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Well done Spurs and good luck to Uniteds rivals

What’s this? Am I brown nosing our Premier League rivals? Far from it. The fact is that the further Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, City and Liverpool go in Europe – and for that matter in the FA Cup, the better Manchester United’s chances are of getting that highly desired, record breaking 19th title. Oh, apologies to the Scousers, I momentarily forgot that the FA Cup is already over for you this year. The last thing United need is for one of them to have nothing else to concentrate upon but the Premier League. Remember that  possible decisive advantage Chelsea held over United last season after being eliminated from Europe by Inter Milan?

Tottenham now holds a good advantage over AC Milan following it’s 1-0 victory at the San Siro while City are in pole position having secured a scoreless draw in Greece. What United now want is for Arsenal to get a decisive result over Barcelona at the Emirates together with what should be a straightforward passage for Chelsea over Copenhagen. Always assuming of course that United can overcome Marseilles over their two legs.

Club rivalry is only beneficial up to a certain point, the big picture is what’s really important. Although I love to see Liverpool get beaten at every opportunity, their defeat of Chelsea last week suited United down to the ground and must confess that I was actually willing them on! Yes, a United fan who was actually cheering for the Scousers. It may be regarded as blasphemous by some but hey, if  it helps our position on the table, I will be more than happy to do it again.

So from a Manchester United tragic, good luck guys, I hope you will go as far as you can in your Cup competitions – until you have to meet United along the way to the finals.

Do you want to see our rivals survive in their Cup Competitions?


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  1. RedScot says:

    Here here, Boss. I have always thought this, go right to the final and a glorious collapse. My head in a thought, moves to City in Dublin.Wonderful.
    No justice 🙂
    We might get a Arsenal win the morrow.Ha ha ha.Would save us having to dump them out of the tournament. 🙂 The arse are shite, we know they have no balls, well tippy tappy, balls. No real , punch. what it means to win the league.Killer and leaders, what it means to be United>

    shouting out for Nott’s county as you do 🙂
    Make them stretch their squads, see how good United’s is.

  2. paul says:

    This is all good to say, and almost true. However we have played spurs both home and away in the premier leauge. So i would be more than happy to see them lose in the second leg.

  3. Frank Scicluna says:

    That’s true Paul but the longer they stay in Europe the more points they are liable to lose in the Premier. I agree that Spurs are not our biggest rivals for the title BUT I want to see Arsenal and possibly City facing the same difficult fixture list that United may have to.

  4. keka says:

    don’t worry ’cause the way the referees are treating ManUtd’s rivals, they [rivals] need to play twice as good as the opposition to win matches, while ManUtd (as they’ve done through much of the season) just have to show up on the pitch. Chelsea and City have failed, although they played much of the season better than United, while Arsenal, unless they improve, will fail to mount a serious challenge. So, don’t you worry, ManUtd are still strong enough off the pitch.

  5. Natural Red says:

    I always here the commentators say United haven’t reached top form yet…I sure hope they kick into gear right about now !

    Come on United !

  6. Danny Salford Red says:

    Keka, Yawn thats a new one. Its great to be crap and top of the league

  7. wiuru says:

    Thanks .Totally agree , it makes more sense keeping every one possible playing in the respective cups . On top of that anything that winds up Plattini , Blatter
    Has to be a bonus .

  8. Frank Scicluna says:

    @wiuru, great comment about Blatter and Platini, love it

  9. Manu92 says:

    All we have to do is to get a good positive result against arsenal, Chelsea(twice) and Liverpool…the 4 most important games this season out of which 3 are away from home.!!…If u ask me, only arsenal are their to challenge us now. Chelsea’s chances are gone…they are now fighting with spurs for that 4th spot…as far as city is concerned…their defeat against us on Saturday finished them as well…mathematically, Chelsea, spurs and city all are gone…but arsenal is still there…we got to get the better of them at the emirates…and we have to make sure we perform well when it comes to the away games…no more slip ups…

  10. Spurs played well.

    But I wouldn’t call them your premier league rivals, neither would I say Chelsea were. It’s between United, Arsenal and City now.



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