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Bitter venom from a Manchester City bitter

Before Citeh fans start throwing insults at Truly Reds for presenting this story, please get it into your thick heads that it is simply a reproduction of what Daniel Taylor reported in The Guardian on Thursday February 10 – link HERE. It’s not about any ordinary Blues fan but a member of the Manchester City ground staff for the last 15 years. It makes one wonder how bitter some bitters can become to make them stoop so low and drag the club from which they have earned their living down with them. Does this guy have any intelligence or is he simply blind with hatred and envy?

Taylor wrote in his article that “Manchester City have moved quickly to defuse the embarrassment of discovering that a club employee has been using the internet to mount a personal hate campaign against Manchester United in the buildup to tomorrow’s derby. Ged Coyne, a full time member of City’s ground staff, has closed down his Facebook account after describing United as “scum” in a series of abusive rants.

A club official contacted Coyne and the 31 year old admitted he had been responsible for dedicating the public page to his antipathy towards United. His explanation was that it was intended as “banter” but his employers have made it clear they do not see the funny side in a week when Greater Manchester police have contacted both clubs to make sure they are aware about the importance of not inflaming tensions ahead of the game.

The police have also launched an advertising campaign in an attempt to dispel tensions between the clubs ahead of the derby. Instead of a personal picture for his profile, Coyne used a photo of a wall with the graffiti “Fuck MUFC” In several passages about United, Sir Alex Ferguson was depicted as “Alex purple-head Ferguscum” and there were inflammatory references about Gary Neville and the club’s fans.

Old Trafford was described as “the Theatre of Complete Tosspots” and Coyne refers to a party which was organised by United fans at Manchester’s Walkabout bar, only to be cancelled after police intervention. He writes “This was due to the fact that Manchester is completely Blue and the fact that City fans were not only gonna storm Walkabout but burn the shithole down.”

The abuse was returned by some United fans and comes at a time when City have been trying to educate their staff, including the players, about the perils of using social networking sites in light of the recent Twitter controversies, most notably Liverpool’s Ryan Babel being fined by the Football Association for posting a mocked-up photograph of Howard Webb in a United shirt after Liverpool’s 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford last month.

The club have put together a booklet reminding users of sites such as Facebook and Twitter about what is acceptable and what is not, and the importance of realising that individual accounts can reflect on the club as a whole. Coyne, a City employee for 15 years, is understood to have been admonished and to have accepted that he was in the wrong.”

Is there really any need for Truly Reds to make any further comment?


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  1. Phil Neville says:

    Inflammatory references about Gary Neville? What good can be said about the man!?

  2. CityBlue says:

    What I don’t understand is why United fans insist on calling us “CITEH”. Are you taking the mickey out of the Mancunian accent?
    Ironic, don’t you think?

  3. Frank Scicluna says:

    Short answer CityBlue? – YES. Why? Because the majority Manchester folk refer to UNITED as their team

  4. Frank Scicluna says:

    One word Phil Neville(?) – PASSION

  5. M1 Postcode says:

    Firstly United aren’t my team and note postcode.
    Secondly reds always potray blues as the bitter ones when really there’s the same on number of bitters on both sides.
    It’s called I guess rivalry.
    United sing about City constantly, City do the same both want to beat the other.
    Don’t claim though United have the moral high ground though as they don’t.
    The 34 years banner was up long before welcome to Manchester!

  6. Frank Scicluna says:

    Just one question M1 Postcode and think about it, WHAT do Reds have to be bitter about?

  7. M1 Postcode says:

    Thought about it and if you looked at the anti Rooney graffiti that stated “join city and your dead” may be one point off the top of my head.
    The constant anti city songs the reds always sing at every game would be another.
    All I was saying is the hatred is on BOTH sides but reds have a tendency to think they’re on moral high ground when you’re not.
    There are as many anti city sites and fans out there as united mate.

