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Give Red Nev an Old Trafford farewell on Saturday

Sentimentality plays no part in the tough world of professional football…nor should it. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has a huge job to get done and is hardnosed enough to do what’s required. Having said that, I would love to see recently retired club legend Gary Neville given a few minutes in the Crawley Town cup tie at Old Trafford so that he could say his goodbyes to the Old Trafford faithful. Is that stretching the feel good factor too far?

While United are expected to defeat their non league opponents with something to spare, nothing can be taken for granted as was shown by the scoreless draws against Exeter City and Burton Albion in the last few years. The last thing that Ferguson needs is a replay in an already crowded season.

Should everything go to plan and the result assured however, will there be anything wrong with Neville being named as a substitute and given two or three minutes late in the second half then taken off just before the final whistle so that he can bid a last farewell to his fans and team mates?

Quite frankly, I don’t think that there’s any possibility of it happening as I doubt that Ferguson will see the situation in quite the same way but I still cannot help wishing for it.

Would you like to see Red Nev being given a final farewell?


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