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No disrespect to the brave Wolves but WHY?

It’s been said many times. We can all be the greatest managers in the world AFTER the game yet there are still some uncomfortable questions which keeps arising after Manchester United’s defeat at Molineux. Let me make it absolutely clear from the start that nobody has a higher respect for Sir Alex Fergusons judgement than I do. After all, who the hell am I to question his decisions? No doubt, there are times when gambles have to be taken by football managers, some are won, others lost and let’s face it, Sir Alex has come up trumps far more often than not over a long period of time. Even with the benefit of hindsight however, some questions still cannot help but go through my mind.

  • Ji-Sung Park had been one of the most impressive midfield players before going to the Asian Cup. He has been back for a full week with no apparent fitness concerns. Why was he not even on the bench?
  • Anderson has put in some quite impressive shifts in midfield recently. Why did he not come on for Michael Carrick instead of – please forgive me, Paul Scholes?
  • Two first half headed goals did the trick for Wolves! Did we not see that same act at Bloomfield Road only a couple of weeks ago? Rio Ferdinand was not on the field on both occasions but with the presence of the imposing Nemanja Vidic should United have conceded FOUR times?
  • The longer the game went the more obvious it became that just one flash of unorthodox brilliance was what was required. Wayne Rooney was never going to provide it and Dimitar Berbatov was the most likely to, so why not Chicharito for Rooney. Did Berba pick up a knock that we are not aware of?
  • As we all know, football can do your head in at times. An early goal SHOULD set you up for a good result but it can also sometimes work against you. Did Nani give United the lead too early? Could it have been a different result had his strike break the deadlock sometime in the second half instead?

All this must no doubt sound like a cat crying over spilled milk, I fully acknowledge it, but that’s far from the case. The brave, highly committed Wolves earned every one of those three points, United got and deserved nothing more than zilch. So why the hell do those questions continue to run through my mind?

Are you surprised that the unbeaten record came to an end when least expected?


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  1. Mike says:

    Perhaps you didn’t pay the ref enough on this occasion. After all he only gave you six minutes added time to cover for the three substitutions, and no penalties. Or maybe you spent all your money paying Dowd to let Barton do what the hell he liked and have penalties every time someone sneezed near him.

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    Another cretin! Why do you not remain on your sad Gooner websites Mike? We are trying to be sensible here

  3. Jack says:

    our midfield is a mess is a main reason it lacks in every department, if giggs and scholes dont get it done then it probably wont get done.

    nani is probably the most frustrating player on the planet, capable of brilliance, stupidity and being lazy in equal messure.

    losing rio was a big loss and i think smalling could of replaced him, we had problems with quick corners against wolves earlier this season so the fact that wasnt sorted is a bad sign. also the total lack of urgency from our midfielders for the first goal was a killer.

    hopefully valencia will comeback and provide solid crosses, park will add his energy and timing and we can claim our 19th title.
    but ever since losing to barcelona in the champions league final our midfield has been shocking and the fact we havent made signings in this area is a big worry.

  4. Jack says:

    oi mike, barton made a fair tackle and your team imploded, did wenger only pay the lino for one decision lol

  5. GAZZARO says:

    As I keep saying before that we need to bring in top class players to enhance the quality of our squad, and from Wolves game, it shown that we’re still not good enough!!!!..

    YES!!.. we’re missing some players like Valencia, Ferdinand, and Park, but lest’s face the fact that most of the players that SAF played yesterday is the best possible start-11 of our team… However, after Nani provided a great start, it’s the bottom side Wolves who dominated the midfield, and shown the world that Man.United are not invincible at all….

    LET’S BE HONEST TO OURSELVES, like I said before, IT’S NO POINT TO KEEP LYING OURSELVES, PRAISING OUR PLAYERS WHO INFACT THEY ARE NOT THAT GOOD…. Before yesterday match, some of our fans believe that we’re the best team, we’re top of the table, we’re invincible and just believe in SAF, that’s it!!!…

    However, for me and some other United fans still believe that we’re very much lacking of quality in the midfield. If we not mention Giggs and Scholes who’re both very old and United cannot used them consistency, it is evident that the quality of our midfield are very much behind Arsenal, City, Chelsea or even Tottenham.

