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Fergie Admits Interest(ish) In Oxlade-Chamberlain

Theo Walcott, Gareth Bale, maybe it's something in the water but Southampton seem to have gotten a knack recently in producing young, promising British talent. The latest one to emerge is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, a 17-year old lad who only signed his first professional contract in August and, until a couple of months ago, most people hadn't heard of.

As you'd expect he's been linked with all the big clubs in England in recent weeks, with Arsenal and Chelsea seeming at this stage to be the favourites to get him onto their books. But don't rule United out of the running, who have had a transfer policy in the last couple of years of paying not insignificant amounts on promising youngsters. As ESPN Soccernet have reported (link here)

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted he rates Southampton flyer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain very highly, although the Manchester United manager refused to confirm whether the club was in the running for his signature.

Oxlade-Chamberlain has attracted praise from several quarters, with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger stating his admirations for the 17-year-old.

United travel to St Mary's on Saturday for their fourth round FA Cup clash and Chamberlain's performance is likely to be monitored closely by Ferguson.

“Yes the boy's got potential of course and he's only young,” he said. “Southampton have done very well over the years bringing young players through. He's another one, along with Gareth Bale and Theo Walcott.

“Before that they had the Wallace brothers and Alan Shearer. They have been good at that [producing players]. They have done a lot right.”

Meanwhile, Nigel Adkins is positive Southampton will fend off interest in the star duri

ng the January transfer window.

“I expect him to still be here on Tuesday after the transfer window has closed,” Adkins said of the 17-year-old. “He is one of several very good players we have here and there's always speculation about talented players. We are not looking to sell him.”

Adkins had words of warning for the player and his advisors, as he said: “Some players move on to bigger clubs and their potential is not always allowed to flourish.”

Alan Smith has also sung the lads praises in the Telegraph today, highlighting him as one of the three danger men that United need to watch out for tomorrow (link here):

“…the man of the moment (or should we say boy?) in that Arsenal, Liverpool and Saturday’s opponents are all very keen to acquire his services.

No surprise either when you hear that the 17 year-old has been breaking sprint records set by Theo Walcott at Southampton a few years ago. That is quick. Ridiculously so.

And when respected observers say that Oxlade-Chamberlain is more technically gifted than Walcott at the same age, that he delivers a better final ball, there is good reason to believe the lad is going places.

In the immediate future, that place could be behind United’s left-back, if Southampton get enough ball in the final third. Able to go either way on the front foot, he should certainly make his opponent think twice about getting in a race.”

So who knows, maybe we'll see Mr Oxlade-Chamberlain put in a “shop window” performance tomorrow, I'm really interested in seeing how he plays and how Fergie sets up to deal with the threat that he poses. With only a few days to go until the end of the transfer window, and with our rivals in hot pursuit of the player, perhaps we’ll make a move. I was gutted when we missed out on Walcott, Bale, and Ramsey; let’s not make it another one, eh?

Would Oxlade-Chamberlain be a good signing? Have you seen him play yet? Is he going to live up to the hype?


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  1. oz says:

    hes just trying to unsettle the lad putting pressure on him the usual fergie games.

  2. P-MG says:

    Gary Neville has been asked not to travel by the United delegation!

  3. Redscot says:

    Would he be a good signing? Bearing in mind he plays in the, “First Division” .
    He has ability clearly if you look at Goals scored to time played and we are aware we require a sustained, Goal threat from the midfield.
    Its a lot of money the muted figures being quoted for potential,although we have bought potential in this manner as we all know recently.The steadly improving Chris Smalling, the Diamond that is, Javier Hernandez and the potential of Bebe.
    To me this all can be related to the level of money that proven World class stars, can through their agents negotiate.If I was say, as an example,Rafael van der Vaart’s agent and negotiating to move to Old Trafford,as I am a World class footballer, World cup finalist, proven International player,my starting point would be, who is this highest paid player at this Club.My tactics for negotiations would start from that point.Approx £250 THOUSAND PER WEEK.
    With the wages that younger unestablished players, can demand it makes sense if potential, develops into Manchester United class.So with the lesser wages that are necessary for this type of player,this sadly looks like the market, United are now operating in.
    “Have I seen him play” Only on You tube videos,I sure the United scouts will have had him watched for some time,and will not base their decision on a few video clips. 😉
    “Will he live up the hype”? I dont have Crystal balls, sorry just the run of the mill, Male.
    I Cant wait to see him, and all the other players tommorow Evening, Its gonna be great, bye the sound of it our defence sounds ravaged.United should have enough in the tank.I note they cant even sell out their Ground for the only show in Southampton on Saturday.
    An added advantage of a double barreled name in Glesga like “Oxlade – Chamberlain………You can claim social housing “Benefit’s twice” 🙂
    Cmon United, Cmon you Reds.

  4. Tom Addison says:

    Oh yeah , nobody can say whether a player is going to be great or not, one thing I’ve learnt over the years is never hype a player up too much and never write a player off. The number of my Champ Manager heroes of mine that haven’t turned out as I thought they would: Cherno Samba, Freddy Adu, Robinho, D’Alessandro, Behrami, the list goes on and on. I was gutted when it turned out Crespo isn’t as good as van Basten. Gutted.

    And you’re right; this transfer policy of ours is how it’s going to be, at least as long as the Glazer’s are there. It’s commendable, it takes a lot of expertise, but if it doesn’t pay off you look like a right tit. I’d recommend Why England Lose, which talks about numerous inefficiencies in the transfer market, I’ve heard that Pay As You Play is another great book that looks at this issue. Written by a Liverpool fan, but still heard it’s a reet good read.

    Yeah I’ve not seen him play either, just heard the hype, and I refuse to judge any player by youtube videos. Not only are they a cancer on football and the minds of young fans, it’s that God awful music that the people who make them decide to put in the background! Note to people of youtube, I don’t want to watch Cantona’s goals listening to German dance music from the 1990’s!

    Lol, nice one at the end there, but I don’t think this lad is going to be needing to claim social housing benefit any time soon!



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