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Political correctness is NOT WELCOME in football

Ok folks, here's my confession for the day. I do NOT have a fear of losing a £2million a year job on Sky Sports so I can afford to tell you what I REALLY think about this feminism bullshit WITHOUT the political correctness that seems to be obligatory nowadays. Whatever you think of  Andy Gray as a football pundit, my opinion

is that he was the victim of feminist Nazi political lobby groups.

Call me an old fart if you want BUT if females officials want to be part of football – into which they are more than welcome, there's always FIFA sanctioned Womens Football for them to participate in so why force them onto the man's game? This is NOT being sexist because I will feel exactly the same way if male officials were appointed for the women's game so for goodness sake, let's all try to be honest with ourselves.

Do you agree or am I simply being a dinosaur?


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  1. anna says:

    RYAN GIGGS No.11 MAN UTD LEGEND NOW AND FOREVER! Frank who wrote this good job and good points!!!! and I’m a woman.
    I do actually feel sorry for Andy Gray as most males are not that much different he just got caught out and alot of people are justing agreeing with it for the sake of not looking stupid in front of those who don’t. My opinion which I am entitled to. …Anna

    LETS wait for the backlash now this is what I wrote on my page.

  2. Tom Addison says:

    Sorry Frank, but you’re wrong, “Political Correctness Gone Mad” is simply a lazy cliché. This isn’t feminism, although you seem to be assuming all feminists are extreme, it’s merely liberalisation of societies attitudes and the abolition of views that seek to pass judgement on people based on a certain characteristic. Stereotyping, discrimination, call it what you like, it has no place in football. I don’t possess the literary eloquence to put my thoughts regarding this issue onto paper/webpage as I would like, but here’s some articles that have touched on the issue brilliantly:

  3. Franco Mizzi says:

    I agree in principal but what Andy & Keys said about the lady assistant ref is not on as one should only pass judgement on ability and not by gender. To make matters worse for the pair she had a blinder of a game and if anything she should be congratulated for her performance. Women interest in the game has increased tremendously over the past 15 years and this should be encouraged.

    What I do agree with is that both pundits were made political scapegoats and most probably framed, two wrongs dont make a right.

  4. Ella Patterson says:

    I think you are a dinosaur. Political correctness has nothing to do with it. I too dislike political correctness. I would look for tqo things in football as in everything else. Firstly fairness and secondly respect. I would, for instance, believe that you will never see female players in Premiership teams simply because of their physical limitations. men are just quicker and stronger – it has nothing to do with simply being female. Likewise i do feel that day to day managers should usually have played the game at a reasonably hish level. There are exceptions such as Arsene Wenger and others so it is possible to have a female manager. Referees and assistant referees are in a completely different category and there is no reason why these officials should not be female. if the official is qualified and meets the required criteria then colour, beliefs and sex should not come into it. Incidentally I have been a Manchester United supporter for 52 years and I am still a season ticket holder at Old Trafford. before you ask I do understand the off-side rule – I don’t agree with it but I do understand it! Pleae put your predjudice to one side and abuse refs for making mistakes, not for theor sex! We are all capable of making thoe mistakes and that applies to men just as much as women!
    Incidentally I have no problem with male officials refereeing female football as long as they are qualified and competent. Your views are definitely sexist!

  5. Redscot says:

    There are “Dark forces at work here” 😉 .
    To me all this PC debate,firestorm needs to be taken in context and most importantly the tone that is being used!.Is it being done with humour and a smile?.
    I think we need to be carefull otherwise nobody is going to communicate in the future.Its happened to me on several United forums and I receieved a lashing for it because of a misjudgement that people reading would have previously read what I had posted and saw the fun in my posts.
    We all know full well that you speak/communicate differently with close friends than you would with distant one’s or people that you dont know at all.
    A lot of people in my opinion are too ready to step and crush what they perceive as insulting to their thin skins.On football forums particularly this is normal yet you seldom see these self same people making comments on football.
    Andy Gray and Richard Keys will not be out of work long anyhow, I think they are being lined up for a stint on “Loose Woman” or “I was” celebrity get me out of here” :). I dont Adam and Eve it.