    Apart from Nani who keep showning his touch of class (But need to improve the accuracy of his final ball), the other player like Gibson, Carrick, Obertan are never good enough to play for United. The others like Park, Fletcher, or Anderson can play well with hard working rate, but will never be considered as top class players like Fabrecas(Ars), Nasri(Ars), Toure(City), Silva(City), Lampard(Chel), Essien(Chel), Modric(Tott), VDV(Tott), Bale(Tott), etc.

    In mordern days, it’s different from the past. The used of high technology and the world wide of searching and comparing system made the transfer business tight and, if you don’t have enough money, very hard to compete. However, one thing that is a TRUE for today is ….. NO GOOD PLAYER CAN COME WITH CHEAP, UNLESS HE’S OUT OF CONTRACT… So, if we keep on signing cheap players, in 2-3 years time City and Chelsea will dominated EPL, no doubt about that….

    YES, my point is we’ve got to bring in top class players, and top class players will not come with cheap. We need to spend big… But I believe that we’ve got no money…. Then it comes to my old question that I keep asking…. Why we have no money?? United used to be the richest club in the world. But, Why???

    The answer is easy, it’s because the Glazer… However, why D.Gill and SAF keep saying that the Glazers is good for the club???? Why???? If United today is like what we used to be in the past, for example, I think SAF will enter the race to sign TORRES, and I believe that TORRES will join us.

    It’s not like what SAF keep saying that there is no value in the market, in my opinion, TORRES for 50 million is a good business for buyer (Chelsea), not seller (Liverpool). Why Madrid brave to pay 80 million for our Ronaldo? Why Chelsea pay 50 million for Torres? Why Liverpool pay 23 million for Saurez? and Why we don’t have money???

    We have to compete with the big spender teams like City or Chelsea in EPL, or Madrid and Bacelona in UCL, and if we keep on signing players like Obertan, Tosic, Manucho, M.Diouff, Bebe, etc. with over-paid price…. in 2-3 years time, City will be the best team in Manchester, and United will win nothing… The bottom line is THE BEST TEAM WILL WIN THE LEAGUE, and that’s the fact…

    Do you still believe D.Gill that we’ve money??? Do you still believe SAF that the Glazer is good for Man.United??? Ask yourself mate…

  6. lifesastinker says:

    Oh my.. poor decisions..too bad the ref wasn’t there to aid in the decision making by throwing in some dubious penalties, free kicks right outside the box and getting the opposition players sent off… life’s a stinker ain’t it?

  7. stephen says:

    man united cant afford to pay the ref. they cant even afford new players they got to full the piggy bank in the U.S.A poor fu–ers

  8. Baldrick says:

    We were shite!
    We showed only half the commitment of Wolves. We were second to every loose ball, sloppy passing, still missing a left winger to provide the much needed width, and slack at the back.

    Got to agree with the bad substitutions. Anderson would have run at Wolves, instead Sat Nav simply spread the ball to areas where we got bogged down. Berb Should have stayed with Rooney making way for Chich.

    We were simply second best on the day. Now le’ts see if the Scousers can do us a favour and peg back Chelski. 2-2 draw with a couple from Torres ;o)

  9. stephen says:

    some one told me there is not a thing wrong with Rio Ferdinand. saf just wonted to rest him. and so he can tell England he is not fit.

  10. Manu92 says:

    @mike=y u cyin on a manu blog u ass…barton’s tackle may be a poor one but it was diaby who should have had control on his temper….and u guys allowed newcastle yo make a stunning comeback
    neway back to milenouex, i think wolves deserved it/….they defended determinedly…and closed us well…we are poor all around…and to be frank..after half time…i always knew that we were not goin to make a comeback…sad that rio missed out.,..he would have stabilized the defense…evans is not that good…if u ask me…fergie should sell him and should get a new 4th center back..evans have never ever played well in his entire life…we missed a great opportunity to go 7 points above arsenal…now just 4 points…and tough away games to come at the emirates, the bridge and anfield(yes this one will be tough)… it will be interesting to see how we comeback from this…it’s our first league defeat…hope we don’t stumble…
    park should have started instead of giggs…ryan giggs been playing a lot lately… almost every game…he’s a freaking level but at 37 it’s not that simply…it’s about fatigue…that’s why he was not that good last night…anderson…for me been absolutely fantastic…he should have started alongside fletcher…i dunno wehter brown was fit or not but i would have played him in place of evans…

  11. Blueview says:

    Did not see the game yesterday so can not really comment on it.

