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‘I’m sick of Manchester’ reveals United star

“I love United but I’m sick of Manchester” one first team player confessed last week. Respected journalist Andy Mitten has revealed in FourFourTwo magazine that “Like Gabriel Heinze before him, he fancies Real Madrid.” There have been plenty of talk in the last few months linking former France defender Patrice Evra to the Spanish giants and despite his continuous denials, the old saying of where there’s smoke there’s fire immediately comes to mind. Mitten has had a long, sometimes close association with Manchester United footballers for many years and pulls no punches when remembering that “Heinze must be the most disappointing player I’ve ever interviewed”

Heinze was disappointing because he couldn’t be arsed” says Mitten “he arrived at Old Trafford in 2004 and had a magnificent first season. Fans loved his tackles, where he seemed to hang in the air like a drunken hawk and then lash out to win the ball with a kung-fu kick. The Stretford End even sang “Ar-gen-tina!” – to outrage and befuddlement at away grounds full of Little Englanders from Portsmouth to Blackburn. And to pleasant surprise in the pampas, where they thought the English hated them after the Falklands conflict.”

“We fixed an interview with Heinze and he was a knob” he said bluntly “he said we had five minutes, when 30 was the norm. I spoke in Spanish and told him we’d rather have none. He said we had ten. He probably thought we meant $10 million net per annum for him, with a further 10% for his agent. So he talked a little, but he didn’t want to be there when he could have been at home counting cash or engineering another move and signing on fee. He was injured later that year and would eventually lose out to Patrice Evra as United’s left back. He wasn’t missed.”

“I asked around about the Argentinian and received far from glowing references from team mates at Old Trafford. And from journalists in Madrid, where he was equally unpopular with players” Mitten says “by that time he’d become a liability on the pitch too, so he went to Marseille – another signing on fee. United will play the French champions in two weeks. I was going to do this blog on the Manchester derby but I’ve worked myself up so much about Heinze that I’m off to buy some eggs, with the intention of launching them at his curtain draped head whenever he touches the ball in the Velodrome.”

Whether it’s Evra or someone else who is ‘sick of Manchester’ is all speculation but it will certainly be ironic if the man who replaced Heinze at Old Trafford ends up following his footsteps to the Bernabeu

Will you be surprised if Evra ends up going to Madrid?


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  1. Mancunian Red says:

    Ronaldo like Heinze couldn’t give a shite about Manchester or Ronaldo, seemingly Evra is the same.

    As a born and bred Manc who loves the place and the people I hope anyone who wants to go should Fuck off.

    Manchester is the greatest city in the world, we started the Industrial revolution, created the first computer, have the best football fans in the world and club.

    TBH it always pisses me off we kept Heinze and Ronaldo for as long as we did when they were desperate to go.

    And if Evra goes it showes what a hypocritical cunt he is having said the things he has in the past.

  2. RedScot says:

    A site I was writing on a few days RedScot (22:36:21) :

    McGregor, is a half decent, goalkeeper,but as the article suggests, he is behind Craig Gordon,in the pecking order for the Scottish National team.If he is second to Gordon, why would United go for Alan McGregor, ohhh I know, because Rangers are selling all their assets to appease the RBS.
    His (McGregor’s) off field activities are suffice to put anybody of,seriously taking an interest him, particularly a club with Manchester United’s stature.
    Maarten Stekelenburg, is going to be Manchester Uniteds, next goalkeeper,he is friendly, with someone I know, and he assures me, that this is the case.
    Sir Alex was probably just at the game, to see a very good, old firm match, with only two sendings off.! Scott Brown, winding up, El Hadji Diouf and vice versa.Thats why he visted Govan, surely, to sign,the on loan, Blackburn player, when he returns in the Summer.Yes that’s it, its all crystal clear, now!
    Nice bit of speculation, though. lol

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    ministryofglove (23:03:29) :

    Thanks David and RedScot.

    It is of course only speculation, but it’s an interesting choice for a family day out. I could well believe the Stekelenburg story. He would fit the bill for a United keeper.

