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The United squad to challenge the best in Europe

Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed the Manchester United Champions League squad for the knockout stages of the competition and it contains no surprises. Clubs were required to submit a senior list of up to 25 players to UEFA on Tuesday. They were also allowed to name an unlimited number of  players on a ‘B’ list which includes players born on or after 1 January 1989 who have given at least two years continued service to the club after their 15th birthday. As a result, both Rafael and Fabio for example, both make the list.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s men take on Marseille in the first knockout round later this month, with a first leg visit to Stade Velodrome on Wednesday 23 February, followed by the return tie at Old Trafford on Tuesday 15 March.

The full squad registered by the club with UEFA is…

Van der Sar









Evans J
















The ‘B’ List is made up of






Keane W

Do you consider that a strong enough squad to win the Champions League?


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  1. The Fan says:

    bebe: worst signing in fergie era, first signing not overlooked by fergie.

  2. RedScot says:

    Looking good the A squad, the B squad its great to see the youngsters being promoted and “Encouraged” like Oliver Gill,Joshua King and of course that player in my opinion destined for the first team squad Will Keane.
    Does this signal the end for Owen Hargreaves? I suggest yes, sadly.
    @The Fan, what do you base that statement on regards Bebe?.

  3. RedScot says:

    Sorry I should read the questions posed, silly me! It’s the Impetuous of youth.
    I have never felt we had a strong enough squad to win the Champions league,Our midfield simply does not cut the mustard, to stand up to the challenge if we say are paired with Barcelona.Although Arsenal may well put them out of the competition. 🙂
    It all depends on who we are drawn against and some good fortune.On saying that it would be brilliant to win it again,but for me its a forlorn hope.
    Dreams are made of winning it, but realism, and lack of real investment in the team will, kick in.

  4. GeniusDaki says:

    Where da hell is GIGGS?

  5. Frank Scicluna says:

    Great question GeniusDaki. Must confess that it was simply an oversight on my part. Thanks for pointing it out and the error has now been fixed

  6. RedScot says:

    @Genius Daki, Its called a Red Herring mate, just to see if your paying attention! 😉 I saw it as well but I counted the amount of players listed.(24).
    The Boss is seeing who is drunk and who is not. :)He has deliberately ommited Giggs.

  7. Frank Scicluna says:

    @The Fan, time may well prove you right mate but I cannot help feeling that your opinion of Ferguson’s judgement may be premature. Bebe came from nowhere and has only been at Old Trafford for half a season. Don’t be surprised if the lad is still struggling to even fully adapt to United’s training methods.

  8. Frank Scicluna says:

    Yes Red Scot “It all depends on who we are drawn against and some good fortune”. That’s what Cup competitions are mainly about. Remember the Liverpool Istanbul season?

  9. RedScot says:

    @ The Boss, aye I remember,when Stevie starfish, dragged them back to win it.
    Not lucky. 🙂 Touche. my fingers have been hit with a ruler. 🙂
    Lets give it a go, and shout the lads on.Well I will.Not that it will still hurt like crazy, if we are put out,I know who, i will be pointing the finger at if we are, eliminated, it wont be “our” Players.
    Cmon you Reds.
    Cheers. Off fer a pint or 7. lol

  10. Frank Scicluna says:

    If this was a Citeh site Scottie it would have been a blue herring – or more likely, a dead herring -:)

  11. nani4ever says:

    where is Ravel Morrison and Paul Pogba?

  12. Big Boss says:

    They can play without being listed in the squad



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