  6. Dan says:

    I think that sometimes guys can get caught up in locker room talk. The problem begins when you are in a position where people look to your opinion on things. It isn’t political correctness to expect the people who work for you to act professionally. Also, it is one thing to talk amongst your fellow commentators, it is whole other thing to bring those thoughts and jokes directly to a female co-worker, like Andy did when he asked Charlotte Jackson to put the mic battery pack down his pants. That is just stupid on his part.

  7. Valerie says:

    Listen folks,
    i’m a woman living in UK and who grew up in Manchester. Such talks are and have always been part of british football culture among men. if any lady finds it offensive then maybe she has never been to a pub come Saturday afternoon and hear those kinds of talks and comments. They are not exactly meant to be sexist but its the way men talk among themselves and even to women whom they know or are acquainted to. it agree with Anna that Andy Gray has been hard done by and didn’d deserved his sacking. How many of us ladies never said things like “all men are morons or pigs. Or men are merely brainless brutes!” We dont actually mean them in their real sense. Women do badmouth men when they are together, or even directly to men we know. Are we supposed to be condemned coz of this??!!

    But to say women cannot officiate properly in men’s games is pure nonsense. of course they can, and as well as men!

  8. Danny Salford Red says:

    Thats all well and good Tom but it has to work both ways which it most certainly doesnt. Im not going to drone on and on about Loose women, Jo Brand etc etc as im sure youve read it before elswhere but would men get away with saying the things they do about women? I think not. Apparently the only people in the world capable of being sexist or having to watch what they say are men as women can say what they bloody well please without fear of rebuke and indeed do so on garbage like Loose women. FACT.

  9. Frank Scicluna says:

    Ella, I respect your views totally but I still maintain that there’s men’s football, then there’s women’s football. Until such time as there is FIFA sanctioned MIXED football – for which I have no objection whatsoever, male and female genders should stick to their own. Understanding the off side rule has absolutely nothing to do with the matter, that was simply a little banter which you can hear in any pub every night of the week. What are we going to have next, some sort of inserted chip in our heads so that politically correct extremists can discover what our brain is thinking and then get punished for it? If my opinions makes me sexist so be it, if I’m an old fashioned, level headed male who love and respect women for what they are, I plead guilty of that as well.

  10. Tom Addison says:

    @Danny Salford Red: I do see what yourself, and others, are getting at. Many of us say these things, but obviously it is usually the case that it is said with sarcasm and a bit tongue-in-cheek. Gray and Keys? I dunno, they seemed to say what they said with confidence and in secrecy. Just listen to how Keys dismissing the concerns of Karen Brady. That’s more than banter. Of course I realise this a matter of interpration, and therefore it’s a quite subjective issue.

    Sexism in football….it’s a bit of a gray area.

  11. Frank Scicluna says:

    @ Tom, I have not had the time to go through the links that you sent but I promise that I eventually will. You can be assured however that whether it’s in football or anything else in life I have the utmost respect and love for MOST women but you must admit that SOME of them really do cross the line. I still remember one colleague with whom I had worked for many years coming into the office on a stinking hot summer day exclaiming “I’m hot” to which I replied in a jovial way “You wish you were don’t you?” Guess what, she reported me to our manager for making a sexist remark! Then to top it all off, the FEMALE manager rebuked ME for what was no more than a light hearted, totally innocent comment. That’s exactly what I mean by “Political Correctness Gone Mad” and will never accept that it’s simply “a lazy cliché”.
    Maybe we can agree to agree that – to use your own words, it’s a result of the “extreme liberalisation of societies attitudes’

  12. Valerie says:

    God this is insane!! i suppose that lady is a goddy-two-shoes thing!! Listen, people who cannot cope with such a comment do lack wit themselves and cannot give an appropriate answer by themselves…

    common ladies, we have got to past beyong this without sounding like saints, coz most ladies on UK are not saints anyway! (from the mouth of a lady)

  13. Redscot says:

    @Valerie Well said love. lol.Personally its gone to far to be PC, what is the point of not being able to poke fun at each other.With Gray and Keys there is an allegation of bullying and intimidation thats a totally different matter though.Thats not on.
    Anyway to me, with people you know its not so formal.Jaysus I have a few Gay friends and they have more Balls than some of these Ladies getting their Kickers/Thongs in a twist, when I wind them up! 🙂



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