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Media Watch on Manchester United – Jan 27

January 27, 2011 – There are more Manchester United stories published in the media than any other club – some are worth reading, others are absolute garbage! So how can anyone possibly keep up with them all? Truly Reds does it’s best to bring you the latest news about The Reds but there’s only so much that can be covered. Our only alternative is to collate the stories which cannot be updated on a daily basis so that they can at least be brought to your attention each Thursday of  every week

4 days, 2 games, 5 goals, how can this weeks star be anyone else but Berba!

Berbatov is now making a lot of sense at Old Trafford The Guardian

Blackpool sunk by a double blow from  BerbaThe Guardian

O'Shea says it's so simple, just pass it to Dimi – The Electric Paper

Manchester United simply refuse to get beatenDaily Telegraph

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n style=”color: #000000;”>van der Sar to quit, Manuel Neuer earmarked as replacementMail Online

Nev the TV pundit? Oh Gazza, the Scousers will love you! Mail Online

Giggs predicts five more years for Sir Alex! Football 365

Scholes may bring down the final curtain Daily Mirror

Liverpool fan admits to Munich taunts – Ellessmere Port Standard

Is there a Lord Ferguson on the horizon?Manchester Evening News

We will find more United stories for you next Thursday


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  1. Redscot says:

    The Guardian article on Berbatov is a pleasure to read and the merited high praise that Kevin McCarra lauds upon Dimitar, brilliant.
    A point I agree within the article “Berbatov has been unable to score in that competition since availing himself of a couple of goals during a 3-0 away victory over Aalborg in September 2008. It would be understandable if he were named among the substitutes when United meet Marseille on 23 February. In the club’s last outing in the knock-out phase of the Champions League, Berbatov did not start in either leg of the quarter-final with Bayern Munich.”
    Lets hope he can get this Monkey of his back also in the South of France a Goal or Two for him there would be Berbatastic.
    Dimitar to me just looks so much more relaxed now in a United shirt and rightly so he is on Fire.
    The Telegraph.
    “How Manchester United have turned the Great Escape into an art-form in the Premier League title race”! That sums up United perfectly, the game is not over till the Ninety minutes are up.We want that Premiership Cup back.
    The Mail on line story regards in my opinion one of Sir Alexs best ever value for money buys in Edwin, asks in my view a lot of questions.
    However Good luck to big Dutch man missing you already.
    Huge decision’s ahead for Eric Steele and company.
    Sky’s new TV pundit Red Nev? Jaysus they are trying to build up subscribers.I dont really think its a runner. Do you? 🙂 I suppose he could flash his Arse during a Liverpool game or a Citeh game its sure to be a Winner in some quarters.
    I did not even read the Daily Mirror article.Dont want to know about this.! Its off the agenda.
    Lord Ferguson of where? I could make up several appropriate locations but, they would all be totally none PC. 😉
    Great reads again.Thanks. 😉



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