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‘City is no longer a joke’ says Law the King

Denis Law is a Manchester United legend who has also played 24 times in the blue of City at the end of his career. Since then The King has seen the rise and rise of his beloved Reds with silverware flooding into Old Trafford while City has floundered between one manager after another without ever winning a single trophy of any kind. But all that has now changed “Manchester City are back as a team that people begin to fear and that’s how it should be” he says “you can see City will be a team that gets stronger and stronger as the years go on, and they will definitely become a threat to United.”

“This is probably the most important derby there has been in Manchester for many, many years” he believes “for the first time in many years, City are a team the rest of the Premier League are going to have to watch. For the last 20 years or so, it’s all been United. And with United losing at Wolves last weekend and City beating West Brom, suddenly the title is very much up for grabs.”

“If United win, they’re eight points ahead with a game in hand” he continued “If City win, the gap is down to two and it’s anybody’s title. I think Alex will love the challenge thrown down by City” said Law who has had a close friendship with Ferguson for many years. “Back when Joe Mercer was in charge of City in the late 1960s and early 1970s, it was a really competitive derby. United were successful, City were successful.” Law remembers.

“Since then, despite the odd win over United, City have not done much. But in the last couple of years, with the money they have and the players they’ve been able to buy, they’re going to get results. Now they have a team. Not one that’s up here and down there, but one that can, as the years go on, be challenging for the title. That’s happening right now, which is why the derby on Saturday is such a massive game for both teams.”

“At United, under Sir Matt Busby, we went out sometimes not to get beat” Law admitted “It’s always important, early in a game, to make sure you settle down, don’t concede and then attack if you can. You can’t just go out in today’s game. You have to be more careful. But with the derby, I think it’s more important for City to go out and attack to get the win they need. If they can do that, then it’s game on in the title race.”

Law is confident that “The champions will come from Manchester. Without a doubt one of them will win the league title” he said “I am not going to say which side but I think it is a definite. But whatever the outcome of the race, the great thing is that Manchester as a football city is back on the map with two teams capable of winning the league title. It is becoming like the late 60s all over again.”

“I think both United and City will be in the Champions League next season. The pair of them will be in the top four for sure” added Denis “I think for the city of Manchester that will be really something special. Could they actually be the top two? It is not beyond them” he said “You never know, they could be one and two in England. The other challengers aren’t having a great time of it.”

“But as Bill Shankly said, it is never over until you cannot possibly do it” Law insists “if there are two games left and you are seven behind forget it. If you are five behind you are in with a chance. City are still in a great position. They have got the potential. City could win the title. It is entirely possible.” he concluded

Wherever the Premiership ends up in May, Denis Law is more than happy to finally see the fierce competition which has been missing for so long returning in the derby.

Do you also expect the title to come back to Manchester?


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  1. Billy_Azul says:

    “a single trophy of any kind”

    Facts, check. Might not be the ECL but don’t mean you should state things as fact that are simply not true. Mind you, you are a rag so I suppose that’s second nature.

    Good luck on satdi.

  2. fifthcolumnblue says:

    Dennis Law played for City BEFORE he ended up at manure, and afterwards too. Do swome research, or are you one of those who believes football was invented in 1992?


    1956–1960 Huddersfield Town 81 (16)
    1960–1961 Manchester City 44 (21)
    1961–1962 Torino 27 (10)
    1962–1973 Manchester United 309 (171)
    1973–1974 Manchester City 24 (9)

  3. Frank Scicluna says:

    OK Billy_Azul I was out by a couple of years. I guess by ECL you mean the League Cup in 1976, two seasons after Law hung up his boots. It obviously makes a HUGE difference to the point that was being made.

  4. Frank Scicluna says:

    @fifthcolumnblue, you may not have understood that I was only looking at the number of games Law played for City AFTER his years at United where he became The King. You may note that I remember Law playing for Huddersfield under Bill Shankly in the late 50’s so no, football was not invented in 1992.

  5. bob says:

    Denis is being diplomatic, IF the title is coming back to Manchester it will be to Old Trafford, for all the money spent by City they cannot yet match Uniteds experience and knowhow; and before our blue friends start howling this rag believes it is only a matter of time.

  6. m beany says:

    United have got a soft underbelly and i think its about to be squished.
    Denis definitely looked better in that city shirt. And he looks happier too.
    Rarely does he have a bad word to say about city. He’s obviously a blue inside.

  7. Frank Scicluna says:

    Do you REALLY believe that ‘United have got a soft underbelly’ m beaney or is that simply wishful thinking from the envious? Manchester United has just been named by Deloitte as the third largest European club revenue earners and the largest in the Premier League. It seems to me that their ‘underbelly’ is extremely tough.

  8. mick travis says:

    Let no one underestimate United. This United team is far from the greatest team to wear the shirt. There are in fact only four players I’d have at Eastlands if they came gift-wrapped – and no, Shrek’s not among them.
    But Fergie has instilled a culture, a belief within the club that allows them to claw back wins from drawing and even losing situations. Then there’s the match officials… I’m not being entirely serious but they do always seem to get the rub of the green when we play them. We underestimate this potent combination at our peril.
    Nevertheless, they are beatable as Wolves proved last week and far worse City teams than this one have stuffed much better United sides. The team that turns up on the day, Red or Blue, will win.

  9. RedScot says:

    @Mick travis, defeat isn’t Bitter if you sprinkle dirty revenge on it.
    Bring it on.
    Remember Wolves,they bit you also.Snarl.
    Which four players out of curiosity?
    Vidic, Rio, Evds,Rafael,Evra, Berbatov, Nani,Scholes, Giggsy,Ji sung Park,Not Micheal Owen, surely, lol.Antonio Valencia, Javier Hernandez, I know it is Wayne Rooney, I gaurentee, he will score the winner at the Stretford End, to make you “eat” your words.
    You have “Kettle Neck is he stll with, you?
    As you say, Bitter we have the , know how, through our manager, you have the Scarf. lol

  10. Frank Scicluna says:

    You were beginning to make sense Mick Travis – until you began talking about just four United players! Then you started going on about match officials and the rub of the green! CHE? I can accept that you are NOT being entirely serious just as you admitted but I entirely agree with your view that “The team that turns up on the day, Red or Blue, will win” The knife edge that football turns on guarantees that. As the old saying goes Che Sera, Sera.

  11. m beany says:

    Oh Frank, I was bloody serious. That underbelly is as soft as a jellyfish’s inner thigh and on Saturday you will see Tevez, the rampant city spearhead, pearce it’s flesh with incredible ease. You’ve been warned.

  12. RedScot says:

    What did I tell you? Mick Travis. I write the future.
    Glory Glory Man United. 🙂



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