football which are so solidly set in stone that nothing will ever change them. Everton will never be the major club on Merseyside, Real will always be the 'big' club in Madrid irrespective what Athletico may try to do while Arsenal and Spurs will remain London's senior clubs even if Chelsea manages a couple of occasional titles.

Manchester City may – just may, finally win some sort of trophy to get the 35 year old monkey off their back but you can rest assured that their dream of one day becoming the 'biggest' club in Manchester will always remain just that –  'The Impossible Dream'

Does  Citeh fans deserve sympathy for their years of suffering?


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  1. Andy m says:

    What a great article!!!!!!!!!!! Or not perhaps. You talk more rubbish then i’ve ever heard. United haven’t got a base to replace the players that are ageing and money is a key factor, which you would know as since Fergie has been in charge Utd have spent huge sums of money(all of which tends to be forgotten). United hadn’t won the 1st Division title for 26 years when Fergie arrived. Stop talking rubb

  2. RedNev says:

    I’m a United fan, but articles like this are a bit embarrassing. I wish we’d stop talking about them all the time.

    It’s a shame that the internet gives a voice to people who really don’t have a lot to say bar childishly trying to wind opposition fans up. Buy yourself an issue of When Saturday Comes, or read some Barney Ronay, then try and write something properly.

    City aren’t involved in the title race. Never have been. Won’t be this season.

  3. Giggs11God says:

    SHity are shit and thats a fact

  4. D says:

    Obsessed much.

    We want fourth, anything else is a bonus.

    Next season you’ll be crying.

  5. king kenny says:


  6. dave@shepton says:

    Look. you are 3 points ahead with 2 games in hand. Yes you are in a good position, but there will come a bad patch. This team of yours is simply not good enough to go the whole season unbeaten.

    Chances are you will probably lose 2-3 games, Arsenal the same. City might lose another 2-3 games, but also on the other hand, we may already have had our bad run. Yours may, still be to come.

    As for Giggs11God. Hope he is not indicative of your usual contributors. Drops the intellect level a tad!!

  7. Frank Scicluna says:

    “Next season you’ll be crying” Hey D, how long have we been hearing that for?

  8. Frank Scicluna says:

    Sorry to upset you RedNev BUT can you point to anything that is not “The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth?” -:)

  9. Martin says:

    As a City fan i find this quite amusing. I don’t give a toss about you lot. The more intelligent (though that may be a contradiction in terms) of you Rednev i include you there have something to say and don’t rely on repeating rubbish all the time.
    Funnily enough a lot of City fans have no issue with Manchester based or born (as i live in Birmingham) United fans. The fact is at some point in the near future City will win something but more importantly qualify for the CL. Last year we were 5th this year maybe 3rd or better. I don’t worry about being No 1 – this season. I hope you win as i am pig sick of Liverpool and would even rather you won to overtake them and shut the Scousers up. Of course i still want to beat you soon but hey SAF didn’t win anything in 1 season !!
    Banter is banter though and without it where would we be……

  10. Frank Scicluna says:

    Good on you Martin -:)

  11. mm says:

    Hey Frank, would you agree that the banner in the stretford end is juvenile? or is that just banter. the trouble with you lot is that you can give it out, but you have never been able to take it.

  12. Frank Scicluna says:

    @mm, that banner is simply FACT. It’s neither juvenile nor banter, just a bitter pill that Citeh fans have to swallow

  13. Redscot says:

    @MM Not that “welcome to Manchester” was childish and ill informed? 😉

  14. Redscot says:

    Its odd i think most of the Bitters just post “once” on the forum then vanish.
    Dont they like a good spanking? 🙂 Which from my point of view is going to be happening again this season.
    They harp and crow about the going to Dublin for the Europa Cup Final.
    I bet the lads dont even know the names of some of the “Big Clubs” still in that Mickey Mouse tournament.
    Anyhow its not important as far I can see they are looking up at United, not only this season, but History and pedigree to build from the youth to the First team, players of recent as Welbeck**,Evans**,Rafael De Silva**,Smalling**Macheda**Obertan** the magnificent Javier Hernandez**
    Its in United’s Dna installed bye the Icon of the Club Sir Matt Busby who wrote the blueprint.Recreated bye that pillar of envy of all other World clubs the Govan Guv.
    Manchester is Red and there is not possibilty of this changing in the immediate future , well never if you mean World domination and World wide appeal. It does not happen in three years, its created through a history of class.
    The Bitters might win a pot but they will have paid a high price for this sold their soul and their crediability.Any one for a Roman Abromovich?

  15. Redscot says:

    Over to you Boss.I am done.I hoped for a wee bit fun with our Citeh mates.
    Keep it Red.

  16. Nasty says:

    A few points.
    Another MU blog, dedicated to City’s annual demise – but your not obsessed;
    The word “Citeh” used by a poster who professes the moral high ground on ‘childishness’?;
    Comments about history, a strange rant about blueprints, and denies any other team the ‘right’ to win the league – another Sky baby?
    Would you consider Newcastle a more historic, glamourous club than say Luton Town? You have no idea about history as you have only been indoctrinated with your own, and deny any other exists. Chelsea won cups and trophies in the past also. Going off the arguments here, the only clubs with history are MU, Arsenal and Liverpool. Let’s all go home then shall we? Football is about Wimbledon beating Liverpool in the Cup Final (that’s MK Dons to you lot), Aston Villa winning the European Cup with a caretaker manager, teams like Norwich beating the best in Europe. Great nights, nothing to do with my club. I think you’ll find, if you flick through one of your ‘history’ books, that Ferguson started out with a ‘Mickey Mouse’ FA and ECWC (what’s that?) after cutting his teeth winning the same, Disney tournaments, at Aberdeen.

  17. Frank Scicluna says:

    Brilliant memories Nasty as were second division Sunderland beating first division giants Leeds and (whisper it) Southampton defeating United in FA Cup Finals (apart from Leeds and United fans that is). One off and short term success is what makes football what it is BUT we are talking about something completely different here. Sustained success over decades is what makes clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United what they are. It’s what defines European and World giants compared to the smaller clubs who occasionally manage to perform a thrilling – and welcome, giant killing act. Remember Derby County being First Division Champions?

  18. CiTyBlUe says:

    You stink of arrogance and naivety but then again, they are the traits of a United fan so nothing new there aye.



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