    But I have seen plenty of United this year and I must say that this deafet has been coming for some time. Especially away from home United have been far from convincing in a number of games. Who have impressed me this year at United are the central defensive partnership of Vidic-Rio and it comes as no surprise the defeat came when this was broken up. I believe they carried United in a number of games this season.

    For United Circa 2010-2011 to go a whole season without defeat would have been a travesty and an insult to much greater teams of the past, including some United’s own, that failed to do so despite being, in my own opinion far better. Anyway no matter how good you may or may not be, and personally I do not rate the current United too highly despite their resilience, you need a good dose of luck to remain undefeated in the PL.

    As for your wondering what if, that’s is just the common reaction of footbal fans everywhere to their team’s loss.

    Sets up the derby next week nicely. Let’s hope for a cracking game and may the best team win ( although we obviously differ on which team we believe that is)

  12. kim firth says:

    @gazzaro thanks mate. thats exactly what i feel too.fergie is cheating himself with these stupid signings of bebes n obertans.n these were signed as (hahaha)replacements to ronaldo n tevez.just cant believe it. none of these youngsters including evans,gibson would have played alongside keano, he would have kicked them off the this talk by gill of ‘we can sign any player man utd wants’ is bullshit and nonsense.carricks and hargreaves have no future at our midfield comprises valencia,nani,anderson,fletcher,park and the old masters scholes and giggsy.n with this we cheat ourselves of another treble!i guess a lot of fans are truly mistaken by ever comparing this team to the 1999.they will never.that was marshalled by a great midfielder in keano whose drive saw us come from 2 goals down to win 3-2 in a memorable match in turin against zidane’s juventus.can you, in your wildest dream, expect carrick to do the same?
    gill and fergie have to say that ‘coz they are employees of the glazers who only want to milk this cow without feeding it!!n that i fear will result in this cow dying.

  13. Jay says:

    Oh come on it has been coming you should have lost against Spurs at WHL, Villa away, your general performances have been poor and more importantly you have got to play Chelsea twice, City at home, Arsenal away, Liverpool away, I wouldnt be surprised if you lost all of those which means you could have 6 losses.

    You lose Rio and ya lose the game, my prediction of your performances based on defence seem accurate

  14. Chris Nicholls says:

    A defender who is getting old, and is perpetually injured, one that does not cut the mustard and should not be playing for United, and a goalkeeper who can no longer make a save as the years have caught up with him. That is why United lost to Wolves. Add to that the Manager who often plays the wrong players and will not or cannot due to lack of funds buy the right players, and you have the reason why United might still lose more and indeed the title.

  15. Frank Scicluna says:

    So much wishful thinking from so many people!

  16. Derek Aylward says:

    I was at the game game and thought we fully deserved the win. I cannot understand the negativity of Man U fans lose a game – thats football, it happens, get over it and still win the league this year. Hopefully we can sort Arsenal for you next week, we have a great away record……

  17. PCorbett says:

    We should just write this game off as some sort of joke. The rubbish that was spouted about how Wolves deserved it is incredible. I was at the game yesterday and I thought despite the awful conditions of high winds and a slightly doggy pitch some of our football was quite superb. Wolves football came nowhere near to matching it. They were just another one of those teams who pray on your mistakes and then use the words sheer and endevour to justify it. I left that ground yesterday and it was obvious to me which team is top and which one was bottom.

    I get home and watch a re run of the game on ESPN and we were more in control of it than I had thought at the game, but then incredibly, despite admitting that “United had had all the game and all the possession” Mr Keegan comes out with “Wolves deserved to win”. This was ABU’ism in its greatest form.

