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The Torres Song – It’s Here Already!

The transfer hasn’t even yet been finalized, the ink isn’t even on the contract let alone dried, but already the good folks of the world of Twitter have provided us with a great song, taking the mick out of the scousers and the fact that their beloved, bestest, most favouriteist “adopted scouse son” has turned his back on them, choosing the lure of Abramovich’s millions over the “glory” and “passion” of Liverpool. “We thought he understood us” they’ll bemoan. Understood what? Anyway, here is the new song, courtesy of Big Red M and his followers:

“His armband proved he was a red Torres, Torres

Till a Russian wallet turned his head Torres, Torres

The scousers cried ’cause Nando lied

He ran with pound signs in his eyes

Fernando Torres, Chelsea’s number 9!”


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