  8. Frank Scicluna says:

    Fair and reasonable comment M1 Postcode. Agree that both sides have their fair share of absolute idiots. I must still repeat however, United fans have far, far less to be bitter about than City ones.

  9. Andy says:

    M1, the amount of anti-United fans out there out numbers the amount of fans who dislike City by like a million to one, if you dont support United, than you hate United and are simply an ABU who wants United to fail. This City guy is an idiot, a joke, a clown and no real City fan should support what this joke did, talking of true bitterness. Banter is one thing, but this guy is just a bitter idiot who verbally attacked everything about Manchester United and throught he did nothing wrong, he is a disgrace.

  10. Andy says:

    He needs to learn what Premier League Champions-elect is, because that is Manchester United, not City. We are true Champions, winners, City doesnt know what that is. Attacking Fergie and Neville, he is pathetic and haves absolutely no class at all. Attacking our giant local Manchester fanbase with claims of it doesnt exist again shows how out of touch with reality he truly is. Attacking Old Trafford shows more so what a classless idiot he is. This guy is a disgrace and needs to grow up.

  11. MancBlue says:

    You are correct, you rags are not bitter, you are worried though. You are worried that the winds of change are blowing and that your aging team and your aging Manager with your tight fisted owners bleeding you dry have seen your glory days and they are soon to be in the past.
    You can feel the chasing pack getting closer, and I don’t mean just City, your days are over and I can’t help wonder how many of your true die hard fans will stick with you when you start to slide down the league due to lack of investment and then lack of interest. Manchester is turning; you can see it on the streets, there are more youngsters wearing blue shirts than red now. Take a long look at your ‘tick tock’ banner, it won’t be up for too much longer, sing your glory songs as loud as you can it will all soon be distant, cherished memories.

  12. M1 Postcode says:

    Frank agree Reds have less to be bitter about as you’ve won things. There are elements of jealousy in there and the blues see it now to a certain extent because of the money spent.
    City though are not everyones favourite second club anymore the media had changed not to the same extent as united obviously as you’ve had years of it but there all the same.
    As for the comment about City never being known as champions elect in Andys post well you can never say that and it is bordering on arrogance to think things always stay the same as they’ve always been.
    Maybe not this year but City are improving.
    Good to exchange views with you guys were not all bitters!

  13. cockney red says:

    To be fair, this weblog has it’s share of anti-city venom. The only reason the groundsman can’t get away with it is because he’s working for a royal family.

    What do Reds have to be bitter about? I’m quite bitter that we are the most in-debt club in the world, and there is “no value in the transfer market”, as usual. And have you noticed that old Trafford is starting to smell like a toilet? When my dad used to take me to matches, I don’t remember that smell. Shitty’s council house doesn’t smell. Sort it out, SAF!

  14. bluemoon says:

    WHAT do Reds have to be bitter about? you ask Frank Scicluna

    So called mancs Speaking in a cockney accent
    Bringing a lunchbox complete with prawn sandwiches (obvious one)
    Asking the people around you ‘who’s playing in midfield these days?’
    Bring a camera and take a picture everytime the ball comes within 30 yeards of you
    Wearing a norwich scarf
    Have the Multi-Map directions to manchester on your person (from london – optional extra)
    700 million quid of debt.
    the most inportant man in our history was a blue.. (Sir Matt)
    our ex chairman was a knut Louis Edwards selling contaminated meat to schools.

    Turning an air crash into an make money but not helping the familes of thoses killed.

    need i go on?

  15. Frank Scicluna says:

    I’m not absolutely certain Cockney red but I seem to recall you making a comment a few weeks ago. From memory you were located somewhere near Leeds. Are you another bitter by some chance? How long since you have been to OT?

  16. Frank Scicluna says:

    Really and truly, how bitter must YOU be bluemoon?