    Wolves joke team
    Match joke result end of.

  18. Blueview says:

    Do you think United are good enough to stay undefeated all season?

  19. marc gelpi says:

    I stopped reading when you said “excuse me…Paul Scholes”.

    Player of the Month once in this season, strange choice to pick on.

  20. Marching Red says:

    No, Blueview, we do not thing United are good enough to “stay undefeated all season”. Especially since we just lost to Wolves and are therefore no longer undefeated!!

    Also, stephen, remember what you said here, the next time United whoop your team’s ass. “United can’t afford to pay the ref.” So don’t you go crying “they paid the ref! Crap decisions!”

  21. wiuru says:

    I Believe SAF fully knows our weakness’s and has identified the players we want to replace those who need to be replaced . The lack of value is a cover for not available yet . This is why we push on with what we have .Like it or lump it we have to stay behind our squad .

  22. bruce thomas says:

    Once I see Jonny Evans name on the team sheet I know we’ve already given the opposition a goal start.

    Smalling whould be the automatic replacement until we can buy to replace Evans. If you were going to knock downa wall you’d start with the loose brick — and every time Evans is that weak spot.

    He’s already cost us the Carling Cup and nearly the FA Cup — don’t let him cost us the Premiership. Get rid FFS.

  23. Manu92 says:

    @Jay =so u are SURE that we will lose to Chelsea twice, Liverpool away, Arsenal away and city at home?…looks like uve got a crystal ball!!…football fans like u should be jailed for possessing such a narrow mindset…and as far as WHL was concerned…we dint deserved to lose…we were average on that day but even spurs dint created much chances…they created just ONE PROBER CHANCE!!
    i agree like any other united fan that we’ve been funny this season…we have lost just 2 games this season but we’ve been poor comparing to our previous years performances.!!…but still…we should get the credit for making so many comebacks this season and showing our character…even after the Munich air crash(which happened this very day)…we showed, spirit and character and re-established a great team which did wonders…right now we have been okay with our performance but the passion and the spirit along with the character still resides inside ever Manchester united fan and every Manchester united player…we may be hated all around the world(especially england)…but we the X FACTOR which lacks in every other team!!…DIGEST IT OR GET LOST!!

  24. Manu92 says:

    *we have the X FACTOR which lacks in every other team

  25. cezan1afc says:

    “In mordern days, it’s different from the past. The used of high technology and the world wide of searching and comparing system made the transfer business tight and, if you don’t have enough money, very hard to compete. However, one thing that is a TRUE for today is ….. NO GOOD PLAYER CAN COME WITH CHEAP, UNLESS HE’S OUT OF CONTRACT…”
    im sorry but as an arsenal fan its hard to belive this… our team cost a total value of around 52million bearing in mind that most of this came from arshavin 15m, 10m kosielny, 10m vermaelen,7m squillachi….. now fabregas was 500k clichy was dirth cheap, sagna 1mil, song very cheap (cant remember the price) diaby almost free, nasri 8mil with bonuses and walcott 5mil with bonuses im not having a dig at united but if your going to spend 30m on rooney at 18 or 16 and 30mil on a young ferdinand 18 mil for carrick or even 15mil on tosic brothers rather than paying real values for them then your going to have a major finance problem, if united had invested in youth a few years back when they still had money then they wouldnt have this problem instead they over inflated the english market with purchases like rooney.(although he did turn out being close to worth 30m still a tad overated mind…) 😀

  26. Jj says:

    football is a joke anyway, something must be done about the refs, arsenal were robbed so hard yesterday it was crazy iv Neva seen such bad calls in one game before, joey Barton the way he came in on diaby was not rite, and he didn’t even get a card!!!!! And match of the day was also just as bad, didn’t highlight nearly as many bad calls there were in the hole game, and united have been so crud this season I think we all new that they would lose at some point, I didn’t think it would be wolves,, but we all new that it would come away from home, united have been poor away from
    Home I think they only won 3 games,



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