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    RedScot (23:12:38) :

    Cheers, Ministryofglove, there is no harm, in a bit of speculation, its all fun.
    I also heard that, Sir Alex, was scouting, Celtic’s left back, as a replacement for Patrice Evra, should he be transfered to Real Madrid, in the Summer.
    More speculation probably, but who knows’s for sure.
    The source, I refered to, regards United signing Stekelenburg, was ,my imagination. lol. Although, in truth Eric Steele, United’s goal keeping coach, rates Maarten Stekelenburg highly.
    Cheers anyhow, I did not know about this site sadly, I have added your site to my, favourites.When I have more time, I must have a fuller read and learn.

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    ministryofglove (23:20:50) :

    Ha ha! I like your ‘source’!! I’ll have to get some more transfer tips as they arise!

    Thanks for the bookmarking – spread the word.

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    What do the youngsters know that the “Old Farts dont” only joking Boss. 🙂

  3. RedScot says:

    @ Ministyofglove. “I did what you asked”, I spread the word for you. You let me write on your site.Any lads really Interested in the fine details of goal keeping its worth a read. Hope you get more readers and posters. :)Truly Reds is a brilliant United, forum.One of my favourites.
    I want to see this site getting more hits, and top posts.
    I think, Boss start dragging more Videos of Goals,to the site.That will increase the hits, and raise the site’s profile.
    Its not really my problem, I just want every one to be happy and to be United.
    Most people will not read other peoples, posts and just fire off.I guess its lack of time, or care.I care.

  4. IVOR IRWIN says:

    Nice one, mate!He wasn’t too beloved in P.S.G.s dressing room either, especially because he would refer to Ronaldinho and other black players as”Mayetes”(a nice Porteñoism alluding to black bugs). He really was super to watch that first season, but he just had to play in the fucking Olympics… As for Evra, he gives 100% for United in every match and always has. After so many seasons of good service, I’ll be sad if he leaves, but I wish him well!

  5. Andy says:

    Dont buy into this much, Evra wont leave.

  6. Ryan says:

    Some people need to change sth in their lives. I also think that the more or less problem of Manchester is the weather. Spain could be more attractive place to some people and their families. Even when you are in love you can love and hate your partner 😉
    If Evra would go I will be sad but I will wish him good luck. He is a great player.

  7. Tomás Ó Cárthaigh says:

    Why would you want people to love Manchester? I work in Basingstoke and it pays very well but i would hardly fall in love with the place because of it. I think we have rose tinted glasses that foreign players should embrace the fact that Manchester is the birth place of the industrial revolution and they should love it. To an outsider Manchester when compared to the climate delights of the likes of Barcelona, Madrid and Milan is a poor relative and as united fans we have to get over that. Donegal is my birth place I love it because its home and where I am from and like you I am proud of where I am from but even I am glad when I leave Manchester as aside from united, Mulligans on Deansgate and Selfridges it really doesnt offer a lot. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  8. Ants says:

    Dear Mancunian Red (Post Nº1)

    How can you possibly say that MANCHESTER is the greatest city in the world. Have you ever left manchester or been on holiday? Really mate you just don’t have a clue.

    Maybe like Hienze, Evra doesn’t feel safe in the crime ridden, gun ridden shithole of England.

    But thats just my opinion, and we’re all allowed them. Anyway I think that Pyongyang is the greatest city in the world, because they invented a stupid name for their city. Thats a lot better than the first computer.

    By the way you really think that Wayne Rooney is at Manchester for all you fans or for the million pounds a month he is getting paid.

  9. a.finnigan says:

    Heinze couldn’t give a shite about Manchester he wanted to be a scouser that is why you munich rats will never get pepe reina no way jose kenny won’t sell fergie a viris unless it’s fatal

  10. mark flynn says:

    United could replace evra 10 times over,the worlds full of defenders.I never rated him that highly anyway.And ps patrice hand back your french bonus ya tight ass.

  11. Frank Scicluna says:

    I suggest you may be going a bit over the top mark flynn. Surely, Evra has proved to be one of Ferguson’s best signings.



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