  17. Frank Scicluna says:

    Yes MancBlue, the same old song that we have now been hearing for a while, and will be hearing from you guys for a few more years – to no avail

  18. bluemoon says:

    oh ruby – kenny rogers

    You’ve pucker’ed up your lips and curled your thinning hair.
    Rooney are you contemplating going out somewhere?
    The Shadow on the wall tells me a Gran is going down –
    Oh Roo-oooo-ney
    Don’t take Coleen to town

    he does what he wants
    he does what he wants
    ooo wayne rooney
    he does what he wants

    From Milton Keynes to Timbuktu
    The fucking goons support man u
    They’ve got the shirt they’ve got the book
    But have they seen them? Have they fuck

    They never go, they never go
    They never go, they never go
    From Milton Keynes to Timbuktu
    The fucking goon support man u

    you do what he wants,
    you do what he waaaaannttsss,
    malcomb glazier,
    you do what he wants.

    and the debt goes marching up up up…

  19. Frank Scicluna says:

    Keep singing that Bluemoon because you must have forgotten what “We Are The Champions” sounds like!

  20. bluemoon says:

    We Are The Champions” oh you mean the song chelsea sing?

    Its a win win for us tomorrow.. remember 3 times last year you nicked it with a last gasp effort..what do you think the odds on you doing that again are..against a better city team..dont forget we are happy with a top 4 place..your going for the any slip up and your going down like a stone. after visists to chelsea l/pool & arsenal to come for about panic…hehehe

  21. ThePaladin says:

    I think I recognise bluemoon from the Grauniad. They had to reinvent the pH scale in order to classify how bitter he is.

    Unfortunately for him and everyone like him in blue, he really should take a walk down Salford main street if he thinks that no one in Manchester is red. The entire south side and west of the city from north Salford down past Wythenshawe is mostly red. Especially Trafford.

    What’s more he’s also doesn’t understand how economics work. Sad, really. Not only bitter but thick as well.

  22. m beany says:

    Frank – forgive me for saying this because you’re obviously a lovely lovely man, but a lot of what you’ve said up there sounds pretty bitter to me. Thick Heads!! Are we all thick?? Is that what its boiled down to now?? One guy’s pathetic blog condemns the whole city faithful as thick!! I work in Trafford Park with mainly United fans – all generally good banter but some of the things I’ve been shown from your side are equally as vulgar and blatantly originate from that breed we call ‘the thick’. Am I to now think all United fans are thick??
    You’ve let yourself down there Frank. Move onto the next one sharpish.

  23. Nikki says:

    CityBlue Says: What I don’t understand is why United fans insist on calling us “CITEH”. Are you taking the mickey out of the Mancunian accent?
    Ironic, don’t you think?………

    …….Its not Ironic you plank, we just call you by the same name as you refer to yourselves – ‘Citeh’. I’m sure there are plenty of substitutes that we could quite easily use but then again that wouldn’t be ‘realising that individual accounts reflect on the club as a whole’……would it – you see we use this thing called common sense over in the Red “2 thirds” of Manchester.

  24. MancBlue says:

    Strange Really, i remember the days when rags wouldn’t even enter into a discussion about all this, they would just give a knowing smirk and say “we do our talking on the pitch” Obviously those days are far behind us now and they feel the need to throw insults about other peoples intelligence and get into trivial arguments over how many fans live in the Manchester suburbs. You are all a little too quick to rise to the bait nowadays i think.

  25. CollyhurstRedArmy says:

    “Theyve got curly watts as a celebrity fan”
    “They wanted kaka and got bellamy”

    1 BILLION spent and still in our shadow


  26. Dililil says:

    Rooney shut up bluemoon. bitter scumbag. typical city, so caught up with United, they have not paid attention to their own team, and now face the prospect of not qualifying in the champions league… again. £300m spent. PATHETIC

  27. Frank Scicluna says:

    Bluemoon, you won’t get into the four,
    Wayne shook you right to the core,
    Europa League and no more



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