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VIDEO: United fans vote Giggs the 'Greatest Ever'

20,000 Manchester United fans have voted Ryan Giggs the Greatest Ever Player in the history of the club – and it’s hard to argue with them. However ‘greatness’ is described, Giggs has every quality. United’s all time record appearances maker is enough on its own to place him amongst the greats. Then there’s the fact that no other player has helped the club to win more trophies. As was to be expected in these type of polls however, questions are always raised with Sir Alex Ferguson himself expressing surprise as to the make up of the Top 10 Legends.

Ferguson certainly indicated that he found it hard to comprehend some of the omissions from the list but also offered a possible explanation for it “No Denis Law? Ridiculous!” he said “No Duncan Edwards, either? I can understand why, though. It’s a generational thing, and a lot of the people voting never saw those guys in action. Talk to anyone who watched Denis or Duncan play, though, and they’ll tell you they were the best ever.”

Having said that, the manager was not surprised to see Giggs come top of the pile saying “Longevity always comes into play in these things and Ryan’s been around for more time than any other player” he explained “When you look at the galaxy of stars that have been at this club, this is a huge honour for Ryan. There are some who would maybe put others ahead of him – players such as Denis Law, George Best or Eric Cantona – but nobody can argue he doesn’t deserve to be in that top bracket.”

Just a final thought, if someone like Andy Carroll is deemed to be worth £35million and Fernando Torres £50m on todays transfer market, what would Giggs have been valued at if he was 15 years younger? The mind boggles!

We pay tribute to the man who will most certainly be known as Sir Ryan in the next few years.

The remainder of the Top 10 were

No.2 Eric Cantona

No.3 George Best

No.4 Sir Bobby Charlton

No.5 Cristiano Ronaldo

No.6 Paul Scholes

No.7 David Beckham

No.8 Roy Keane

No.9 Peter Schmeichel

No.10 Wayne Rooney

And these are some who narrowly missed out on United’s ‘greatest’ top ten…

11. Duncan Edwards

12. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

13. Denis Law

14. Bryan Robson

15. Ruud van Nistelrooy

Is it REALLY possible for polls like this to ever be accurate?


One Response to “VIDEO: United fans vote Giggs the 'Greatest Ever'”

  1. RedScot says:

    Brilliant wee video, thanks. A slight croak in my throat because of the other news tonight, its got to come to an end.The departures of Paul and Ryan, no doubt soon, its heartbreaking.Thats why we love them,they dont mess the supporters around.Loyalty and dedicated to the cause.The Manchester “united” way.
    Red Nev,Giggsy and the Ginger Prince, will always be etched on United supporters hearts.
    In Comparison to those two Jokers, Torres and Carrol and the cost of Giggs, in comparison, dare I offer the value……”Priceless” “Out of this World” “Not in this Stratosphere” most importantly “Not for sale, he is United’s”



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