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The new face of football – better get used to it!

We may not like it but we have to lump it! Footballers and their agents now hold all the cards and there's absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Whether we're talking about world giants or smaller clubs, they are openly being blackmailed by their star players who are influenced by their greedy agents. The plain truth is that most footballers – and I emphasise MOST rather than ALL, do not have the brains to think for themselves, relying on self serving, money grabbing car salesman type opportunists to be in control of their careers.

Don't believe me? Here are some examples JUST from this season

James Milner

demanded a move from Aston Villa to Manchester City – He won

Wayne Rooney wanted out of  United unless his demands were met – He won

Carlos Tevez insisted on leaving Manchester City, all of a sudden – He won

Darren Bent demanded to leave Sunderland for Aston Villa – He won

Fernando Torres wants a multi million pound move to Chelsea – He WILL win

Charlie Adams has his heart set on leaving Blackpool – He WILL win

Cesc Fàbregas is desperate to leave Arsenal for Barcelone – He WILL win

If someone as wily as Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and Kenny Dalglish cannot combat these sorts of player/agent demands, what possible hope is there for anyone else?

Is there any way for player agents like Paul Stretford to be eliminated from football?


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  1. Tom Addison says:

    They are leeches and the game, and the world, would be a better place without them. But don’t forget, for all these “bungs” to pass hands, it takes two to tango. There are some managers and clubs who are as guilty as the agents. Somebody is playing ball with then.

    Re Fabregas, I read in a Guillem Balague article (who seems to know everyone in Spain) that Barcelona promised Cesc they’d buy him last summer, but in the end couldn’t stump up the cash. As soon as they can get the cash, he’ll go, but you can’t blame the lad for wanting to go back to his hometown club who happen to be playing the type of football he’d love and thrive in.

  2. RedScot says:

    King Canute springs to mind immediately whilst reading this article.
    We know all football player’s can have their career’s wrecked, in a split second,therefore the desire to improve their wages when given an opportunity ,will always be paramount.Its human nature to want to progress and improve?.I think not at the “expense” of dumping on those that gave you fanatical support.
    There lays part of the problem in most cases,they plead loyalty to their adoring fans, I love this Club,I want to finish my career here.We have heard it all before,then as a matter of convenience,they flip.Generally within one of the two transfer windows.The insulting aspect, is they are invariably linked to Clubs that we fans,see as lesser than our own.They clearly do not appreciate the relationship you build,in your minds eye with a player.

    The game is awash with money as was debated on Truly Reds,just recently,so its inevitable this practice of “selling meat” will continue.If you can take greed from a person’s character,then you will bring an end to players being touted carelessly to the “Highest” bidder.
    For football fans(and most players) there is an emotional involvement,for Agents, a nice healthy bank account.Thank you.
    King Canute is safe for now, forever.

    Bring it closer to the sea,” Canute called. “Put it right here, right at the water’s edge.” He sat down and surveyed the ocean before him. “I notice the tide is coming in. Do you think it will stop if I give the command?”

  3. gavin roche says:

    its up to the fans to stop this madness and greed.its time for us to say ok enough is enough.all the clubs have to get together and put a wage cap and all the fans have to back the clubs up.if a player gets greedy and is under contract the fans should be happy to see him play out his contract and be allowed leave for free.the fans shouldnt start protesting and putting the club under pressure to give these greedy twats what they want..maybe it will mean your club might not win a trophy for a few years but maybe after a while football will get to where a player wears his shirt with pride instead for just money,we have players retiring from international football to get new contracts with their clubs.the best day of your career has to be the day you pull your countries shirt over your head and play for your country for the first time

  4. Frank Scicluna says:

    There’s a lot of sense in your comment Gavin. Unfortunately, common sense is not very common.

  5. RedScot says:

    @Tom, I think Frank is suggesting your comment and mine lack “Common Sense”. How very dare he.LOL. You fool Tom. Leading the meek to the slaughter. 🙂

  6. Tom Addison says:

    A wage cap would solve a lot of problems in football, but unfortunately it’s never going to work; clubs, agents and players will always find a way around it. Germany didn’t have a professional league until 1963, they had some irrational paranoia and hatred of professionalism in sport for years, but players always found a way of getting round the rules in order to get some extra cash.

    I know this is a self-defeating attitude, and for players nowadays there isn’t as much incentive as their was for players in the 60s to bend the rules and get extra cash because their “basic” wage is so much more. But as we’ve seen, to footballers, there IS a lot of difference between £100k a week and £150k a week.

    I think a wage cap might be a good idea in terms of preventing lads as young as 16/17 being corrupted by so much money so young, but football is watched by literally billions of people, players are the people who win trophies, so who is to say they can’t and what is to make us stop them earning so much money? However, being a bit of a lefty, I disagree with that argument.

    And besides, if clubs aren’t spending millions on wages, it’ll only go on to transfer fees. I think we’d all like to see less money in football, but with so many people watching it, and paying for the privilege, the nostalgia for the 1960s will continue to be nothing more than an ideolistic panacea.

  7. Tom Addison says:

    @RedScot: I guess ramblings about leeches, Spaniards and King Canute just don’t cut it on here anymore….

  8. RedScot says:

    We Discussed this “Wage Cap ” before on here.Its not possible the EEC, have firm regulations in place for freedom of trade, and market forces will dictate the value of the item in question.Money is not about to disappear from football as it expands into, literally untapped markets in Asia and China.
    What is a panacea? being a wee Scots lad, I might sound stupid, that sounds painfull!.
    Am changing ma line of attack, forget about writing for Four Four Two, am gonna find out how I can get an agents job. Get a piece of the action.
    As “Del Boy ” said you know it makes sense.Anything to whore myself, out of poverty.

  9. RedScot says:

    @ Tom. I get to the stage, like with the Boss of the site, and the other lads, who is taking the piss and who is not! 🙂 its all a Buggers muddle anyway.
    God Bless. over and out 10/10

  10. Tom Addison says:

    Yeah I’m sure we’ve discussed this shizzle before, wage caps etc, I’ve just ordered “Playbooks and Checkbooks: An Introduction to the Economics of Modern Sport” by Stefan Szymanski (author of the much quoted “Why England Lose”). He’s also got a book called “Football Economics and Policy”, but it’s over £60! Once I’ve read both of them though I’ll try and get my head round all this wage cap malarky though.

    Screw FourFourTwo mate, When Saturday Comes, that’s the best footy mag about! Should ask Frank about writing something for here, get it on your CV!

  11. Frank Scicluna says:

    Salary caps just don’t work folks. Rugby League has had it in Australia for many years and the whole thing has been a mess from day one. Besides, can you imagine the amount of ‘creative thinking’ player agents will come up with to get around it? Even Platini’s plans – for all their good intentions, will fail

  12. RedScot says:

    @ The Boss, dont go there, I have had 10 pints, dont get me on creative thinking.I am like an artist, more Picasso than Van goff. 🙂
    Tie me kangaroo doon boy, tie me Kangaroo doon.! pmsl
    Jesus I sound like twat Wolf Harris.
    @ Tom I get asked to write in a lot of places. Mostly for “Insanity” and pure fun, about United.My CV, “Yikes” that looks bad to date.Only one prision spell, a sponger, reads all day about, the biggest Club in the World. Serial piss taker.Plus laughing all the time. 🙂
    For me its a bringing together a United, feeling.

  13. Frank Scicluna says:

    10 pints RedScot? Mate, you must be busting for a piss!



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